Erik on Body Talk

I have been spending all day trying to get this video exported from iMovie so I can upload it into YouTube. I think the file is corrupt because it keeps giving me the error code “video rendering error 10008.” I  was a bit worried because I recently upgraded to the Mac OS Mojave and that I’d have trouble with every video from here on out. Actually, I’m still a little worried, but we’ll see with the next one! The medium channeling Erik on this one is Michelle Gray, and she asked Erik to fix it. Within minutes, voilà, it worked! Yay, Erik!

Here’s the video and the transcript follows. To book a session with Michelle (who is awesome!) go to

Elisa: Hello, Miss Michelle Gray. Hello Erik! How are you guys doing?

Michelle: Hello Elisa.

Erik: Hello Mama-cita!

Elisa: I love you, in case you didn’t know.

Erik: I love you too Mama.

Elisa: I love your haircut, I love the bling bling going on in the back ground too, Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you, I love your glasses.

Elisa: Thank you! You know I have to have a little bit of a frame so it kind of covers up some of the wrinkles, I’m just kidding. Anyway, Erik and you decided that you wanted to talk about communication with the body, and I don’t know very much about that because I’m usually not even in my body most of the time, I run into walls, and trip everywhere, so I am not an expert on communication with the body, so take it away.

Michelle: (laughing)

Erik: Yeah, she is a little clumsy.

Elisa: Little? Oh God.

Erik: Two left feet basically. What you just said is the premise of why he wanted to talk communication.

Michelle: So, I said to him, “Erik, what do you want to talk about, and he said communication”, I said “okay, like spirit communication, like people communication, what kind of communication”, he says “with the body”, with our bodies.

Erik: The reason why is because so many of you, whether you are consciously really working on your spiritual path or you are still operating in a third dimensional world that, you can so easily get disconnected from your body, when you’re we’re out and about and doing all this these. So, what I really wanted to bring forward today is to let you know and to remind you, to help you with your intentions of how to of how to speak to your body, and not only communicate with your body but to understand that your bodies are also receivers and that you are continuously receiving information.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: So, he wants to focus a little more on our physical bodies and with the communication we have with it but he also did. So, Erik and I chat a little bit beforehand, we always do, we have a little communication and in the last 24 hours, it seems every time I slow myself down, when I’m doing the housework or doing the dishes or something like that, he comes in and he starts giving me a little bit more about it.

Elisa: Ah, but does he help you with the dishes?

Michelle: He keeps me company. (laughing)

Elisa: There we go, better than nothing.

Michelle: It’s all I need, it’s all I need. I want to just say one thing, he told me yesterday, and it kind of blew me away, I guess I just never really thought of it and so I want to see if I can get this right, the way he said it. Okay, so, our bodies, you know how we’re so governed, our emotions, relationships and what not by the moon and how the moon cycles and we focus so much on the moon and he said the other hand of this is to understand that the sun is the govern of our body and he said the sun is an animation of ourselves everyday as we set everyday and we renew ourselves.

Elisa: Oh, so moon – emotions, sun – body.

Erik: Yup, the sun is the body, the life force, the everything you are to do with life, and to not forget that, that you are part and parcel of the whole entire universe and so it’s the vitality.

Michelle: He also said a lot of words like lightworkers and the sun being the ruler of light and how the sun also affects, if you look into, astrology and what not, that all is governing our bodies and emotions. So, I just thought that was really interesting.

Elisa: That is so cool! I know that as a resident and intern, man when there was a full moon, all sorts of crap happened, first of all so many deliverers during my OB/GYN rotation but also some weird stuff would happen, like a person would be going in a wheelchair with is guts kind of cradled in his arms because he got run over by a propeller in the ocean, or one person came in with his foot because he fell asleep on the train tracks, it was real terrible.

Michelle: Like such weird things, right?

Erik: That’s right.

Michelle: Slow down. He will go into 3 different streams of conversation and I can’t keep up with him.

Erik: So many, so much of what we do, is our emotions and everything is governed by the moon. What you just said, people experience that all the time.

Michelle: I’ve been documenting for a few years now, different things that have happened, and it all cycles with the moon, it’s just amazing to go back and kind of look at that sort of thing.

