Erik and the Dogman

Truth be told, I NEVER heard of the Dogman much less Dogwoman, but I’ve had so many requests to interview him/her that I felt compelled. Before we get into the interview, I’d like to share last night’s radio show. It. Was. Awesome! Check it out! 

One more thing before we get to Dogman. I have a confession to make! I have two kid songs STUCK IN MY HEAD, the risk that comes along with being a grandmother. Now, I’m going to share the annoyance with you! Ba-ha-ha!!

Now enjoy our interview with Dogman thanks to the amazing medium, Denise Ramon, and thanks to my sweet little boy, Erik, for bringing him forward and helping him communicate. Note that we have so much we can learn from these beings. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog after you finish watching this! There are things you DON’T want to miss, trust me.

Check out this email I received this morning from blog member Rich W. on the fate of the Malaysian Airlines flight 370:

A question was asked where is flight MH370. Erik gave a number which
was a longitude latitude number. I looked it up and below is a map of
the origination of flight 370 Kuala Lumpur and where Erik says the
plane is. Jakarta Indonesia is 993 miles south of Kuala Lumpur. This
explains why the plane was not found. The search people never looked
that far south. The 777 destination was Beijing Capital International
Airport in China way north east.

Shit like this interests me very much. I thought a terrorist group
hijacked the 777 and landed it in some secret place. My guess was the
terrorists were going to load the 777 up with huge nuke bombs and fly
it to the US. Sounds scary doesn’t it? That’s how my brain works.

Did you know that a 777 can be flown by taking up a section of floor
where the passengers sit. Under that floor is a special room that can
remotely take over the pilots controls. The pilots cant override that
control room. Yeah put that in your pipe and smoke it when your in a
777 !!!


Didn’t Erik say one time long ago when that question was asked that
the 777 is in small pieces? Way to many to be found? Get Jamie Butler
on it…………

To see the map Rich was referring to, click HERE.

FINALLY, enjoy the transcript!

Elisa: Hello Miss. Denise, how are you doing?

Denise: I’m doing well, how about you?

Elisa: Fine! I love that you’re named Denise just like my little sister. That’s awesome! And, Hi Erik, how are you doing?

Erik: Hi Mom, I’m doing great! I’m real excited…

Denise: He’s showing me a white t-shirt with jeans, and

Elisa: Oh that was one of his faves, sometimes his “wife beater”, you know I hate the name of that, you know the, yeah.

Denise: Yeah, but this one is a V-neck type, with short sleeves but he’s wearing that.

Elisa: He always wore that. Oh, my Gosh, yeah.

Erik: I love my Mom, I love my Mom!

Elisa: Aw.

Denise: That is so sweet, I just like the energy he has behind that.

Elisa: Yeah, I love him too. Somebody said they channeled him and he asked so and so, I can’t remember her name, “can you heal me, I’m so sad, because I miss my Mom”. Do they need to be, I thought they couldn’t get real sad. Erik, what’s that all about?

Erik: We don’t get sad like what we think sadness is but there is, but we miss the physicalness part, you know. We miss that because, when I am around you a lot, sometimes you don’t know it.

Elisa: That must be frustrating

Denise: Yeah, but prior to this when I was doing my meditation, I asked him, “Erik are, have you reincarnated?” He said no, not until my Mom comes here.

Elisa: Yeah he’s said that before. Well you know, Erik, remember, a couple of occasions where you hugged me and it was so intense, I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin. You can do that, and then you’ll get my attention, sometimes you have to use a 2 by 4 with your Momma, you know that! ADD lady.

Denise: (laughing)

Erik: I’m going to give you one of those big squeezes

Elisa: Oh it’s so amazing, I love you so much baby. And you can sit in my lap too, like I used to make you do when you were 15 and 16 years old, much to your dismay. All right, we are going to talk about Dogman, it sounds familiar but I’ve had a lot of requests for this and I don’t really know anything about it except that the name sounds familiar, I guess it’s a man that looks like a dog, I mean tell me about it Erik.

Denise: I don’t know anything about it either, nothing.

Erik: There is this creature that, there’s pictures of it, there has been a lot of pictures of it on the internet, some of them are very accurate.

Elisa: What you mean photographs, Erik? Or drawings? Or both?

Erik: Yeah, photographs.

Elisa: Oh, Wow!

