Erik Encounters and Filming the Documentary

Here’s one of the posts I forgot to publish! (It was from 12/10/17) I also added an old YouTube you might want to revisit!

Yesterday, Kevin Moore, from The Moore Show in the U.K. came over with his assistant, Krystal, and spent the entire day filming for his documentary about channeling. My girlfriends, Sara Kujawa, Kari Mena and Tiffanie Williams where there, too. Robert Burke did all of the channeling for the day and was completely spot on with EVERYTHING! He just keeps getting better and better. Hopefully, he’ll start taking clients again. The entire experience was absolutely magical. In fact, in part because of the crazy chaotic fun that permeated my family and the bonds between us, Kevin wants to do a reality TV show in my house (at least part of the time) that will included channeled sessions. He also had a great idea in that I should channel Erik in another dimension or reality where he didn’t choose to take his life. 

Don’t forget, tomorrow at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Just like last week, we’ll devote the entire hour to answering calls from listeners with the help of awesome mediums, Veronica Drake and Robert F. Burke. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

About the show: Do you prefer us to, at least on most Mondays, devote the entire hour to taking calls from listeners or do you want Erik to share a little wisdom for the first 20 minutes. Please take the poll!

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Here’s a sweet Erik Encounter:

Hello Elisa!

I have a lot of really funny encounters with Erik and think he sent me to the video you just posted, “All About Play.” I’d been thinking about sending you this little encounter since I shared it with fellow CE workshoppers last July, when we all attended the New York event. So here you go and I’m sending it over with lots of love!

One morning I did my usual meditation on the train. I’m still trying to exercise the clairvoyance muscle so a lot of what I see, I know is just my imagination (or the hope of things), but every once in a while I get an instant flash of “not me.” So in my meditation, I’m hanging in some leaves and flowers by a shady tree and just want to stay there.

I look up and see planes (which is a bit different than my usual meditation) and “imagine” The Soldier (note: We met the man who channels him at our workshop) parachuting down to say hello. We say hello, give a quick hug and thank you, and then he disappears.

Then I see Erik pop in and say something like, “What about me?!” He wants us to go surfing, so we jump down to the beach and start. It’s fun and I think there’s a moment of him sitting on my shoulders in the ocean with his gangly hairy legs. Then I start to get bored and think about what else I want to do in the water, and I think, “I want to go sailing!” I suddenly get an instant image of Erik in a white captain’s hat, a pipe, white collar shirt, white shorts and socks pulled up high. I start quietly cracking up on the train.

I had to share because it was one of those small yet big moments, even though still a bit fuzzy, where I knew it was “not me”

Hope you all have a laugh and see that picture in your head!!

Jennifer Wai

Erik actually had a white captain’s hat that he loved wearing!

I love when Erik chills with one of the peeps, even if just to watch a dirty movie. Check it out:

Hello Elisa,

I first have to say that I’ve become obsessed with learning about Erik’s journey and it started off when I had a reading with Alison Allan and he popped in. Alison asked if I knew him and I said no but I just had ordered his books that day. When I was watching Alison’s YouTube videos she kept talking about him and I started looking at her site and was directed to his. Then I bought the books the same day of my reading with Alison so I have been watching your videos and have started trying to mediate and channel more and today I really think I pulled him in. The reason I used the title 50 Shades Darker is because he brought up during my mediation to go have fun watching your dirty movie and I’ll be there with you. After my mediation I got the goose bumps and chills right on my upper back. When I got to the movie as it began the same thing happened…I think Erik was letting me know he was with me and I just smiled. Either way if it was him or not he has in such a short time taught me a lot and I feel a change I really needed. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I started looking for answers and I do believe I was directed in his way because I’m already finding ways of better methods of coping. I asked Erik to prank me and I did get this crazy idea in my head today and get my ears pierced again…or maybe I was having a manic moment but I’m inspired already by him.

With Love,


Please pray for the citizens in Southern California who are in harm’s way. My sister lives in Topanga and almost had to evacuate, but her friends lost everything in Ojai, including animal companions. 

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