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Ringo the Cat

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Enjoy today’s post on energy cleansing. Check out the YouTube version at the end.

Kim: Hey!

Me: Hey there. That geode is just as big as you are!

Kim: Can you hear me okay?

Me: Yeah, I can hear you fine.

Kim: Okay, good, because by Internet has been sucky lately.

Me: It’s a little blurry, but that’s fine. We will do what we can. Hi, Erik. How are you? I love you!

Erik (rubbing his hands together): I love you, Mom.

Kim: I’m glad to see you feeling better, hopefully a little bit better.

Me: Slowly but surely. I’ve been sick as a dog for some reason. I think I have a sinus infection. All right, so I want to talk about energetic cleansing. There are all sorts of techniques. Out energy gets all dirty and nasty, so you have to do what I do to my grout between my tiles, just get on our hands and knees and scrub our souls!

Kim giggles.

Me: This blog member specifically writes, “What things have a detrimental effect on our energy? Is it just negative thoughts and emotions or other factors like food, lack of sleep, Wi-Fi/technology, chemtrails and other environmental factors?” I like that question. It’s good.

Erik does a shoulder shimmy and all of this dark energy falls off.

I chuckle.

Erik (counting on his fingers): Mom, there is a lot that goes into who you are, collectively like the sum of you, energetically what make you, you, but the number one thing that’s on the top of the list determining the lightness and brightness of your energy is where you focus your consciousness, how you see the world. If you have this shitty experience and then put your consciousness into that experience and see the whole world from that point of view, it’s all going to reflect that shit back to you. Think about it. That shitty experience has negative thoughts and emotions associated with it.

Me: Yes!

Erik: That’s where you’re going to root yourself and manifest all kinds of feelings and experiences. It’s from that point of view, that place of consciousness. Food, yes. Foods definitely affect you, energetically but not where we put our consciousness.

Kim: He’s showing it being like a seed. “I’m going to drop it right here and see what happens. Then I’m only going to look up. I’m only going to see the good and not face the negative in the bag because as soon as I do, the Universe feeds me the same.” He’s kind of rambling.

Erik: A lot goes into our energy, and there are a lot of ways that you can clean that shit up.

Me: Before we get to that, let’s go back to the foods. What sort of foods are we talking about? Processed foods? Refined sugars? Are those bad for your energy? Do these get it all dirty?

Erik: Yeah, dirty. Your body can process and use foods better if they have a higher vibration. Meat is its own category. It depends on the processing that it goes through and chemicals that go into it.

Kim: Ew, he’s giving me a whole lot of gross examples, and we’ll get to that in a second.

Erik: Meat is its own thing. It has it’s own vibration.

Kim: He’s showing me it having a lower vibration.

Erik: So, when we ingest it, it affects us in that way to a degree.

Me: But I love a big fat steak!

Kim (laughing): I love a big fat burger!

Great, now I’m starving.

Erik: There’s so much that goes into it so it’s not just eating it, it’s also your thoughts about it and how you reflect on it. If you can keep your thoughts positive or at least in a higher vibrational frequency about how the food affects you—like blessing your food, Mom.

Me: Mm hm.

Erik: When you bless it then eat it and keep your vibrations high and pure with it, then you alter the way it affects you. You set parameters as to what you accept from it. For example, if you have this burger here (holding a burger in his left hand) versus this burger here (holding another burger in his right hand) and both are exactly the same, but you eat one and say to yourself, “I’m grateful. This nourishes my body and brings me energy,” but the other one you go, “Oh, this is just going to make me fat and feel like shit, but I’m going to eat it anyway,” you’re determining what you accept from it and how it affects you. So it’s up here, too. (He points to his head with both index fingers.) There are many dynamics to it. Nowadays, it’s hard to find clean, pure food like ones that don’t have traces of chemicals or over-processed shit.

Kim chuckles.

Erik: Foods can be changed, energetically. If you can figure out how to transfer energy, you can change the energy of your food, but what’s most important is how you talk to your body in regards to how it’s going to respond to that food. Stay clean and stay hydrated. The cleaner you eat, the higher the vibration you’re going to maintain if you don’t know how to be mindful with it and change your food energetically. So, if you’re not quite there yet, at least eat cleaner. Eat higher vibrationally, healthy, duh!

