They Call Us Channelers, Erik’s Part of the Docu-series

Check out the Channeling Erik part of Kevin Moore’s AWESOME docu-series, “They Call Us Channelers.” Watch the entire series here:

Before going to the YouTube, I have some announcements. (Of course you do, Elisa!) First, some of you have tried the DYI route for portal work with disastrous results including one in which an 8 year-old daughter was terrorized my negative entities. Talk about a HORROR SHOW! It took me several hours to clear things up for the family. So, DO NOT try this on your own. It’s very dangerous, and it took me months to learn how to protect myself, how to prep before and after and in the early sessions, I suffered a lot of symptoms: hair loss, vomiting, pain throughout my body and black scum left in my bathtub.

Second announcement: Please sign the waiver before you pay for portal work AND make sure you have all the necessary things on the 4 part sequence for when I finish the energy work: the YouTubes for the 4096 Hz and 528 Hz tones and the Sage and Palo Santo (preferably the sprays). The links are on the waiver. Soon, I will learn how to use Docu-sign, but until then, just sign, print your name, take a screenshot and email the waiver back to me. Then you can pay me. Erik will set the price for each person/family according to what he feels the needs are. Some will take 4 hours, some up to 7.5 hours. Some more, some less. He knows and I trust him.

Again, here’s a report from a client Erik and I did energy work on earlier in the week. She confirmed that everything in her present life was true.

Okay you had 5 open portals in your energy body and 15 (wow) in your home that had to be closed. You had 5 closed portals in your energy body that needed opening and 20 (EXTRA WOW) in your home that needed to be opened. You also had 2 negative entities that we had to get rid of. 

These were all caused by one MAJOR trauma, the death of your twin sister and that’s linked to/triggered by a past life. I’m not good at the yes or no questions, but did she die of an infection? Maybe a viral meningitis? If not, don’t let that make you think the portal work wasn’t successful because it was and it transcended all lives past, present and future. Plus, your energy body and home are now wrapped in a golden shield of protection that is impenetrable to all negative energies and entities for all eternity and all lifetimes.

You suffer from survivor’s guilt mostly because of something your mother has told you. She blames you for your sister’s death, even though you were only 8 and 3/4 years old. I’ll explain why she blames you in a sec. That’s because of a past life of her own that was triggered by her daughter’s death. (Again, forgive me for the errors because I’m often wrong in the dowsing rod 20 questions so just get the gist o f it.) 

But your twin sister’s death in this lifetime was her spiritual contract. Actually, it was a spiritual contract for both of you. In that one, that life, you and your twin sister (who was your present day mom) were in your 30s. She got infected (see the similarity, that is, if your twin had an infection) and that time, it was TB. But you were her caretaker and you neglected her horribly (by design, of course, spiritual contract-wise). She lived in squalor, you denied her medical care and often deprived her of food and water.. She basically died of starvation. 

But this spiritual contract was a mutually agreed upon one because you and your current day mother wanted to learn self-empowerment, mutual compassion, nurturing, being a part of the collective and taking care of the collective (which is actually a very evolved lesson.)

That past life triggered your mom for obvious reasons but another past life of hers did as well. In that life, she neglected her child who then drowned. 

Both of you would benefit by past life regression through Kim Voigt ( I doubt she will, but you need to. I think this will help you understand why your mother treated you the way she did and will help you heal. Don’t be disturbed if I got ages or modes of death wrong. That makes no difference. 

Also, search YouTube for “The Little Soul and the Sun Narrated.” It’s a child’s book but it’ll help you understand the contract between you, your sister and your mother.

This was a biggie. It took 7.5 hours! Let’s see how you do after you get a session with Kim Voigt.

Healer, Jackie Benson, would like to share this AWESOME eBook with you. I read it and found it to be extremely helpful. Her contact information is at the end!

Empath’s guide to energy management

Now, enjoy the Channeling Erik part of this amazing Kevin Moore 72-part docu-series!


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