Erik Has Become a Member of Our Family

During my reading with Kim Babcock, I told her and Erik that my kids and I so enjoy Erik, that he is so much fun. She said he enjoys our home and that we are a lot of fun. He is seen by a few of my children, and always is very playful. Our fourteen year old is extremely open and often is communicating with her. He has given her confidence in her channeling and her abilities. She often would doubt herself, but not any longer. My brother passed away on June 2, 2017, and he was with us the night before helping us through it. He was not expected to die, but my daughter and I felt differently. Erik had much insight for us, and continues to give us updates on him. My husband is closed to spirit activity even though he knows it is ”real”. We often chuckle as Erik plays a prank on us whether it is a light show going on in our kitchen’s recessed lighting, one of his wonderful smells, or hiding something from one of us that was just there! He is trying to get my husband to open up to him- haha! He provides much support, information, and fun in our home. We love you Erik and thank you for coming into our lives! xoxo

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