Erik, Kim and Archangel Michael: A Quantum Session

In this quantum session, Kim Voigt takes me to the Other Side where I pow-wow with my peeps, Erik and Archangel Michael. (I usually make a mess of his name, twisting it into a spoonerism, Mike-Angel Archle.) It’s pretty intense. You guys should book a session with Kim. She’ll take you to other dimensions and even, as a recent post attested, to the Akashic Records. Just visit her site,

By the way, I was recognized by one of the blog members in the place where I get my hair cut! II’ve never seen her before, but of course there’s that awkward moment where my thoughts are racing, ‘Do I know her? She seems familiar. Do I pretend like I know her just in case, especially knowing how crappy my memory is?’  Wow, that was a first for me. Shout-out to Sabrina G. She’s coming to the Tammy event in May. I can’t wait!

Enjoy the video! Check out Erik’s EVP at 38:48. The transcript follows but please let the YouTube roll a bit. 

Elisa: Hello, Kim Voigt, how are you doing?

Kim: I’m doing good today!

Elisa:  Good! Hi, Erik!

Erik:  Hi, Mamma! I love you.

Elisa: And more.

Kim:  Yeah, he’s pretty excited about today, and I kind of explained this to Elisa earlier. Archangel Michael has been coming around and, in my field, quite a bit and I never really made too much of a connection with him before but I’m starting to. So, all this transpired because I asked the Universe, I said I think I’d like to learn how to start trans channelling, it would be so much easier because it’s hard to explain things in second party terms and then go back to yourself. So, Erik said yes, you could do that, that’s easy but actually Archangel Michael is what we have in mind for you. So, Archangel Michael’s been around and we’re going to have (inaudible 1:01), hmmm?

Elisa:  How can you tell it’s him?

Kim: Well, it started with a session with another client, where I had the client in a deep state of mediation and Archangel Michael started speaking through the client.

Elisa: Oh!

Kim:  And so then within the conversation in the day following, he just spent more time with me and he let me know that this was his purpose, to come through because the next time we’re going to talk about police brutality and Michael, Archangel Michael is the protector, he comes from the blue ray, yeah, and so the thing that I found the most interesting with working with Archangel Michael was, because I never really, they’re telling me that I’ve had communications with Archangels before but I didn’t know it at the time. I just thought it was being psychic, getting information but it was actually Archangel Michael some of the time, so he wants to come through for this session especially. The thing I found the most interesting and challenging is, if I ask him a question, he doesn’t quite have and I say he, although I don’t think it’s actually, I think it’s a male and female energy but he portrays a masculine energy because of the protective thing but he has to, when I ask him something, he doesn’t really understand what I’m asking him in human terms, I have to explain to him, well as humans, when our vibrations lower, this is how we experience, then he can give me the answer, but otherwise he just gives me this  kind of light fluffy answer like all is well and divine timing and that kind of stuff. It’s a little more challenging to work with him and get information because he doesn’t quite understand our level of understanding is what it feels like to me, or maybe it’s just me, he doesn’t understand me yet.

Elisa: Well, you know I think you should get him a copy of Humans for Dummies.

Kim:  Humans for Dummies, yeah. I have to keep telling him to dumb it down for me.

Elisa: It’s dense energy but ya’ll, for some reason I have this thing where I always say, Mike Angel Archal, that sounds kind of funny. Mike Angel Archal, please put that three, I don’t know, I do that a lot. The worst one I did was oh I think a cold front just came through, to spinarism on that! I think a frode just came through so, not good, because it was right in front of me at that time 3-4-year-old daughter Anika.

Kim:  Oh right, and you were trying to have a talk.

Elisa: Oh my gosh! All right, I’m ready.

Kim:  Okay, well let’s get your session started and so then we’re going to do Angel meditation, we’ll cut that part out, and when we get over there then we’ll talk to Erik and Archangel Michael and see what they have to say.


