Erik’s Perspective on Sex, Part Two

I’m having such a great time filming my three silly dogs for the new YouTube channel, Two and a Half Dogs. I can’t wait to post the next video this weekend. Be sure to sign up for notifications and, yeah, why not hit the SUBSCRIBE button while you’re at it. I don’t have many yet, but all I need is for a couple of viral videos. Easier said than done!

As I posted earlier this week, since we have so many gifted artists in the CE community, I would love to create a “Channeling Erik Artists” page. If you’d like to showcase your art, Please email me ( the following:

Artist name

A short paragraph/bio including anything you want to say about yourself and your art such as your background, the art medium you prefer, perhaps a description of your unique style, etc.

A link to your website/portfolio

You contact information (if it’s not on the above link.)

Optional: one photo of your art

Enjoy today’s video, and have a wonderful weekend! Love you guys! Be sure you hit the SUBSCRIBE button and NOTIFICATION BELL on the CE YouTube channel, too. I’m in a race to get to the 100,000 mark! Medium, Michelle Gray (from did a masterful job channeling Erik on this touchy subject. She didn’t blush too many times! LOL.

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