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In the poll asking if you’d be willing to buy a DVD of the February Channeling Erik Weekend, I really should have asked if you’d be willing to buy a digital download instead! Let’s try this again. Please, please participate in these polls. It means a lot to me. Usually, out of around 6000 hits on the blog a day, I get only 80-200 poll votes. C’mon guys!

And now for today’s post:

Wait. Have you answered the polls?

Robert and I played with the eBoard last night and got tons and tons of invaluable information. Over the last week, I’ve been a bit disappointed, because the board doesn’t seem to work with my other family members. I asked Erik why and the planchette went to “Ego attack: When will you get over yourself?” It’s true. Everyone in our family has very strong egos except me. Ego doesn’t necessarily mean a person is conceited. It’s more about how the brain interferes with fear, expectation, logic, analysis, etc. So, if you get the eBoard, be sure to pick a person who is humble and has a small ego.

Here are some of the things I found out:

First I asked, ‘Erik, how are you?’ He spelled out H-A-P and before he could finish I asked, ‘Happy?’ The planchette went right to “Hell yeah.”

My spiritual mission is to teach people to let go. Some of the spiritual missions for other people in my family include the following:

Teach others not to judge

Teach others to give away their heart. (How?) Trust.

Teach people to walk the walk.

When I asked what my little one year-old Yorkie, Bella, was here for, the planchette went around and around in small circles (Erik screwing with us, of course.) and then he spelled out: PEACE TO HEAL. It’s funny, because at the first Channeling Erik Weekend event in Atlanta a few years back, Jamie was teaching us to use dowsing rods to find Erik’s energy. At first he had all of us going around and around in circles. Smart ass.

Some advice he had for people in my life:

Eat more meat.

Set better boundaries.

Trust urself

Messages for some family members:

Ur okay as you r.

God is real. I am real. (Both of these were for a doubter in the family.)

U r loved (that one’s for me!)

It will all work out.

Love urself.

Anyway, this eBoard is the new crack for me. (Not that there was any “old” crack other than coffee.) I have so many questions. Sadly, Robert only comes over once a week, so I asked, ‘Who else can I do this with successfully?’ He spelled out A-M-B-E-R, and I interrupted with ‘Amber, Shane’s sister? I tried it with her yesterday and the planchette moved to random letters only.’ Then the planchette went to “Fuck no.” He started spelling the last name, “A-M-B-” and it hit me. ‘Amber Ambrose?’ He answered “Hell yeah.” Amber Ambrose is a blog member who occasionally comes over during our weekly family get-togethers, and she is a very humble person with little or no ego. I asked Erik if he had a message for her, and he answered, “She is adorable.” I asked, ‘Do you have a crush on her?’ and he spelled out, “All girls”.

This is only a small sampling of the incredible information I got. It’s been such a powerful thing for me, because I’m talking directly to Erik rather than through a medium. Plus, the eBoard doesn’t have filters like all humans, and therefore all mediums, have.

I’ll keep you guys posted if any interesting new information comes up from Erik through the eBoard. If you have any questions I should ask him about the Channeling Erik family as a whole (not personal ones) then let me know!

If you have a someone without a huge ego that you can try this with, get the eBoard from Jamie HERE.

Also, for all of you newbies who haven’t done so, please join the Channeling Erik Facebook Group. It’s “closed” so you have to request an invitation. This makes it a safe place to share everything, including your Erik pranks and visits. This group has a lot of fun together and lasting friendships have been forged because of it!

Have a great Sunday. Love you all!

P.S. Have you answered the polls?

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