Erik: There are some that are authentic, they call them Dogmen because they don’t walk on their 4 legs all the time.

Elisa: Kind of like a man?

Erik: mm hmm, yeah.

Denise: I’m asking him, he’s telling me that their really not from this dimension.

Elisa: Oh, kind of like Big Foot.

Denise: And I asked, yeah.

Erik: Their like that but their not as mature, their definitely not as peaceful. Their just not as intelligent. Big Foot, they are very intelligent and very evolved.

Denise: He refers to them more of like a creature type.

Erik: They are not from this dimension.

Denise: He’s showing me, how they are definitely meat eaters, and I’m like…

Erik: They’re not always on the hunt, you know, they just eat when they’re hungry.

Denise: I’m asking, he’s showing me them coming out more into a public view, and that’s why people are starting to get more pictures of them. I’m like, I’m glad I don’t live in a wooded area (laughing). He makes me feel like they’re coming out more because there’s more food, more supply out or something. So, I’m asking him what does he mean by that? Like supply or whatever, because I thinking if they are not of this dimension, can’t they go back to where the came from and eat and then come back here and visit? Erik gives me the feeling like they can do that but they really like coming over in here, and so they do. They like to have brunch, he’s calling it.

Elisa: (laughing) Erik! Different dimension? Is it differnet dimension on Earth or are they from different planet or universe, can you specify?

Denise: Erik gives me the feeling like they’re from a different, like they’re not, not really from Earth, like they are able to come here and go back, come here and go back, and I’m asking him where would they come from? He’s showing me some place close to here, but I don’t know where that would be but.

Elisa: Well where Erik? Don’t be holding!

Denise: He makes me feel like this dimension is like right outside of Earth, like right, you know, like Earth is here and it’s just right here.

Elisa: Oh, so a parallel dimension, sort of, right?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: They come in here, and I’m asking him do they, are they mean? Or like how are they?

Erik: They’re definitely not friendly.

Denise: And I feel, Erik makes me feel like they have killed one, like they have captured one. That they killed it.

Elisa: Oh! Who?

Denise: People, people, we have.

Elisa: The government or just a hunter.

Denise: The hunters but they didn’t know what it was.

Erik: That’s definitely real.

Denise: I’m going to have to look that up! He’s showing me something about the blood type.

Erik: The blood type kind of is, there is like some trace humaness in it though.

Elisa: Oh! So they interbred with humans?

Denise: I’m asking him that and he said…

Elisa: That’s kind of kinky! Maybe with cromagnum or neanderthals, I don’t know

Denise: He gives me the feeling like this was, I don’t know, I’m trying to ask him how, why he’s saying this is part human.

Elisa: Yeah, give her the words Erik.

Erik: Some of the blood, can have, the DNA can be similar to humans.

Elisa: Have they interbred Erik? With humans?

Erik: No, no

Elisa: Oh, okay, all right. Well, okay so, Big Foot came here because they wanted like a vacation, but you’re saying Dogmen or women, guess there are two sexes, come here because they needed supplies, is that because in their dimension they’re running out of food?

Erik: They’re not running out of food, it’s like they like the variety.

Denise: But I’m like why would they come here though, why can they go somewhere else? It’s like the density of this planet, is kind of similar to where they are from, so it’s not as different.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: Big Foots, where they come from, their place isn’t dense like Earth. It’s different, it’s very different.


Denise: I don’t know why but, he tells me Big Foot and all of them like fruit and stuff like that and berries.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I think they were omnivores, maybe, I can’t remember, maybe there were herbivores.

Denise: He’s telling me they’re more like that.

Elisa: Okay, Dogmen are, do they only have Alpo where they are? Is that it?

Denise: (laughing) Oh my!

Elisa: Everyday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner! Ugh, I’m sick of this, let’s go to Earth and eat, a deer and a rabbit.

Denise: Well, I’m asking him, is where you know in Mexico (inaudible), the Hispanic culture, you know Mexican culture, they believe, and I say they believe, I don’t know what they believe in, but they talk about the Chupa…

Elisa: Chupacabre.

Denise: Yeah, and I’m asking him, like, is that, are they related or like is that where that came from?

Elisa: Yeah

Erik: No, not really, they’re not related but they can be as aggressive as that.

Elisa: Would they eat us? And have they eaten anyone?

Erik: No, no

Elisa: Oh, we’re not very tasty huh? Even worse than Alpo? What?!