Elisa: It affects energy, we went to some wineries on our vacation, and there was one that was bio-dynamic, totally organic one, and they did everything according to the stage of the moon, like I can’t remember, but the full moon is when they you know do harvest and the waxing moon they do, so because these vineyards are all energy like everything is.

Michelle: That’s exactly it!

Elisa: Yeah. But anyway, go ahead, go on. I was going to tell you some funny stories from the ER but they are pointless, it doesn’t have anything to do with communicating to the body.

Erik: Mom, you need to have a session on funny stories from the ER. You need to just tell some of them because people would be really interested in hearing some of that. To hear that aspect of things.

Michelle: So, what he wants to start with is looking at our body as the receiver.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: Let’s look at out body as the receiver. Let’s start there.

Elisa: Like an energy receiver? Like a radio receiver?

Michelle: Yup.

Elisa: Okay.

Michelle: He’s talking about how our body has, if you can imagine.

Erik: To try to explain to you how your consciousness or your spirit is pushed into that body is hard for you to understand, but it is, if you can imagine it doesn’t all contain the way you think it does, it’s not like a zipper opens and you’re pushed into this one little spot and it zips back up. It flows outwards.

Elisa: Oh, I don’t want to get no claustrophobia.

Michelle: No. (laughs)

Elisa: Okay, that’s good.

Michelle: (laughing) He just showed me the grossest thing.

Elisa: Come on now, do be holding.

Michelle: He just showed himself exiting out, like as if he was being born from a woman.


Elisa: There was a skit where Robin Williams was watching his wife, you know, give birth, and he was “Oh My God” (inaudible). Oh my God what does 666 mean? The baby was crowning, it was so funny.

Erik: We’re all receivers, the aura, if you could imagine, if you could see energetically and some people can, the auras on some people are so huge that they’re reaching out. So, if a person is walking down the street that aura can already be all the way down the sidewalk.

Elisa: Yeah. Uh oh, you froze. It’ll come back. Erik fix it, fix it!

Michelle: Did I freeze?

Elisa: Yeah for a long time.

Michelle: Oh weird.

Elisa: Hang on, I’m going to buzz about the storm, let me pause the recording and change my Wi-Fi to a different.


Elisa: All right we have weather issues here, sorry people, what were you just saying Michelle?

Michelle: There we are. What Erik was showing me was, the auras not completely contained within the body.

Erik: If you can imagine, and some people can see this, our energy, so say you’re walking down the street.

Michelle: This is what he’s showing me right now. If we’re walking down the street, our aura can be way ahead of us.

Elisa: Oh really?

Erik: You are reaching into other auras. You know when you get those feelings, when you’re walking and something doesn’t feel right, really let’s think about that, people say this every day, we are feeling being first, we feel first. Society has trained us to be think first, feel after. So, this is about doing a little flip of the switch in the brain and understanding that you’re receiving your information by what is coming into the body, so this is about training yourself to feel the energy that’s coming towards you and the sorting. Coming into the right side of the brain, and then understanding it in the left side of the brain.

Elisa: Is it always that way? For everybody? Or is it different for the left-handed people and right-handed people?

Erik: No, because right is receiving, because anything you are getting energetically, it’s like a process through your body, it’s the right side that’s the analytical that sorts it out to understand it.

Elisa: Oh, okay.

Erik: Where, it’s a little bit different.

Elisa: You mean the left side; the left side is.

Michelle: Yeah.

Elisa: Okay. Got it.

Michelle: That’s what I meant.

Elisa: Well you might have said that, I can’t remember.

Michelle: I’m seeing it in my head, too because he’s showing me.

Erik: Some people, that will receive on the right-hand side and they can roll with that feeling, they can work into that feeling and someone like Michelle, she is very expressive on her creative side.

Elisa: Right brained.

Michelle: Right, like I don’t.

Erik: She (Michelle) doesn’t think that much.

Elisa: Oh, well I don’t do anything on either side and those auras, that aura that’s walking in front of me, that’s probably why I trip so much. I trip over my own aura.

Erik: If you could see, your aura’s banging into people all over the place.

Elisa: Oh God, that’s horrible. Sorry, Sorry, excuse me.


Michelle: That’s what he said, “excuse me, well sorry, sorry” that’s what he’s doing.