Kim places Elisa in hypnosis and directs her to the 5th dimension where she visits Erik. Hypnotic Induction held intellectual property

Please see the YouTube video “Channeling Erik Arc angel Michael”



Kim:  All right, and so Archangel Michael, tells me that he comes through at this time on the planet to assist with the Christ Consciousness and his energy is that of loving, and protecting and he’s part of a collective, referred to as the Legions of Michael and he watches over a lot of things on this planet and he says that there’s a lot of chaos with a lot of things coming to light. The reason as I was explaining earlier, he’s come through is because the next channelling is going to be about police brutality and he says there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we really haven’t thought of and are really not aware of and he wants to provide clarity and healing for that. He’s starting to talk about it right now, what he’s saying is that this is actually a very old battle that has been going on for eons back to the early part of the civilization on this planet and it’s perpetuated by the powers, by the Global Elite but the powers that want control. They like people to stay in fear and what a better way to keep people in fear, if you think you can not trust those that are there to protect you, and there’s several reasons why that’s we’ll get into with our next channeling why police brutality happens and we’re going to learn about the contributing factors on both sides and do some healing on this. So, now, I’m wondering if Erik has anything that he wants to say through his Mom.

Elisa: Well when you were talking about when Michael was talking, he poking me in the shoulder, see, see, he’s a cool dude.

Kim:  Yeah, he’s is very personable, I was so honoured when he first came through to me, he thanked me for what I was doing. I thought, oh! What an honour. Do you see an image of him? Does he look like what you’d imagine an angel to look like or can you describe him?

Elisa:  Glowing white blob and I can make out white garb and blonde hair, maybe with sort of a head dress around the top of his head.

Kim:  Mhmm, mhmm.

Elisa: And the other thing, it’s very faint though, it’s mostly just really intense glowing white light.

Kim: It’s a very intense energy. I have a few questions for Michael, let’s see if he answers through you, otherwise I can answer. Are you accessible to anybody who is in trouble, can they just call on you and you’re accessible?

AA Michael:  Yes, if they’re open to it.

Kim:  If they’re open to it, so you can’t intervene unless somebody asks for angelic assistance or assistance from the heavens?

AA Michael: Sometimes yes, sometimes no but it’s better if the person is open.

Kim:  Okay, so you would assist in an emergency, regardless of it the person asked for your assistance or not?

AA Michael: Yes.

Kim:  Okay.

AA Michael:  It’s just easier if the person is open.

Kim:  They’re more, yeah, and is there anything specific that an individual living on this planet would notice when you’re around their energetic field?

Elisa: Repeat that one more time.

Kim:  Is there anything specific that we would notice, you know humans would notice, I’m asking this of Archangel Michael, or Erik could answer this too. When Archangel Michael is around us is there anything specific that we would notice? Like a sense of calm or peace or sensations on our skin or anything.

AA Michael: Some tingling especially on the hands, a lighter feeling.

Kim:  A lighter feeling, a tingling in the hands.

AA Michael:  Calm, loving presence.

Kim: Hmm?

AA Michael:  Loving presence.

Kim: Loving presence, yeah, I’m also feeling like there would be a feeling of warmth with an angel and with a being that’s transitioned like Erik when they come around, there’s often a feeling of coolness, but the angelic energy feels warmer to me.

AA Michael:  Mostly warmer in the heart.

Kim:  Warmer in the heart, okay, is that how you communicate with us? Heart to heart?

AA Michael:  Yes.

Kim:  Okay.

AA Michael:  Heart centered consciousness.

Kim:  Heart centered consciousness. Okay. Has Elisa ever had a time in her life, where you’ve intervened Archangel Michael?

AA Michael:  Yeah.

Kim:  You want to explain that to us?

AA Michael:  When she had a cardiac arrest when she was 6 months old.

Elisa: I should have been dead but.

Kim:  Oh yeah! I can, he just showed me an image of picking you up and holding you and healing you.

Elisa:  And my brush with the serial killer, is another one.

Kim:  Mhmm.

AA Michael:  I was the one who was really impulsing you, those goosebumps you were getting or that creep feeling you were getting, I was pushing that on you. I also did something to make that man afraid.

Kim:  I don’t know what it was besides you were telling him that you were a black belt, Archangel Michael did something that really put some fear in him and that’s why he left. He’s telling me that he was around you and your family a lot when Erik transitioned.

Elisa:  Yeah. Thank you.

Kim:  He just has such a love for humanity and he’s a total service, it’s like if you need him, he’s there, no questions asked. So, one thing that I have heard from different channels and I’ve never really known this to be true, is we all get information differently and hear things differently, can an angel ever step into the body of a human for a specific purpose? Is that at all something that can be done? Like if the human needed some strength or was in some kind of an emergency, could an angel step right into their field and work through their body?

Elisa: Yeah, he’s giving me the typical image of a Mom lifting a two-ton car of her baby.