Erik: No they wouldn’t because.

Denise: I feel like because there is more fear or something, because they know, yeah because there’s more fear.

Elisa: They’re fearful of us okay.

Denise: Oh Erik!

Elisa: Oh, what?

Denise: He’s (laughing), he’s saying because they couldn’t eat us all in one sitting and they don’t ever leave anything behind. So, he says that it would be too much!

Elisa: Oh, that’s gross! Oh way too much, they’re on a diet! They must maintain their girlsih figure, all right, so why do these Dogmen and women have the urge to have contact with humans?

Erik: On some level we kind of relate to them in some ways.

Denise: And I’m asking him how does he mean that? Because I don’t feel like I relate to them right now.

Elisa: Well, yeah, I bet if I saw a picture I wouldn’t definitely.

Denise: Yeah, he’s giving me the feeling of like.

Erik: Packs…Family and stuff like that. How we gather as a community, and stuff like that.

Elisa: So they can relate to that.

Erik: Yes, Yes.

Elisa: Ok.

Denise: But I’m asking him why they want to come here and eat stuff, that blows me away.

Elisa: Yeah, sick of Alpo.

Denise: I guess so.

Elisa: All right, well maybe you could bring in a Dogman or woman, Erik, unless you think it will be too scary for Denise of course.

Erik: I will bring in, I am bringing in the feminine energy.

Elisa: Oh good. Okay.

Denise: She’s giving me the feeling, this is so weird. She’s giving me the feeling like, what they need to, like in the beginning stages of when they give birth, and stuff like that, we have better supplies of it, and I’m asking her like what do you mean? I feel like oxygen, because the breathing is pretty hard, and I’m asking, and she’s saying that’s one of the things that they like here is our oxygen.

Elisa: Oh. So, they come over, cross the border to get better oxygen, and so they can have an anchor baby here, right?

Denise: I guess so, but she’s giving me that feeling.

Dogwoman: We only get aggressive when fear comes in, that’s our instinct.

We don’t normally, we normally stay with the wild animals, we don’t go after livestock or anything.

Denise: But she gives me the feeling that that’s not off limits.

Elisa: But do you do that out of respect for humans?

Dogwoman: We do it out of respect for the food chain. Because this is how it is in the wild, you know, animals eat other animals and stuff like that, and it’s not fair to go after caged animals or animals that are corralled.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Denise: She’s gives me the feeling that for them that’s murder, and this is okay. She gives me the feeling that eating wild rabbits and stuff like that.

Elisa: So, obviously you guys must be intelligent to have a sense of morality, right?

Dogwoman: Definitely, we are intelligent. We weren’t supposed to get noticed but…

Denise: I feel like one of them was kind of lax in what they were doing. I feel like, she’s showing me how they only come out at night and people, and somehow someone found out then that came out and blah blah blah blah. Now, they are being hunted, she’s showing me, they’re all around the world.

Elisa: Are they in any particular place more heavily than any others?

Denise: She doesn’t give me that feeling, no.

Elisa: But mostly wooded areas? Mountainous areas? Dogwoman: Where’s there’s wild life, like where it’s wooded. Elisa: Okay.

Denise: But, I’m asking her, like, so I’m asking her, like do you have a litter of puppies like dogs do?

Dogwoman: No we don’t have litters like that, we may have 2, but we don’t have litters like your dogs. We are pretty tall.

Elisa: How tall?

Denise: She shows me like 7 feet, 6 feet tall.

Elisa: WOW! That is, I would not want to meet you in the dark. Sorry.

Denise: No, me neither. She showing me how they walk a lot, on just their hind legs because their bodies are built a little different from dogs but when they need to leave and run, she’s showing me how they do all four, like they’re running.

Elisa: Oh. Okay. Now, do you have the same kind of maternal/paternal instincts that we have, do you raise your young until their quite a bit older? Do you nurse them and all that kind of stuff?

Dogwoman: Yes but we don’t keep ours around forever like you keep yours around forever.

Elisa: In the basement.

Denise: (laughing)

Elisa: Boomerang kids! Okay.

Dogwoman: There’s definitely a nurturing aspect to us.

Elisa: So you love your babies and want to protect them right?

Dogwoman: Most definitely!

Elisa: You guys rear the young, do you also do the hunting like a lioness would do, or do the guys do the hunting? What are the different female/male roles in your population?