Erik: Some people will take the information, so if you have some one who is more of an analytical, left brain thinker, they will take the information and rather than sit with the feeling of it or try to understand the feeling, they will pull it directly into the left brain. This is where you get people saying, “oh I am only a left-brain thinker, I am all left brain and no right brain.” That is not really true because, it’s just like empathy or anything else there is a degree to how much somebody is one thing or another, and so understand if you want to become better at communicating with your aura, communicating and understanding what you are receiving, and this is where we could go off on different tangents or conversations about communicating with spirit about communicating with our own body and understanding are we feeling something from somebody else or are we feeling something that’s ours. So, understanding this comes from practice.

Elisa: People can develop their right brain creativity and vice versa, so you can start thinking again Michelle.

Michelle: I know, I know.

Elisa: I want to back up, oh go ahead.

Erik: The body can do so many things, the body can heal itself, the aura can understand the way we receive information. This is about you remembering how.

Elisa: I want to back up because a lot of people maybe have not read this in the blog, when we didn’t have a YouTube but what Michelle and Erik are talking about is we are emotional beings, we need to feel first and then that feeling can then generate a thought and thought can create choices, decisions, whatever, instead society has created this whole other sequence for us, that we have a thought first and that will evoke an emotion and that emotion, which is not a good idea, generates a choice. So, I just wanted to say that. Also, what are you talking about the aura, could be way in front of us? How can I catch up or it wait, I want to talk to you, but why did you mention it being in front of us?

Erik: He’s blaming me for explaining it, he was going like this, around, so when you’re walking, really, let’s say you’re walking down the street, really your aura is in front of you, behind you, beside you, it’s all the way around you.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: It projects out in front of you, so if you could imagine something that is down the street, thinking in a linear way of thinking so that’s why Michelle explained it in that way because she was thinking in the linear fashion. The truth is, when you feel anything, that’s what you need to tune into what your body is telling you. Are you getting hairs raising on arms, are you feeling like you need to run, are you feeling like you need to stop and check something, a lot of this is, with receiving in this way starts with gut reaction and with goosebumps, physical type things. That’s one way, and then there’s also the physical feeling, within our body, this is where we get into I’m feeling a sensation in body and the first step to being able to do this is, 1. Recognizing that you can do this. So, the first step is always saying I am emotional feeling being, I can feel and receive information this way because if you’re belief systems are in a place where you feel that none of this is possible, you’re not really going to get anywhere. So, that’s the first thing, to understand you can receive a lot of information with your body.

Elisa: You have to be aware, and you have to be mindful. Most of us are, we’re either in the future, anxiety, or in the past, depression, and we’re just all over the place, and so it’s really hard to sit with yourself, and take an inventory of what your body and your emotions, your intuition is picking up.

Michelle: That’s right.

Erik: Thanks Mom, that’s exactly right, that was going to be my next point about doing this, understanding this is also a way to keep yourself in the now. By training yourself to check in with your own body, rather than just going to the reaction of what you’re seeing with your eyes, with your physical eyes. Think about how often do we say something like. well it looks bad, or I don’t think this is going to go well.

Elisa: Or your ears, ew that doesn’t sound right.

Michelle: Exactly.

Elisa: It’s almost better to be, I wonder if people who are blind and deaf, if they are better at sensing things with emotions, their intuition, I mean first of all is there a difference between emotions and intuition, that’s a two-part question.

Michelle: Yes.

Erik: Yes, to what you said first.

Elisa: About blind and deaf, okay.

Erik: When a sense is taken away the other senses will grow up, because those senses are what are used to compensate or to help still read into that information.

Michelle: I’m sorry, what was the second part that you said again?

Elisa: Is there a difference between intuition and emotions, because I feel like we need to listen to both but are they the same? Probably not.

Erik: The intuition is the innate wisdom within us, and the emotions are receivers, our information, the emotions are what helps us become aware so that we can then, the emotions are what attaches to.

Michelle: Would you say situation? I wanted to say problem and he said but that’s your mind.

Elisa: Right. It’s a reaction then? Is it a reaction to what the intuition is picking up?

