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Enjoy today’s post on Energy Protection and the video at the end.

Me: Hello!

Kim: Hello, again.

Me: Kimberly, what’s up? Hi, again, Erik. I still love you, by the way, in case you were wondering!

Erik (doing the shoulder shimmy): What’s up, Mom?

Me: He’s been doing the shoulder shimmy lately! That’s something I cannot do without embarrassing myself. Okay, so we just had a long session on energy cleansing. Now, let’s talk about energy protection. How do we protect ourselves, energetically? Let me see what his blog member asked. “I was meditating yesterday and felt something touch my hand, and I instantly felt afraid. Then I realized a few moments later that it could have been someone benevolent like a spirit guide or even Erik interacting with me. Should we protect ourselves before meditating or attempting astral travel or sleep, and in what other situations do we need to protect ourselves energetically?” So, yeah, let’s talk about when we need to protect our energy.

Kim: Okay, Erik is addressing that person actually.

Erik: When you have an encounter or experience, you immediately feel fearful. There’s one thing I need to clear up, Mom. When people have an experience like that and they immediately feel afraid or maybe threatened, don’t blame that on us. We’re not coming in to threaten you. Ultimately, what you’re experiencing is your own point of consciousness. If you’re still dealing with some sort of fear—maybe not consciously but subconsciously—then you’re going to have that reaction. You’re going to feel it or be aware of it on some level. That’s something that’s happening in your consciousness that you’ve just become aware of. Now you need to work on it. Trust me. We don’t come in and go, “BOO! I’m here to scare the shit out of you!” because obviously, that would have the reverse effect. It would NOT help you evolve and grow. We’re only here to foster your growth into your true beingness.

Me: Well, not all beings are benevolent, though. Was this a benevolent entity that touched her hand?

Erik: Yes. Let’s say you prepare for a meditation, and let’s say Suzy over here is at a low vibration because she has a lot of things going on in her life. Then let’s say we have another person over here who’s getting ready to meditate, but they seem to be doing pretty well, staying pretty neutral and transparent to what’s going on in life so naturally, he has a higher vibration. No matter what, when you go into meditation, you’re practicing mindfulness and you become present to who and what you are, consciously and you experience at that level. So, first of all, do you need to protect yourself? Yes, but –

Kim: He’s using the word, “protect” interchangeably with, “presence” or “mindfulness.”

Erik: So, it’s not like you need to go like this like, “Stay away!” (He makes the sign of a cross with his two index fingers.)

Me: Or wear a garlic necklace.

Kim (laughing): Right!

Erik: Instead, when you go into anything, especially mediation or situations where you’re going to be with negative energy, all you have to do is be present with yourself and be mindful of who you are. Then nothing else can threaten that. If you let it threaten it, then that’s something you need to look at. It’s not because they’re a bad person—they might be. They might have ill intentions—but that has nothing to do with you needing protection from it. It has everything to do with you being mindful of who you are. If you perceive something as a threat, then you’re giving that power over who you are and power over your presence. You’re giving over your worth to that thing you need protection from.

Me: Yep.

Erik: But there are varying levels and different degrees of protection. Sure, you may need actual physical protection if you’re in danger or you may need energetic protection from people around you. It’s not necessarily that they have ill intentions or that they’re bad, but you might be in an emotional event and want protection from that. But again, stay present with who you are and nothing can hurt you and you won’t need protection from it.

Me: Good!

Erik: We use the word, “protection” as in something we need to stay away from or that we want to keep away.

Me: Right.

Erik: But ultimately, we need to transcend through that. We need to move above and through it so that we stop giving it permission to affect us.

Me: That’s interesting. I never thought of it that way. I thought you’d have to surround yourself with a bubble or something. If you do have to protect yourself and you’re not in a state where you can do so with mindfulness over your own worth and not let these external negative energies affect you, what other situations should we protect ourselves from? Before we meditate, should we do some sort of energy protection thing? We’ll talk about techniques later, but…

Kim: Yeah, that’s so funny that you said, “We’re going to talk about techniques later,” because he said, “Well, it depends on your technique.”

Me: Ah, okay!

Kim: Hold that thought. He wants people to think about this for a minute.

Erik: I just want you guys to know that one protection mechanism leads to another, which leads to another, and another, and before you know it, you’re enslaved, entrapped by your own field of protection and then that’s all you’ll ever know. You’re point of consciousness will be trying to protect yourself. So, when you go into a meditation or maybe you’re going to go into a healing session and you’ve never met this shaman before so they could maybe have ill intentions, ultimately, all you have to do is place yourself in a place to only receive what’s in your highest good. Envision everything else passing by you. So, if you’re going into a meditation, you only receive that which is in your highest good. That becomes your technique. What is your technique? Do you go into a meditation with no intentions or any idea of what you want to get out of it? That’s when you leave yourself in that playground, Mom, of experiences of what you might face what’s hanging out in your own consciousness like fear. So, a part of your technique should be to cultivate what’s in your highest good whether you’re about to go into meditation, whether you’re about to go to a shaman and you don’t know what they’re going to do to you. Just set yourself in a place, energetically, to only receive something that’s going to bring you higher.

Me: That’s awesome. So you can just state your intent, “I will only receive what’s in my highest good.”

Erik: Right, because if you always need to set protection against something or set up barriers or walls, you’re just closing yourself in. You need to look at why you’ve given that more power and worth over you. Ultimately, whatever you need to go like this to (he makes the sign of the cross again) still has power over you.