Dogwoman: The male is more the protector, the male will give a warning if there’s stuff around. If the little ones are around they are gathered up.

Denise: She gives me the feeling like they all participate in the raising of the little ones.

Elisa: Aw. It takes a village! That sort of concept.

Dogwoman: Yes, yes.But we all hunt.

Elisa: Oh, okay. Is it a matriarichal or patriarical society or neither?

Dogwoman: Everybody knows thier place, everybody knows their place and it’s definitely not like when you mention lions, it’s not like that where one’s the head honcho of the whole pace. It’s just that everybody knows their place intuitively.

Elisa: So, it’s kind of blended between matriarical and patriarical?

Dogwoman: Yes, it’s like a blend. Everybody just knows.

Denise: She gives me the feeling like they don’t struggle with that Ego part.

Elisa: Oh! Good, yeah. Like “I’m the boss”.

Denise: Yeah, they don’t struggle with that because there’s, they just don’t have, she gives me the feeling like they just don’t have all those rules and regulations.

Elisa: Oh, nice! How long do you guys live? And what common diseases plague you, if any? And can you treat those diseases?

Dogwoman: We don’t get disesases like you do, like cancer or heart attacks, heart disease, we don’t get that kind of stuff. Because we are not around stuff that creates that stuff.

Denise: She gives me the feeling like they live a long long time.

Elisa: Wow! What is the average life expectancy? Denise: She gives me the feeling like 100 plus years Elisa: Oh, Wow, we could learn a lot from you.

Dogwoman: Yes but not right now.

Denise: They don’t know how to mingle with us, but it’s not just that we don’t know how to mingle with them.

Elisa: Yeah, we would probably put them in a lab, and dissect them, and it would be so awful. Okay, would you ever harm a human, if you met one in the middle of the road? If they weren’t hold a gun to you or threatening you in anyway?

Dogwoman: If we don’t feel fear on them, we wouldn’t.

Elisa: Aw, that’s nice. Well what do you think about humans? Be honest, we can take it!

Dogwoman: You’re very attached to things.

Denise: She feels that in the vibration.

Elisa: Want to tell me more?

Dogwoman: I feel it the vibration in the ground.

Denise: She shows me that they pick up a lot stuff through their pads, the vibration.

Elisa: Oh!

Dogwoman: You are just really attached.

Elisa: Material possessions? Is that what you’re saying?

Dogwoman: Well, real attached to this Earth.

Elisa: Yeah

Dogwoman: You’re very attached to this Earth.

Denise: She gives me the feeling that there’s just a small percentage of us that even come from Earth.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Denise: So,it’s like we’re real attached to here and to her that’s kind of bizarre.

Elisa: Anything else you think about humans? Maybe a good thing and a bad thing, being horribly attached to things, but what do you like best about us and what do not like most about us?

Dogwoman: The thing I like the least about humans is your aggressiveness towards unknown things. The thing that I like the most about humans is your heart, and how you express laughter and how express joy. I really like that a lot, because we can feel the vibration in the ground.

Denise: She’s showing me how they pick that up.

Dogwoman: We all need to just pick a time and day and all of us just laugh and giggle really hard, because that’s so healing to the planet. On all aspects.

Denise: She showing me the plants, to the animals to everything, it’s just so healing.

Elisa: Okay, do you guys feel joy and laughter, I mean are your emotions similar at all to human emotions? And if they differ how?

Erik: They don’t have ulcers.

Elisa: You don’t stress about things, you don’t worry.

Denise: They just don’t take things, there’s no attachment to nothing.

Elisa: Is that because you don’t have the ego that we do, or is it something else?

Dogwoman: It’s definitely not the ego like you have.

Elisa: Oh yeah, Ego can create so much worry.

Dogwoman: You very much need that Ego because of the dimension that you live in.

Elisa: Okay. Okay. Can you heal yourself? Do you use energy healing, etc.?

Denise: She is showing me how they have some kind of enzymes or something I guess that is what it is that is in them that knocks out stuff that comes in that shouldn’t be in there to help regulate.

Elisa: You shouldn’t have said that, because now they’ll hunt you down and take your blood. Nah, I’m kidding. Don’t do it people, don’t do it.

Dogwoman: There is so much stuff in the wilderness, that we are so clueless about for the most of us but there’s a lot of people that do know, but there’s a bunch of us that don’t know. There’s a lot of plant life and stuff in the wilderness.