Erik: The intuition can pick up on the feeling, a feeling of something, like I feel like this isn’t a good idea, like I feel like this place is kind of scary. The emotion would be I’m freaking out and scared.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: So, it’s reacting to the situation.

Elisa: And the intuition is the one doing what? Saying, I sense something?

Erik: The intuition is the driver. If you could imagine a car, the intuition is the driver in the car.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: The intuition is the driver in the car and the emotion is the person in the backseat, the backseat driver.

Elisa: Oh.

Erik: So, that’s why, listen to your innate wisdom within you because emotions are still something that we look to control. That we look to understand, whereas the intuition is something that is there.

Elisa: Innately.

Erik: That is honed, that is grown and that we pull the information from. They are separate, because we don’t try to, well some people would like to shut down their intuition but what

the whole goal of what we are wanting to do is to integrate our intuition into ourselves, our higher selves.

Elisa: Is the intuition, is that some sort of communication channel with the higher self?

Erik: Yes. The higher self, the intuition, there’s so many different ways that people call it, because some people call it their inner guidance, some people call that their spirit or however they want, it all comes within that information. There’s a really fine line of the communication of the intuition and of spirit communication, that again is something that comes with practice. For example, feeling something, and your intuition says I feel something.

Michelle: He’s trying to show me something just to explain because I don’t want to talk about what I can see in my head and not explain it to everybody else. He’s showing me somebody who is sitting in a meditative state and the intuition, so say Erik was coming up and he was going to connect with you and you felt a tingle on your arm.

Elisa: And I have, yeah.

Michelle: Okay, so the intuition would say I think that’s Erik, that feels like Erik, yup I think that’s Erik and physically you’re feeling a tingle, well over time of honing that intuition trusting that intuition and having faith that yes that is Erik, every time you feel that. That’s Erik’s signature, that’s how you’re going to recognize that it’s Erik. So, you can do this, and he just did my signal right now, he just tingled my signal. And so, he’s got a whole lot of information about this, so I’m just trying to get him centered, so he’s not all over the place.

Erik: First of all, I want to also look at how we respond, he’s talking about responding to the body of what we’re feeling and that if we’re feeling something from spirit that this is something that we can practice and recognize as you move forward with that, you’ll get to know how you’re body starts to react, that’s really a whole topic in it’s own, talking about spirit communication and feeling that within your body.

Michelle: He also just wants to touch upon one of the bigger things he wanted to get at today was our physical body and how we feel in our physical body such as if my knee hurts or I’ve cut my finger, and he wants to talk about, he said about how our bodies can heal ourselves and we just need to remember.

Elisa: Remember, wait remember what?

Erik: Remember who we are (inaudible)

Elisa: Remember we can do that. Yup, yup.

Erik: That this is a possibility. A lot of people, the understanding of loving oneself or healing oneself, what sometimes gets ignored, is the fact that we can talk to our own body. That we can communicate with our own body that we can channel our own body (inaudible)

Elisa: So, Wow, so I can channel my sore thumb.

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: Stop it. What are you doing to me, I know I’m old but God.

Erik: So, talking ourselves is that, if you’ve not talked to yourself at all or for a very long time, you’re going to find it really really weird to start talking to yourself, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

Elisa: Well give me an example, oh yeah go ahead. That’s good, that’s what I want.

Erik: If you want to start communicating with your body, start understanding the signals that your body’s getting. This is not a one size fits all, the balance in everybody’s body is different.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: We don’t all have the exact same balance, so how our bodies react and talk to us is going to be just as unique as we are, basically. The first thing I recommend to do is to get to know yourself, if you can pull a lengthwise mirror or just a mirror right up to yourself.

Elisa: Oh God, we don’t have to have to see our self naked, do we? Jesus!

Erik: No, no. Although that would be really good for the soul, but.

Elisa: Not my soul, it’s like one of those changing-grams where those horrible mirrors that make your thighs look gigantic, I hate them, I’m like there’s nothing to see here. Nothing to see.

Michelle: He’s got a blindfold on.

Elisa: That’s best.

Erik: Talking to yourself and actually looking at yourself and saying hi, how ya doing? I love your face, look at that nose, hey nose how’s it going, I haven’t paid attention to you in awhile, hey mouth thanks a lot for always being there for me, the reason why I’m saying it in this way.