Kim laughs.

Me: I guess it’s also important how the animal providing the meat is raised and slaughtered. It needs to be done humanely and again, as you said, we need to express gratitude. That should raise the vibration, right?

Kim: Right, and that was what he was showing a minute ago when he showed that meat is its own thing and there are different things going into it.

Erik: What if the meat you just ate was from a cow that was just treated for an infection? Then you just ingested the medicine that the cow had to have.

Me: Yeah! Oh, gosh!

Erik: What if it had steroids or antibiotics in its system? That happens all the time.

Me: It makes sense, sure.

Erik (holding up an index finger): The best one element –

Kim (laughing): See, this is where I own my own ignorance. I don’t know what movie this is from, but I know it’s a famous line from something. He goes, “But wait! There’s more!”

Me: Oh yeah, like a commercial. “But wait. There’s more! We’ll double your offer if you pay separate shipping and handling!”

Kim and I both laugh.

Erik: So, it’s not just what the animal has been exposed to environmentally. Emotions affect it, too. What if it was treated inhumanely? Animals have feelings. They have sentient understanding and communication, so if they’re slaughtered humanely and respectfully, that energy carries, Mom.

Kim: He’s showing it as a transaction like an exchange.

Erik: If a person in the slaughterhouse or a person who’s shipping the animal or anyone participating in the process is angry or frustrated or if they’re not appreciative, all of that energy is a part of that process. So, it’s really important that you not only bless your food, but that you set the intentions with it.

Kim: He’s kind of rambling.

Erik: If you want to hold yourself in this high frequency of, “This is what I will experience and how I will experience it” all across the board whether it’s food or people or whatever, then you don’t have to get so worried about praying over your food before you eat. You set those parameters out there, and you only have to do it once, if you believe in your own self. For example, you can say, “I believe and accept that everything I eat will be in my highest good.” You can recite that as many times as you want to, but it only takes one time for it to be alive and effective.

Me: I like that.

Erik: You have people that go, “But what if I forget? What if I forget to pray over my food or what if I forget to set my intentions before I eat?” (Laughing) You don’t have to get all worried about it! Set it out there once, and energetically, it’s there. It’s immortal.

Me: Well, can we cleanse the energy of the food on our plate?

Erik: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Me: Oh okay. Got it. You talked about eating clean. Can you talk more about that? What is that? What kind of foods are we talking about?

Erik: Foods that work in conjunction with or in sync with your body instead of ones that work against it.

Kim (smiling): He has such a smart aleck tone right now! He goes, “Sugar. Duh.” But he’s not doing that to you. He’s telling people to think with common sense.

Me: Sure.

Erik: You know what’s good for you and what’s not good for you that causes a lot of damage. Caffeine causes a lot of damage.

Me (Raising my mug of coffee to take a sip): But I love it!

Kim (laughing): I know!

Erik: So when you look at things that work FOR your body and treat food almost like it’s a medicine that will help you if you ingest it, then you can change your whole experience with food and how it affects you energetically. Clean eating would be like healthier food, Mom.

Me: Yeah.

Erik: Like organic foods that work with your body. When you look at my favorites like cake, pizza and potato chips, things that are really heavy, then energy is going to reflect the same.

Kim: Okay, I want to share something. He wants me to share this really quickly. I battled this for the longest time, and I probably shared this before. I used to fast before I did my sessions. Sometimes I’d fast all day long until I was done!

Me: Mm!

Kim: I started to play with it, and I started asking for all kinds of guidance. I would have stellar sessions after fasting, and then I’d inhale a bunch of tacos and still have a stellar session. I realized that if I hold my energy at a certain frequency and if I put my trust in the spirit [I’m channeling] and not just my physical body, then it didn’t matter as much. So, I let go of the whole thought of needing to fast before I channeled to be a pure, clean conduit. So, I begin to let go, energetically, of Kim and how food affects Kim because Kim is not a part of the process anyway. It’s all about spirit and connecting with them and translating, verbatim, what they share. So I was focusing too much on food and how it affected me in this process, forgetting that I needed to let go of me completely in the process to be a clean conduit anyway. He just wanted me to share that, for whatever it’s worth.

