Erik on Feng Shui

We had a great show last night, peeps! Ex-gangster, Mizta KT, shared his very inspiring struggle to find his innate compassionate self. He also gave a lot of wise advice to some of the callers who had their own share of hardships. If you missed it, no worries. Here’s your chance:

Enjoy what Erik has to say about bringing the mojo back into your spaces at home, work and elsewhere! Check for EVPs and let me know if you find any!

Don’t go yet! Check out some great Erik pranks! Be sure to share your own stories by clicking on the “Share Your Praise” or “Share Your Story” buttons on the righthand sidebar. You have to scroll down a bit to find it!

Story #1

I asked Erik to please prank my mom and step dad and boy, did he deliver! The following morning my mom called to tell me a hilarious story about the previous night. She and my step dad had just fallen asleep when they were woken up by the sound of something in their bedroom. They didn’t know what it was, until a bat flew over my step dad’s head. It turns out that he is terrified of bats, because he promptly let out the scream of an 8 year-old girl, before they fled their room to sleep in the bat-free guest room…Or so they thought. After completely sealing off the guest room (which had been closed off) with blankets, towels etc, they attempted to go back to sleep. After settling in, they heard the distinct sound of the flapping of wings. The bat was in the guest room! My step dad crawled across the floor, draped in a blanket (which my mom thought was incredibly funny) and managed to get a tennis racket to arm himself with. They decided to move to the third bedroom, which had also been closed off. Again, they sealed it off with towels and blankets, ensuring that no bat could possibly get in. My step dad had finally fallen asleep, but my mom was awake and heard a suspicious noise. Low and behold, the bat was now in the third room with them! She woke up my step dad, and they were able to eventually get the bat out of the house. They were dumbfounded as to how the bat had been able to move from sealed room to sealed room, and had no idea how it had gotten inside in the first place. I laughed so hard knew for sure that it was Erik! My mom told me recently that my step dad still sleeps with two tennis rackets at his bedside. Priceless.

Story #2

Just wanted to tell you that Erik has started pranking me and my sister by calling people on
our cell phones. We both had questions answered on the July Q & A, and since then our phones are calling people on their own. My husband thinks I’m nuts, but he saw my phone somehow call our doctor! I actually hand the phone in my hand and he called our doctor. I turned it around for my husband to see. He kind of had a look of disbelief on his face.

My sister called and asked “why are you Face Timing me?” I said, “It’s Erik!” LOL So now she asked him to help find her wedding ring, because she can’t remember where she took it off and put it. lol

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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