Dancing with Erik

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My life has been quite hectic, largely because I am bipolar and wasn’t diagnosed until my early thirties when I had post-natal depression. (I am fairly sure I fell into psychosis, but I hid it until it got really bad and I had a complete breakdown.) I’ve been taking a mood-stabiliser and anti-depressant (Epilim and Zoloft) for 15 years and that with good cognitive therapy and strong family support has kept me generally stable. Marijuana also helps me.

Before the breakdown I had a really exciting life; my husband is a Hawaiian surfer whom I met when I was at college in Hawaii and we came home to Western Australia when I was pregnant with our first. To this day we mentor young surfers and I at least still surf (he has turned into more of a fisherman.)

I am extremely sensitive to energy and I know I’ve been looked after the whole way. My mum died when I was 27 and our conversation has never stopped. I have lots of good stories about chats with my mum, though a few years ago I had a dream where she said to me she really wanted to go to the party, and I haven’t felt her around as much since then. I also communicate with what I have always called “My Good Guide” whom I now realise is probably my higher self.

Anyway, my Erik encounter;

I found Erik and Elisa on youtube and watched a lot of the videos and started talking to Erik in my head regularly. I wasn’t sure it was him at first and I set him a series of tests and he kept passing them, and the communication was getting stronger. Then, a couple of months ago, I ran out of marijuana at a time I was really stressed. I don’t know why I didn’t use Zypine which I am supposed to use when I am getting manic, but I didn’t.

It is hard for me to source marijuana because I’m a teacher in a small town. I grow my own, but I didn’t have any left. It is irritating because my youngest is 18 and just finished high school and I know her friends well and they of course would know how to source some but there has to be some boundaries and I never would ask them (I thought.)

For some reason I wrote the following down;

“27 Sept.
I sat on the edge of the bed and visualised Erik. I saw him and he said that we have work to do together and I am a special soul and he loves me. He said I am special because of the way I have dealt with being bipolar. I said ‘that’s great Erik but I really want you to help me find some smoke.” He said I will be smoking tonight! But he wants me to take 20 minutes every day to communicate with him. Am I crazy??”

That night my daughter’s friend dropped her home and she came in (highly tuned to a crisis, having grown up with a bipolar mother) and immediately said “what’s wrong.” I blurted out as I never have before ‘I’m having a hard time, I’ve run out of smoke.’ She said ‘well wait, M.. hasn’t left yet.’ We ran downstairs and her friend gave me some.

The next day I wrote the following;

“Next morning I can make no other conclusion – Erik is here, and he wants to be my friend. We danced in the garden together last night (after I had a smoke.) I said that if by some miracle I got to have a smoke I would not deny him again. So…. let the adventure begin!”

I really think Erik came into my energy that night. It was intense. Since then we have had some great conversations. I do enjoy his company and I really look forward to the radio show. Its early on a Friday morning here and on Thursday nights I have a practise of asking Erik to wake me up in time for the show- and I always wake up in time. Last week, believe it or not, we had a 5.4 earthquake at 530 am. That made me laugh, I am pretty sure I can’t blame that on Erik, but it did wake me up!

I send my best love and huge gratitude,


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