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I hope all of you, my sweet other family, had a wonderful weekend. Mine was full of errands because we’ve been camping so often that the honey-dos have built up. Lately, I’ve been replacing dead plants in the front yard, trying to refinish damaged hardwood floors that had turned black in spots due to cat pee (which I swear could take the chrome off a trailer hitch,) cleaning the brick front porch of calcium and lime deposits (I had to resort to muriatic acid at the end,) weeding, cleaning air conditioning filters and a lot more. Today, I had 64 big-ass sacks of organic compost delivered, and I’ve been lugging the bags to places around my flowerbeds to spread later. Of course, this is the morning I woke up with freaking back pain. The pallet was taller than me when I started, but now I’ve gotten more than half of them placed in the beds. I’ll finish the rest in a bit, but the heat here in Houston has been at near record highs and the humidity is horrible, so I’ll rip open the bags and spread the mulch with a rake tomorrow morning. Why am I doing this instead of having the yard guy do it? Because he charged $800 last time (which is actually quite reasonable) and that made Rune’s stomach turn. Why pay Oscar when wifie-poo will do it for free? 

As far as the hardwood floors go, the results are questionable. Better than before, but truly, the damaged boards will have to be replaced. I’ve watched a bunch of YouTubes and know how to do it, but Rune put his foot down and won’t let me. I usually am the one to get my way (mostly because I’m always right) (just kidding) so I’ll let him have this one. My argument is that they’ll have to be replaced anyway, so if I don’t do a good job, it won’t cost any more to have a professional re-do it than to do it in the first place. I think he’s worried about me wielding a Skil saw, truth be told. 

Many of you have asked for ways to communicate with your loved ones, and I suggest that the simplest way is to use dowsing rods and a pendulum. If you watch Raylene’s video on how to use them, you can get your loved ones to answer yes or no questions, play hide and seek and give you a hug. If you get a pendulum chart, you can have them spell out things. Here are the links to the dowsing rods and chart I bought on Amazon as well as Raylene’s video.

Pendulum Message Board

Pure Copper Dowsing Rods

Pendulum Choice One

Pendulum Choice Two

(Try) to enjoy Erik’s video on aging. One big and depressing takeaway, there’s no getting out of it!:

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