Denise: She shows me more in like the rainforest and tropical type settings that where those things they heal you. They take care of everything.

Elisa: Do you live in the rainforests, some of you? I mean is it, maybe you don’t live there but…

Dogwoman: We don’t live there because that’s already got a habitat there that would not welcome them and we respect that wild life in there, so we would not be intrusive to them.

Elisa: All right. Do you worship a higher being? And do you bury your dead? Have funerals and stuff.

Dogwoman: No we don’t have funerals.

Denise: This is so funny

Elisa: What is funny about funerals?

Denise: I think it is funny how I’m talking to her

Dogwoman: We don’t have funerals, like you do because we know where they go. You have funerals for your ownselves here. It’s not for the person that passed away, it’s for us. I think that is odd.

Denise: Do they bury the dead?

Elisa: Or eat them?

Denise: I don’t feel that they eat them but I feel like they, I almost feel like they take them back into their dimension or something and recycle everything or something.

Elisa: Repuposed Dogman! All right!

Dogwoman: Because it’s like, everything has a purpose.

Elisa: So, was that recycling…

Denise: When she says that it’s, she’s showing me how the aboriginees would,nothing would ever go to waste.

Elisa: Ah!

Denise: They would use every piece of the animal.

Elisa: That’s good.

Denise: And nothing ever went to waste.

Elisa: Can you give me some examples or what you would repurpose or recycle a Dogman body into?

Denise: I’m asking her what do you do with the fur?

Elisa: Yeah. Maybe to Dolcett and Gabana handbags, probably.

Denise: (laughing) I feel like, she showing me that stuff turns back into energy.

Elisa: Oh, so they recycle it into energy.

Denise: Yeah. That’s what she gives me the feeling.

Elisa: So, what do you do with the energy though?

Denise: I don’t know what she’s trying to tell me, I’m like what do…

Erik: Recycling into energy, is like, it’s like fertilizer for their atmosphere in a sense.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Denise: And I’m like how do you do that? But, I just don’t think I would understand it enough to put it into words.

Elisa: It’s probably too, it probably so simple that we make it complicated. Do you have a history with humans in the past including the ancient past?

Denise: I feel like they did.

Elisa: Like look at, Oh my God! Look at Anubus or whatever, that dog God, is that you?

Denise: I feel like they did have something.

Elisa: Well tell her Dogwoman. Don’t make her feel, tell her, give her the words.

Denise: Thank you, you tell her.

Elisa: Well first of all I don’t want to threaten her, until I know how long her teeth are.

Denise: (laughing)

Elisa: How big are her teeth?

Dogwoman: Our teeth are big.

Denise: And she gives me the feeling like they have more than one canine.

Elisa: Oh, okay. More than one pair?

Denise: Yeah. Like double or something. Up top or something like that, just on top, she’s giving me the feeling.

Elisa: Okay

Denise: But, she gives me the feeling like, they were like back in like Egyptian time or some where around in there like way way back.

Elisa: Oh, yeah, that’s interesting, because a blog member said did they have influence on the Egyptian God Anubus, what is the connection there?

Dogwoman: We’re from the same energy force, like we were able to…

Denise: Wow, this is getting deep.

Dogwoman: Everybody knows those humans didn’t build that pryamid by themselves and they had, you know help, from, extra terrestrial help.

Denise: She gives me the feeling that they are some how connected, like the co- habitated together.

Elisa: With whom? With Extra-Terrestrials?

Denise: Yes, that helped build that, and then they were friendly with the other people around in there. Like there were more like a Goddess type feeling.

Elisa: All right, if the E.T’s and Dogmen and women were involved in Egyptian culture, helped them evolve and they were both, E.T’s and Dogmen/Women were revered as God like.

Dogwoman: Yes because we weren’t a threat to nobody, like we were able to do, help.

Elisa: Oh, okay, help in what way? What was your big contribution to Egyptian culture?

Denise: She gives me the feeling like they were some type of help, like the working type capacity. They were also there to help protect. And I’m asking her how did y’all eat back then, because that kind of concerns me.

Dogwoman: Even though people were territorial back then, they weren’t like they are today. So there was always plenty of.

Elisa: They shared, yeah, they didn’t believe in scarcity like we do now. Is that what you’re saying?

Dogwoman: Not to the degree that you do now. You just really went backwards with that.