Me: That’s cool. That makes perfect sense.

Erik: Just use your common sense about healthy food, and hydrate, Mom. That’s probably even more important than food.

Me: Oh, I’m so bad about that.

Erik: Energetically, you’ll feel better.

Me: Okay, because water is grounding! What other environmental factors can dirty up your energy?

Erik: Mindfulness, presence, but not in the way you’re thinking. Let’s say you go out to dinner, and you’re all excited and you’re feeling great, and then all of a sudden you come home and you’re down for some reason. You have no reason to feel down, but you’re just empty. Be mindful of that. Be aware of that situation and be willing to ask yourself, “Is this mine or did I feel or absorb something from that environment?” Maybe it was from someone who wasn’t even at your own table, but they were in such a funk that their biofield got to you. There are people who can get big, energetically, in a space. They can project it like crazy, and if you’re not mindful of that, you can absorb it. That’s what happens 90% of the time with people. They react constantly, but they’re not sure what they’re reacting to. And then this happens. (He points to his head and laughs.)

Kim (chuckling): He’s laughing at the human thought process.

Erik: We start to overthink, “Well, why do I feel this way? Is there something wrong with me?” And of course we react. We engage with the emotions, and then we get dirty, energetically dirty.

Me: Yeah.

Always something intelligent to say in reply.

Erik: So you have to be able to be present with what you’re feeling and ask yourself, “Is this mine?” And if you can say, “yes,” figure out where it’s coming from. If it’s not, then release it. Stop reacting to it. Mom, it can be so hard. It’s hidden for a lot of people. They feel something and they react and they react, and it’s hard for them to step out of that and go, “Oh wait. I see that I’m doing this and reacting like that, and I can change it.” Most people don’t know that they have that power yet.

Me: But they do now! So you can just ask, “Is this mine or is this somebody else’s?” Well, what about the other things like technology, electromagnetic waves and chemtrails?

Erik: Oh yeah. Let’s talk about electromagnetic waves for a minute. You have the high and the low and everything in between. It can affect both ways, too. It can be over-stimulating or it can drag you down and make you feel like shit. I want you to picture this for a minute. This is going to sound funny. Think about it like this. We’re all radios. We’re all receiving signals, but we might not be aware of it. Sometimes we’re receiving subjectively; sometimes we’re receiving objectively. We’re receiving all of these signals but might not be consciously aware of it.

Me: Sure.

Erik: For example, let’s say—

Kim (laughing): Okay, this is blowing my mind right now because I never thought about this. He’s showing two friends fighting having a total blowout.

Erik: Let’s say you text them, “You’re a piece of shit!” and you’re just pissed off and in the moment reacting. So, you send that negative energy out. But let’s say Little Miss Suzy over here is also angry, but for a whole different reason, but she’s still in that same frequency. She’s going to feel the same effect of whatever is floating out there in the same frequency.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: So, wherever you put yourself on that scale, you’re going to receive everything else that’s happening in that frequency. It might not pertain to you; it might not be yours or from you or even to you, but it’s in the same field. It’s in the same frequency so you’re going to feel it.

Kim (frustrated): He’s talking so fast!

Erik: You go to bed at night. Some people can’t put their phone away, can’t shut their computers down or TVs off, and energetically, so much is being exchanged.

Me: Oh god, yeah!

Erik: The energy of a TV commercial or show when you fall asleep with your TV on—just because it’s in your TV doesn’t mean it stops at the screen. It projects into your space. There’s no limit. There’s no time or space, energetically. Energy can’t be confined. So be very mindful what you’re exposing yourself to. If you want good, you have to put yourself energetically in that frequency to receive more of it. It’s already there. You just have to plug into it. The Universe is going to give you what you respond to.

Me: You’re the radio, so tune into the right frequency.

Erik: Exactly. Tune into your favorite station.

Kim chuckles.

Me: What about chemtrails?

Erik: Of course they affect you.