Me: So, if you’re an empath, you can pick up negative energy, and can go to a party or a crowded bar, that would be important to say. “I will only receive what’s in my highest good.” And I guess that’s something you could do before using a Ouija board. “I will receive only what’s in my highest good.”

Kim: Right, he just brought up a good point. He said:

Erik: If you’re an empath—which we are all but aren’t always conscious of—

Kim: He’s showing someone going to a basketball game.

Erik: There are so many emotions at a basketball game!

Me: Oh, yeah!

Erik: People are pissed; people are happy, they’re tense. So let’s say you’re there at the basketball game, and you’re very empathic. The question is, are you subjectively experiencing your empathic capabilities or are you experiencing it objectively? Because as soon as it becomes subjective, that’s when it poisons us.

Me: What do you mean by subjective? Can you give the viewers a more definitive explanation?

Kim: Yeah, he’s very specific about this. I can see an image of him. He’s walking on a basketball court in front of the bleachers, and there’s a mom there with a very small child. She’s kind of pissed that she has to be there with the kid, trying to keep him in the bleachers. If you’re an empath and you can feel that tension. You can be subjective with that emotion and identify with it. “Okay, there are times when I’ve been annoyed and irritated and have to be here. I can relate.” As soon as we start to relate and make it personal and subject ourselves to other people’s emotions and what they’re doing, that’s when we bring it into our consciousness, our awareness. We begin to see ourselves in that situation, too. Some things might be a little different, but ultimately, the emotional energy is the same. Then that becomes a disturbance. So as soon as we bring it in or view it subjectively, that’s when we drink it like it’s our own poison. But, if we stay objective like, “I’m observing that mom. She’s pissed off and annoyed that she has to keep her little baby in the bleachers, and it’s hard for her,” when you can stay objective like that, you can still stay centered to who you are.

Me: So you can say, “Hey, sucks for you, Mom! Been there, done that! I’m glad it’s you and not me!” I’m teasing.

Erik: Yeah, you don’t even have to put judgment on it. The more we become intimate with our judgments, the more we begin to relate to what people are going through, the more we saturate ourselves with their emotions. So, it’s not just about needing protection from that but being conscious about what we’re doing. When we start to relate, “Oh, I can relate to that shit you’re going through because I went through that, too.” Then we’ve lost all mindfulness and presence in the Now. We’re regurgitating an emotional awareness and creating more space for it. We’re being in it as the center of our consciousness and experiencing everything tied to it. So, if we can remain objective to anything emotionally and energetically, then, as empaths, we can stay clean and clear. It just takes mindfulness, Mom, that we’re doing that.

Me: Okay. We just need to make sure we know what’s ours and not theirs. All right, just a couple more questions before we close. What’s the worst thing that can happen if we don’t protect ourselves, and how can we sort that out if it happens?


Kim (chuckling): He’s such a smart aleck! When you asked what the worst thing that can happen was, he said, “Um, you can experience your own truth.”

Erik: Like your fears. You’d be confronted by your own fears. So you need to state your intentions because otherwise it’s like you’re walking onto a playground and you don’t know who else is playing there. You don’t what else is playing there, so you need to state your intentions and what you want to cultivate from anything, from an experience. If you don’t, you kind of leave yourself in a boxing ring where anyone can hit you. It’s not like you’re denying or preventing experiencing something, but if you always set your intentions to cultivate the highest good, then that’s what you’ll experience. That’s what you’ll stay plugged into. But if you’re all over the play, plugging into all these reactions and different negative vibrations, you plug your consciousness in there and BOOM you have a whole reality in that.

Me: Of course in stating the intention that you’re only going to receive what’s in your highest good, that’s one thing, but if someone can’t do that properly, then obviously there are other ways to protect our energy. I know you can smudge with sage if you want to protect yourself from negative energy in your environment, you can surround yourself with a bubble of golden-white light, right? Anything else that you want to share before we close? Oh, and crystals!

Kim: Right, that’s exactly what he was just going to show.

Erik: Some people can’t uphold that emotional awareness because they get so easily distracted, so putting that energy into something like a crystal—

Kim: He’s talking about psychometry, how objects hold energy.

Erik: And then you can carry that crystal. Put the intent in that crystal that only abundance will come to me, and things that are in my best interests will happen to me. Then clearing your energy, smudging, taking a hot bubble bath, or dancing in the smoke of sage—there are all sorts of rituals to help you cleanse.

Me: What kinds of crystals are we talking about?

Erik: Different crystals obviously have different properties. If you need to heal your energy and you know your energy is disturbed but your not sure what’s disturbing it, try malachite. It’s real green.

Me: Okay.

Erik: Rose quartz can soften your energy so that you’re not as reactive and on guard. It transmutes energy into a loving energy.

Me: Oh good!

Kim: Okay, he’s showing carrying amethyst to help you make decisions that are in your highest good.

Me: Oh that’s great!

Erik: If you want to amplify the energy around your intentions, carry a clear quartz, but even if you say, “I put my energy out there to only receive that which is in my highest good” doesn’t mean everything is going to be cakes, rainbows and butterflies.

Me: Of course not!


Me: We still have to have the human experience.

Erik: Yeah, you might have a difficult situation, but you have to be willing to look at the silver lining. That’s where the cakes, rainbows and butterflies always are.

Kim chuckles.

Me: Yep, that’s right!

Erik: Don’t be a victim of your own ego by going, “Well, I thought I was doing good, but look what happened!” It’s not always going to be easy, but it will be worth is.

Me: It’s not supposed to be. We have to have lessons to grow. Well, that’s a good place to end off. I don’t want to run over into your next session. Thank you so much!

We say our usual goodbyes.


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