Elisa: All right. Just real quickly, is it true that they mostly live in Michigan, someone asked, but that’s not true right, you said they live all over.

Dogwoman: No it’s not true, we do live other places.

Elisa: Okay, do they have anything to do with werewolf legends?

Denise: I say no but she says, she gives me the feeling like they don’t have anything to do with the werewolves but people get some of their stories and connect it with the werewolves.

Elisa: Oh, well are there werewolves? Is that a real true thing?

Dogwoman: No, not like how you think it is.

Elisa: Oh well that’s good. How do you communicate?

Dogwoman: Telepathy and vibration, Denise: So, I’m asking her do y’all see colour? Elisa: Oh, good one.

Dogwoman: Yes, it’s the vibration, is how they see it too. It’s the vibration thing.

Elisa: The vibration of colour.

Dogwoman: Yes.

Elisa: So do you have special sensors in your pads?

Dogwoman: It’s not special sensors, we can just feel, we are in tune to feel with our feet, to feel the vibration. We can feel fear, we can feel danger, you know we can feel that kind of stuff coming.

Elisa: Interesting! Are you intuitive? Can you channel and things like that? Or do you have any other special powers?

Dogwoman: No, we can’t channel like what you would think.

Elisa: Okay. Any special powers except telepathy, I think it’s a big one.

Dogwoman: Yes, we can go in and out of dimensions.

Elisa: That’s a good one! Oh man, you can rack up some frequent flyer miles girl. What’s your biggest strength and what’s your biggest weakness? I know you’re just one dogwoman so. We’ll take that with a grain of Alpo.

Dogwoman: Our biggest strength is that we stay connected to one another, there’s no separation.

Elisa: That’s a big one.

Dogwoman: Our biggest weakness (pauses), getting caught up with getting recognized by humans, getting acknowledged by that. There are pictures.

Elisa: Wait, your biggest weakness is..

Denise: That they allowed it. Elisa: That you allowed exposure. Dogwoman: Yes.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Dogwoman: Because there are pictures.

Elisa: Yeah. How many of you are there, in our world, on average, I know that you go between your dimension and ours?

Dogwoman: In spots, you know, this isn’t like for around the world, and we are not in every country. In spots, there can be anywhere from 10 to 25 at a time.

Elisa: Okay, living as a clan so to speak?

Dogwoman: Yes, as a unit.

Elisa: Well how many on an average in our dimension? Even though it fluctuates?

Dogwoman: Hundreds

Elisa: A hundred only?

Dogwoman: Hundreds

Elisa: Oh, hundreds, okay. How long have you been visiting Earth? Obviously since the Egyptian times, but earlier than that?

Denise: She doesn’t take me any further back than that but she does let me know that that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

Elisa: Oh, of course. You just might not have been hanging out with the Earthlings. What is your relationship like with Big Foot if you have one?

Dogwoman: There isn’t one. We are two totally different, it’s like wanting to know what kind of relationship does a snake have with a monkey.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Dogwoman: There’s not one.

Elisa: Okay, that’s funny. Will humans ever fully know about Dogman/woman? Erik you probably have to answer that, it’s kind like looking into the future, well I don’t know, either of you can answer, I don’t care.

Erik: Not right now. No, were still in fright mode, when it starts becoming more like, oh yeah a UFO landed, that’s cool, then we can start being…

Elisa: Oh, that’s going to be a long time, until our Ego and our fear gets out of the way, and we dont’t want to just attack or dissect the unknown,then yeah. Is the government or scientists aware of Dogmen, and like their hiding their existence from us, somebody wants to know.

Erik: They haven’t touched them yet

Dogwoman: They haven’t touched us yet.

Elisa: Oh good, I hope they don’t. Until we are ready and we are evlovled. Let me see, here is one, Why is it that whenever humans are near a Dogman even if they are not strongly intuitive they always sense a strong amount of fear and that something is watching them?

Denise: That who? Elisa: That the Human. Denise: Get the fear?

Elisa: Sense of fear and this feeling like Oh my God somebody’s watching me

Erik: Because they know they have ventured out a little bit to far.

Elisa: Yeah, they probably, they have fear and their watching us, okay go ahead.

Denise: And the Dogwoman, she don’t really like that name but I don’t know what to call you.

Elisa: What do you call yourself? That’s a good question. If, I do say so myself.