Kim: How? How do they affect us? What do they change?


Kim: For some reason, he says you know about this, Elisa, so I don’t know if you’ve seen this with someone. He’s showing me how chemtrails affect people emotionally and behaviorally.

Erik: It seems sad and unfair because people are reacting but they’re not sure what to. The most common thing you’ll see if their emotions and behavior fluctuating up and down. One minute they’re happy; the next minute they’re pissed off. These chemtrails are affecting people in ways they’re not aware of, but they are aware of their behavioral patterns changing. You’ve already seen people going, “I don’t know why I did that. That’s so not like me! But I did, and now I have to deal with it. So it pushes people outside of who they are so here we go again; they get caught up in the thought process and the emotional reaction to, “Why did I do that?”

Me: Yeah.


Kim: Okay, sorry. He’s talking so much!

Me: Erik!

Poor Kim.

Erik: Then when we separate all of that completely, it triggers that question all the time. “Okay, what was my purpose in that?” “What’s my worth?”

Kim: He wants me to share this for some reason. I don’t know if it has anything to do with anything!


Kim (laughing): He just corrected me! He didn’t like that comment.

Erik: Of course it does because if you know your worth, your vibration is always here. (He puts his hand above his head and one below his chest and keeps it steady.)

Me: Yeah.

Erik: But if knowing your worth depends on a sense of purpose, then you’re always like this back and forth. (He moves those same two hands wildly up and down.) Your worth and knowing it isn’t born in your purpose because if you find purpose in something, believe in it. Trust it. But that has nothing to do with your worth. Your worth is always already spoken for. So when you have all these different things affecting who you are and how you are, don’t let it affect your worth. Don’t let your worth go like this. (He moves his hands up and down again.) Your purpose might, and that’s okay. We’re human. It’s supposed to. You can find a purpose in digging a hole in your yard for no damn reason at all! But if you find purpose in it, it means something to you. There’s value there, but it has nothing to do with worth.

Me: Okay.

Erik: When you stay aligned with your worth, Mom, it doesn’t matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter who you hang around and what shit they’re going through. When you stay aligned with your worth, you become transparent to all of those things. It can come in your field and pass out of your field without you having to catch it and go, “Oh wait. What’s this in my awareness?”

Me: You’re like dirty energy Teflon.

Erik: Right.

Kim chuckles.

Me: I want to talk about techniques so maybe you can share a couple of ways that we can cleanse our energy, but before we do that, are there any other important factors that we haven’t addressed that can dirty up our energy?

Erik: Well, it’s a choice, Mom. You can let anything dirty up your energy or even just disturb it. Don’t take the word, “disturb” as a negative, but anything can disturb your energy if you give it permission to or if you give it power to.

Me: Oh, I see. Okay.

Erik: You can have a shitty experience, but it can still give you light and not dark. It depends on how you react to it or how you associate your worth to it.

Me: Yeah because you can take a shitty experience and get value out of it! You can glean the lesson and the value and be appreciative for it.

Erik: Right.

Me: I can understand that. So, let’s talk about your favorite techniques for energy cleansing. Jamie Butler shared one where you visualize this sieve that you drag through your body starting at your head and going all the way down to your feet. It’s gets all your bad energy out. Then you have to take that bad energy and put it into the earth because the earth recycles it. Or you can envision the black energy washing off of you while you’re in the shower and it goes down the drain. Another one Jamie said was important is that since we spend so much time in bed, we need to rake the bad energy off of the sheets and dump it into the magnolia or the azaleas.

Kim: He’s showing me the same thing. He’s showing me a shower technique.

Erik: Imagine cleansing water pouring down over you and washing away anything you’re holding onto.

Kim: He wants to take that a step further, and we will in just a second.

Erik: Imagine anything you’re holding onto being washed off, melting away as easily as dirt washing off your skin. So whatever you’re holding onto that you know is causing a disturbance, watch it wash away like dirt off your skin. It’s that easy.

Kim: He wants to take it one step further. What he’s trying to show is, for example—I’ll use myself as an example because he does that all the time—as an army wife, this whole situation with my husband being overseas could turn me into this real shitty, bitter person, I guess.