Kim:  That, that would be the angelic presence that’s giving the Mom that strength.

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: Okay, that’s interesting, and the next thing Michael’s bringing up, he’s talking about he’s calling these meeting with Erik, that you have with the mediums, he’s saying there’s quite a collective, with many, many beings being interested and supportive of what you’re doing.

AA Michael:  Thank you for what you’re doing.

Elisa: Awe.

Kim:  He understands how hard it was at times.

AA Michael: If you could see the impact that you’ve had on this planet, at some point when you understand the impact it’s had on this planet it will help you to heal and to grow even more.

Elisa:  I can imagine.

AA Michael:  So, when you have these channeling sessions with Erik, groups of being line up to see what’s going to happen next.

Kim:  He’s making me feel like it’s almost you’re going to some play or some entertainment and they line up to see what will happen next, available to see if they can help.

AA Michael: The collective that Erik works with is very large.

Kim:  He’s making me feeling like they’re quite impressed with Erik, that he was able to pull this off and get this level of communication going, and getting it out on to the planet. He does talk about this growing and becoming bigger and they are in total support of it.

AA Michael:  By learning the laws of attraction, everybody, not just you but as you go along, you’re going to start learning to get out of your own way because what happens is, people will request something from the heavens and then do everything they can think of to sabotage it without knowing it.

Kim: So, as you work with the laws of attraction, you’ll understand this more and more, say for instance spirit is guiding you to do something, say spirit is guiding you to get an education or study a certain course or something, when spirit guides you to do something, they do provide the funding that’s needed to take care of it, so your abundance is brought to you in expected and unexpected ways and sometimes when we expect it to come in one certain way we limit other ways, we close our eyes to it. So, he’s just asking you and me, myself, keep mindful of that, what your thoughts, watch what you say, he’s saying what we say, power of the spoken word is so very, very important, when we use words that are limiting, he’s giving me the example of your child asks you for money and you say, no I don’t have any money or I never have any money, that’s what he’s saying. That would cut off your flow, it’s best not to say, I never, I always, I promise, because that locks you into a pattern into the Universe, so it’s best to avoid those words. It’s best to avoid words like just because that limits things, he talks about how important it is to stay in the moment, get out of your own way and just be open to receiving.

Elisa:  Any specific advice on how I’m getting in my own way and what to do about it?

AA Michael:  You’re learning and you’re growing and you’re getting much better at this.

Kim:  What is he telling me?

AA Michael:  You tend to get an idea about something and you stay very focused with it, and you don’t look for other possibilities.

Kim: He’s almost saying, you’re on it, you’re just focused only on that thing and then that you miss other things. So he says to just be more open and watch more synchronicities, and he’s saying of course you know, with the things that you and I have worked on together, he says of course you know, if you have things that are showing up in your world or things that are irritating you or things that only irritate you when you’re tired or don’t feel good, he’s saying that would be something that’s coming up in your field to release it. So, he says to be mindful of those things, when they come up release them. It doesn’t have to be a big process, you don’t even have to know what it is, just release it.

AA Michael:  You can call on us angels to help purify your energy and release things.

Elisa:  Thank you.

Kim:  And Erik, does he have any other insight on this? Does he have anything else to say?

Elisa: He’s patting my right arm and shaking his head.

Erik:  Michael is a hard act to follow.

Kim: Yeah, he really is a hard act to follow. He’s a classy guy but so is Erik, Erik’s not giving himself enough credit, and so then I wanted to ask because I forgot to ask you earlier, Elisa, last time we had a session we had Erik come back with you, rather than you saying good-bye and see you in two weeks, did you notice a difference that day and for a few days? Could you feel him more closely around you?

Elisa:  Not for a few days but maybe for a whole day and night, yeah.

Kim:  Okay, well let’s ask Erik, should we do that again? What does he say? Should we have him come back with you again, so that you can feel him around you?

Erik: Sure.

Kim:  Yeah, so why don’t we have you cross back over, we’ll have you just stand up, and hold Erik’s hand and we’ll cross the bridge back into this dimension. We’re going to thank Archangel Michael for coming through and for enhancing our lives and for watching over us and for protecting us.

Elisa:  Thank you.

Kim:  And when you’ve crossed the bridge back into this dimension, go ahead and open your eyes, Erik’s right with you. Yeah, is he on your right side?