Dogwoman: We just don’t have a name. That’s another attachment. The reason why they sense the fear, is that they put that fear out there for you to feel, so that you don’t come any closer, but you don’t get that hint.

Denise: She showing me, because this is an analogy that I use, so that’s why she’s showing me but we keep putting our hand on that hot stove, we know it’s hot.

Elisa: We’re kind of slow.

Dogwoman: Thank you, yes.

Elisa: Apparently, when they are shot at the bullet never goes through, are you bullet proof, somebody wants to know. Inquiring minds want to know.

Denise: I don’t feel like they’re bullet proof, but I feel like, I feel like their skin is, like it ricochets off their skin.

Elisa: So, it’s really tough. I guess huh?

Denise: Yeah, that’s what I get, I want to say leathery but I was like. It’s like it’s tough.

Elisa: Nothing that Oil Of Olay can take care of (laughing)

Denise: Yeah but she, it’s not that they’re bullet proof, she tells me that one has been killed.

Elisa: Yeah, that is my next question how was that one killed and I’m so sorry. We don’t understand something we kill it. That’s terrible.

Denise: I know. She shows me blood, and that, so we must’ve done something, I don’t know, I don’t. She’s not telling me here. I feel like…

Elisa: She might now know, Erik do you know? Was it shot? Knifed? Erik?

Denise: I feel like it’s more of knife, type abrasion type.

Elisa: Are you nocternal or diaernal?

Dogwoman: Nocternal.

Elisa: Nocternal. What are your belief systems like? Just a couple more questions. Then I’ll let you go on your hunt.

Dogwoman: We don’t really have a belief system like you do but to answer your question, we just co-habitat, and we are just always around, they’re playful, their young a playful.

Elisa: They just go with the flow, they don’t have any attachements to any beliefs or attachments to much of anything, is that what you are saying?

Denise: Yeah, and she’s just giving me the feeling like they just know, so they don’t have to run around trying…

Elisa: to wonder, you don’t have to worry about the future or have angst over the past.

Dogwoman: No, when we are hungry we go hunt and we when are not hungry then we just relax. We are like one with the Universe, one with the plants, they’re one with nature.

Elisa: So, you get the fact that we’re all part of the collective then? Unlike us humans.

Dogwoman: Yes.

Elisa: Do you worship a higher power? Like source or anything like that?

Dogwoman: We’re all connected.

Elisa: Okay, so we’re all pole and part of source energy.

Dogwoman: Yes.

Elisa: All right, what will your future be like? Are they also on a path to evolution like us? Yeah, like we have human experience because we want our souls to grow and all that stuff, do you have that same thing? Where you have to have contrast, to learn about the different facets of love and all that stuff.

Dogwoman: We have different facets but not for love, but we we are learning, we are learning to co-habitat with other species.

Elisa: Like what species?

Denise: I’m asking her about here.

Dogwoman: We are trying that, trying to co-habitate here but…

Denise: I told her, they are all probably too scary for us. There are other places that they go to, other planets where they do co-habitate with other beings.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: So, I’m asking her, Erik is she there with you, do they hang around there? In what we call heaven. Erik’s laughing at me.

Erik: Denise, there’s no separation so they can hang out with each other if the want because there’s no separation.

Elisa: Yeah, when they die, when their body dies, does their soul go to the same afterlife as that you are in Erik?

Erik: They can, but they really go to another area, but it’s not a separaion, it’s just a…

Elisa: What do you mean another area?

Erik: It’s like another dimension within the dimension, does that make sense?

Elisa: Oh yeah! Okay. All right, but they can go to the afterlife that your in right Erik, if they want to?

Erik: Very much so the can, very much so.

Denise: And I’m asking Erik, do you ever go to theirs?

Erik: I can but, I did for this, I just go over there and say hey come here. No, I am very much committed to you.

Elisa: Aw.

Denise: I know, that just touched my heart.

Elisa: Last question, what is your typical day like, what is your day? You wake up at night, you hunt if you’re hungry, I don’t know what do you do? Have a little Art’s and craft period.

Erik: They don’t really hang out here too much in the day because it really isn’t safe.

Denise: I don’t how or what they bring back, but Erik is showing me how they bring back information, when they go into that other dimension. It’s almost, I don’t know, I’m trying, like what kind of information?

Elisa: That they take from our dimension back to theirs?