Erik: And you don’t just want to only wash that away and not be bitter, but also wash away everyone who that bitterness would affect. Wash that away, too, because it’s an exchange, Mom.

Me: Oh, yeah!

Kim: So, let’s say for an example, I’m sour and I’m bitter, and in turn, it’s made me a bitter mom, a bitter sister or a bitter daughter.

Erik: Envision all of those spots and watch them wash away. Have you been bitter with your mom? Look at all the places you’ve been connected, and whatever you’re trying to wash away, wash ALL of it.

Me: Just have a big ol’ group shower. Save water.

Kim laughs.

Erik: Get all the little nooks and crannies!

Kim: He’s showing all these people, all these connections that you may have exchanged energy with, imagine washing it all away.

Me: That’s a great idea!

Erik: When you look at, “I got this thing I’ve been holding onto forever” like a divorce, and you also let it affect your sibling. The divorce is long over, so you’re trying to wash it away, but also wash away the energy that’s affecting your sibling.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Be able to apply that, otherwise it can re-manifest. If you don’t wash it ALL away, it can cause more infection.

Me: Yeah, like mold. It can sprout up again. Okay, any other technique you want to share?

Erik: I want to give people a hands on one, too. Of course you can literally take a shower and go through that envisioning process, but it’s also as simple as drinking water. Fill up a jug and say, “This is my cleansing jug of water,” and every time you take a drink, you dilute the energy that’s disturbing you. So you keep drinking and drinking until it’s gone completely.

Me: Are you talking about actually drinking water?

Erik: Yep.

Me: Oh, okay, and you flush it out. All right, so hydration IS good. Now, as a routine, how often should we energetically cleanse ourselves? I’m sure part of it is when you have an argument or negative situation, that’s obvious, but should we do it on a daily basis? If our life is all roses and rainbows, should we still do it on a daily basis?

Erik: It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a daily basis, but think about it like this, Mom. Let’s say you have this thing that keeps coming up in your consciousness and it’s a disturbance. Maybe it’s a procrastination and you keep thinking about it and go, “Oh crap. I gotta get that done!” or “Oh man, that shitty divorce.” However frequently it’s coming up in your consciousness is how frequently you need to be cleaning that energy. If it’s multiple times a day, then you need to counterbalance just as much. It’s not like it’s once a day across the board for everyone. Whatever is disturbing you energetically and however big that disturbance is, the cleansing efforts need to match it.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Yeah, once a day is great if people can remember that, but don’t get hung up on it like when you go to bed and think, “Oh crap! I forgot to do my ritual!”

Kim chuckles.

Me: Well, you probably should clean your sheet every once in a while.

Erik: Every once in a while.

Me: Okay, here’s a last question. In what, if any circumstance, should we seek a professional like a shaman or reiki practitioner to cleanse our energy?

Erik: There are a couple of scenarios, Mom.

Kim (laughing): He said it like scen-aw-rios.”

I mimic saying the word with a horrible British accent.

Me: You’re being all hoidy toidy.

Okay, I don’t have any idea how to spell that, so…

Erik: If you know that there’s a disturbance but you don’t know what it is and you feel, “I’m just not myself. I feel off,” like when you feel like you’re in that state or you just feel numb and you can’t pinpoint what it is, you should go seek out a shaman or someone else who can clear out that energy. Or maybe you DO know what it is, but you feel powerless to it. Take the divorce example. You feel like you’ve completely lost yourself in it and you’ve lost your self-worth and feel powerless. Then you might not be able to conjure up the energy to cleanse it or to release it and let it go.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: So if you feel like you’ve lost your power because of something, that’s when you should go seek help from someone else. Also, if you’ve tried all kinds of things and you see a pattern and these patterns keep happening and the same energy keeps manifesting—maybe it’s, “How come I always pick the crappy partner, and I can’t find a good life-long partner?” That’s when you need to seek the help of a professional to cleanse your energy. You need someone who has an objective look into your life and can help you see things that you might not be able to see or that you’re subconsciously avoiding.

Me: Okay, well that sounds interesting.

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