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Oh sadness. My son left back home for college, and I gave him the last of a series of like 7b hugs. (He’s a big hugger like me.) I won’t see him for a while because I’m flying to California to help take care of my sister after her surgery so I’ll be gone from the 8th through the 14th. She’s up in the canyons of Topanga, so I hope her Internet is good enough to post and have the radio show. It probably is. Then I’m leaving for Norway to visit relatives from 2/24 through 3/5 so if Lukas can’t visit the weekend before that, I won’t see him for a while. Annika is coming into town Tuesday, thought, to look for apartments with a friend–one step closer to moving back to Houston for medical school!

Tomorrow at 10 AM PT/12 PM CT/1 PM ET, Kim, Erik and I will be on the Breaking Free Show LIVE. To listen in, click HERE and if you want to call in, the number is 919-518-9773!

Love this story! 

Recently I decided to book a reading with Jamie Butler. I loved all the channeling she did with Erik and finished her book, With Love & Light, so on a whim I booked a session. Her first appointment wasn’t for another 6 months (coincidentally the Monday after the Channeling Erik tour was in my city). A couple weeks later I received an email about a cancellation so I happily took it and my appointment was set for three days later. I was so nervous to talk to Jamie because I so desperately wanted to hear from Erik and was terribly afraid of being disappointed. I knew that if she didn’t mention him, I would ask if he was around but again, I was so scared he wouldn’t be. It’s so easy to doubt the “pranks” we receive are really from him! The next day I listened to one of Elisa’s podcasts where Erik talks about doubt, and it felt like he was talking right to me. Everything he brought up was exactly what I had been feeling regarding second guessing pranks were from him… not trusting my feelings that it was him, etc. I knew then that even if Erik didn’t come through in my reading with Jamie, I would be at peace with that and would just have to start really working on trusting my instincts. Little did I know what was in store. Jamie brought up that Erik was present (before I even asked!) and he continued to hang out and talk throughout my one hour session. Not only were all the things he said about me so right on, he was totally specific with suggestions in all areas of life. One thing that really caught me off guard was that he said he wanted to prank “my friend.” I’m like, could ya be a little more specific buddy??! Jamie tried to narrow down which friend it could be with physical descriptions and I thought I knew which friend Erik wanted to “meet.” It wasn’t until the next day that a friend I hadn’t thought of totally popped into my mind. I thought, ok Erik, if it’s my friend, Flora, you want to prank, have her contact me soon. (Now mind you this is a friend that I’m close with, despite the fact that we rarely talk on the phone and can go months without any communication at all. We just always jump right back into things when we get together.) Wouldn’t you know it, the very next day she texts me asking if I could come over for lunch the following day!!! I was so excited!! We met for lunch and I proceeded to tell her about Channeling Erik and as soon as I got the first couple sentences out she was all excited and went to get a pen & paper to write down the title of the book because she couldn’t wait to read it. Because of her extreme enthusiasm I just knew that this was indeed the friend Erik was referring to. I told her all about his pranking abilities so she should be prepared. A couple days later, as she was going to bed, her air conditioning suddenly turned on. It was a cold night, so no reason it would kick in due to the temperature but more important it wasn’t even on to begin with. She immediately thought Erik. The next day she texts me about what happened as I was driving in my car. Right afterwards an Enya song comes on the radio called “Flora’s Secret!” Omg! To me, that was Erik just confirming everything. I laughed and cried all at the same time. But best of all I felt this overwhelming sense of love and gratitude. Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have “met” this guy, his wonderful mom and all the mediums to help bring him to all of us. One last thing I want to say to all you guys is this…before I had my reading with Jamie I had a good bit of doubt. Doubt about whether or not the things I was experiencing (and more so feeling) were really all Erik and if he even knew I existed. Especially if this connection I felt was reciprocated in any way. I want to tell you guys that if you *feel* it, it’s true. It’s him. It’s Erik. Our mind likes to second guess everything and make us doubt but you know right after something happens and your jaw drops and you get that *feeling* !?? That holy-sh*t-what-just-happened-overwhelming-loving feeling? TRUST IT. That is Erik. Thanks for reading! Love to you all!! XOXO ??

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