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim:  Yeah, I can see him, I can see the shadow, not the shadow, there’s a glowing light on the right side I can see.

Elisa:  Cool.

Kim: Yeah, did you feel your energy getting lighter, I was getting all tingling and goose bumpy while we were doing that.

Elisa:  Yeah!

Kim:  That’s a really good technique.

Elisa:  Yeah that was cool.

Kim:  Mhmm. Yeah and so, you know Archangel Michael, I’m still getting some communication, he’s talking about the spiritual school that you’ve been wanting possibly to start. He is saying one thing to consider is the children could be our teachers, the children know what to do, they could be our teachers. He’s making me feel like, yes that would be good to do but it’s also good because you can’t just teach a child if the parents are dysfunctional or you know thinking dysfunction ally. So, he is saying adult education, and he actually asked me a few days ago to consider the possibility when I get a little more time here, doing teen and young adult groups, like live things on Zoom where they can learn how to deal with their anxieties and something so, Michael’s bringing that up as a possibility for us too. He’s saying he feels a big need for that in the world and Erik’s going yup.

Erik:  If a service like that was available to me, I would have really gotten into it, although you do know this is what we agreed to Mom.

Elisa:  Yeah, I know.

Erik: But had it not been different, and that wasn’t my purpose and I had depression that would have been something that help me turn it around and to understand it.

Kim:  So, that’s just a suggestion they’re making.

Elisa: Young kids coming in, they are special and they have less spiritual amnesia, so I think that course could be.

Kim:  Archangel Michael’s telling me it’s us as adults that get out of alignment, he’s saying me children do not even know how to be out of alignment until we get in there, we the adults not us specifically but adults get in there and start trying to teach them. He’s talking about the educational system, just not being what it could be to nurture children.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Kim: And so, he says to, part with this work that you’re doing, there is such a ripple effect. He shows me like a pebble in a pond and it just ripples out and out and out, it reaches so many people. He says that what you’re doing is going to touch the adults that are going to become the parents some day and that you’re really making a big impact, but he does love your idea of a spiritual school and he says they’re on it, it will happen. In whatever form, it will happen.

Elisa: And then yeah at first kids and then teenagers and young adults. Too late for us, we’re done for. Archangel Michael I really like the idea of even just as part of the kid’s courses that they have an assignment to share their hearts with us, share their feelings about their spirituality and how they knock up against old paradigms from adults and that stuff.

Kim:  Yeah and now he’s talking about children not being allowed to be children anymore.

Elisa:  I know.

Kim:  You know like how our generation we were outside playing and he’s saying children, that’s how they keep in touch with their spirituality is through play and so he says when you start taking all of that away from them, they start losing some of that ability to connect, and so he’s talking about public schools where its very rigours curriculum and they’re sending them home with 2-3 hours of homework and then some of these kids are going to sports and they’re not getting to be until 10 o’clock at night, they’re sleep deprived and it’s go, go, go. He says we’re teaching them just the opposite of what it should be. What we are teaching these kids by this is you have to work hard to succeed, you have to keep pushing, pushing, pushing and yes, there is such a thing as hard work to succeed but it needs to be balanced out with their play life and their rest and that type of thing, and he just talks about how things have gotten so out of balance and if we would just look to the children, the adults we would really see what’s important.

Elisa: Exactly!

Kim:  You know, is what he was saying.

Elisa:  That’s a good place to end off. Thank you, Archangel Michael, and thank you Erik, I love you. Thank you, Kim, I love you. You guys can check her out at and I will put that here. Is there anything else you want to share Kim?

Kim: No.

Erik: Tell my Mom I love her.

Kim:  He’s been calling you Momma Bear lately.

Elisa:  Awe.

Kim: Momma Bear, my Momma Bear.

AA Michael:  I love you, I love the world and again I thank you for what you are doing.

Elisa:  Thank you.

AA Michael:  And I love Erik! I love your boy, good job Momma.

Elisa:  You keep him in line, eh Michael.

AA Michael: I’ll keep him in line.

Kim:  Sometimes he’ll show me this sword where he cuts through negativity and he gets it out like, he wouldn’t try it.

Elisa:  Oh yeah! Just watch him try.

Kim:  Funny angel.

Elisa:  That’s funny.

Kim: Okay, well.

Elisa: Thank you.

Kim:  Until next time. Have a great weekend.

Elisa:  Until next time. Bye-bye.






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