Denise: Yeah, it’s almost like, it’s educational type information. It’s not…

Elisa: Give me one example Dogwoman. One tidbit of information.

Denise: It’s not to spy on us or anything. It’s almost, she gives me the feeling like, she showing me how we’re all connected, how she’s bringing that back there even though they know we’re all connected it’s like, she gives me the feeling like…we’re learning

Erik: You are.

Denise: We’re learning, how we’re all connected and they’re bringing that information back and it’s almost like, that information when she brings it back, it kind of helps to infuse our energy and help it grow in that area to. And…

Elisa: Our human energy? Or theirs? Or Dogmen?

Denise: This energy here.

Erik: We are all connected, this is just another aspect of how we are getting help to raise our vibration.

Elisa: Okay, so, Dogwoman is saying that Dogmen/women take the concept that humans are learning that they are part of whole back to the Dogmen/women world?

Denise: Yes, it’s like they take it back, the vibration of that, I mean I know what they’re saying but to put it into words is.

Elisa: It’s hard. Erik help her if you can, I mean, give her a sentence.

Erik: It’s like they take the energy of you, of how you’re learning how to…

Denise: Slow down.

Erik: It’s like you are learning how you’re more than what you really are.

Elisa: Ah.

Erik: And they pick up on that energy, that vibration and they bring it back into their dimension and it’s like feul for their dimension, for lack of better ways of putting it, to be a positive approach, and as that gets bigger, that is some how feeding back into planet Earth, to help raise the vibration here.

Elisa: Cool.

Denise: And that is what she’s saying how she just wished that we would really get that, instead of people hunting them. You know it’s kind of like lizards, we don’t go killing them,we just let them be.

Elisa: All right, so Erik, do you have any questions at all before we let her go?

Erik: So, are y’all monogamous or what?

Elisa: Oh God! Are you? I bet you’re monogamous, and do you get your rabies shots? Nah, I’m kidding.

Dogwoman: No, we’re not monogamous in the fashion that we look at it.

Elisa: They be playa’s, okay, that’s fine, love is love is love. Do you love or is it just like sex for reproduction/lust?

Dogwoman: No we’re very much connected on a heart level. Very much connected, we have respect for one another there.

Elisa: I tell ya, thank you so much for coming, I wish that we would open our arms and our hearts to you guys and not, just want to capture you, and kill you and study you. Because I think we could learn a lot from you, and maybe vice versa but I doubt it. So, thank you so much for coming Dogwoman and explaining so      many thing. And thank you Erik for bringing her, Denise thank you for the amazing channelling you’ve done here. And you guys need to get in touch with Denise at, and I will put it here. Is it Ramón or Raymon?

Denise: Ramon (pronounced Ramoan).

Elisa: Ramon, I’ve been saying it wrong all this time. Thanks for telling. I think I said Ramon at first but then all of a sudden I started saying Raymon.

Denise: That’s ok a lot of people do that, but…

Elisa: Yeah, try to pronounce my name people.

Denise: I know (laughing), she saying, she’s really thanking you so much for this opportunity to be her voice, she is really thanking you so much, and I really feel it from a heart space. Erik is really thanking you for allowing this to come up and he really hopes that we hear how they’re wanting, helping us to connect on heart level and that’s helping this planet, and…

Elisa: I’m so grateful for that.

Denise: Erik is really showing me how it’s really, like, how they’re an important part here, regardless of what people say about them.

Erik: It’s kind of like the race thing, if you look differnent, we’re going to treat you different.

Elisa: Yeah that’s terrible.

Erik: We will not conquer and kill them all, that will not happen, like, how we have some animals extinct. This will not happen.

Elisa: Well come and play with my little Bella dog, my little Yorkie, but don’t eat her please.

Denise: Erik is laughs about that.

Erik: They wouldn’t eat her.

Elisa: She’s too tiny. Not even worth it. She’s not very tasty.

Erik: Love you Mom.

Denise: He’s showing me how he’s going to give you another one of those squeeze hugs.

Elisa: Ah yeah! I miss it.

Denise: They’re the best aren’t they?

Elisa: Ah, I love it! Oh my Gosh, Erik, you’re welcome to anytime, I love you so much! Bye. And thank you Denise so much this was awesome!

Denise: It was, I’m going to have to look that up.

Elisa: That was fun! Now, we can. All right, love you Bye.

Denise: Bye.

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