Michelle: And he’s kind of being a little bit comical about it on purpose.

Erik: To get into that conversation, being in the now and being in awareness, but what it’s also doing because it’s pulling you into the now, you are manifesting this energy, you’re awakening this energy within yourself, so again this is something that has to be done regularly. This is something that you need to do because it’s not just going to happen automatically that you’re turn is going to turn up and go “hey hey, you need to do something with me, I need to have my toenails clipped over here”, it’s not going to happen like that but believe it or not it can because your body can talk right back to you, and maybe you’re going to start feeling it if this is something that you can, there’s people that are very skilled at this, that do this, that can channel parts of their own body and understand what they’re ill with or what needs to be done, a lot of these people though are not ill right now, but this is part of the reason why. This is where evolution is headed with us, so we are headed to more of a telepathic light conversation, not only with other beings but within our own physical body and our own being. We are going to move more towards a more natural holistic type way, still with science and still with medicine, it’s going to be moved into a more holistic way. The consciousness and the expansion is helping us understand that we are capable of caring and healing ourselves. We really can do that, and that’s really want the bottom line is, the communication just as the way I spoke of when we were talking about the aura and talking about how information comes in, the same with our body, the communication still comes in the right side, the left side is what sorts it all out.

Michelle: Do you have a question? He keeps saying, he keeps waiting for you to ask him something.

Elisa: Oh okay, because I usually interrupt, I know, so that would be really cool, one session to channel my body, ugh, I don’t know. That’d be cool, different body parts etc. Well why is, because I have a feeling in the olden olden days that we were more in touch with our bodies to communicate with our bodies, what, why did society change things for us to where we think before we feel instead of feeling before we think and why is it that we don’t communicate with our body or even have much of a relationship at all with it anymore, what went wrong?

Erik: It wasn’t so much of what went wrong as time and how society became more and more dependent on new technologies and how we expanded, the world, society became busier, not only less connected with each other but first of all we became less connected with ourselves and started to rely more on outside assistance.

Elisa: External beacons.

Erik: Yes, that just boils down to the same thing that many are breaking down now and that’s fear, it’s fear, when we’ve become so far away from that, it’s the fear that somebody else is in control of our well being and it becomes this information over here, and just think about how technology has spread, the internet is spreading information, you know it’s not just our community and our circle that we’re relying on anymore, it’s we can connect to the whole entire world.

Elisa: Yeah, yeah.

Erik: That was an evolution over time, that we began less and less connected with ourselves and more connected with the outside world.

Elisa: Yeah, well another thing is we talked about controlling our emotions, and that’s not a good thing, I don’t think, how did that happen? Does society have anything to do with that?

Michelle: He talked about and had kind of gone on to this about things being fast-paced, without people slowing down and taking time.

Erik: Think about naturally, even folks that (inaudible), metaphysical so to speak, or understanding the process of what they were doing, there was more working in earth, there was more growing from the earth, so there was grounding that was happening, there was ritual that was happening, there was tradition that was happening, so this also, people did take time, to have time to converse after church, or time to converse after a meal and again then the pace starts to quicken and everything’s looked to convenience, it starts to become, this happened and we react. This happens and we react, and when that habit or that way of living starts to just continue to roll, it just becomes a hamster wheel of react, react, react, react, and emotions get all over the place so it’s kind of like everybody’s got it backwards.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: And they have to re-reign it the other way. There’s a lot more people understanding this now. Things are changing.

Elisa: Thank God.

Erik: They really are changing.

Elisa: Good, good, because you’re right Erik, I see that we have less and less time to just not only have conversations with other people but with ourselves or to even reflect on our inner landscape, on our emotions, on what makes us tick, and so we need to set aside time to have communication with our emotions, our mind, not just the body but everything else.

Erik: That’s right Mom, as we know and have spoke of, disease, we know what disease is, it’s dis-ease in the body, and so our emotions when they’re not dealt with, when they’re not understood, cared for and then released, emotions become built up in the body, they become, the manifest within the organs and over time, and that is also over generations, emotional. Hereditary disease.

Elisa: Oh really?

Michelle: He’s pointing out to my own family, he says hereditary disease, is something that, there is a family lineage of emotion, deep emotion, karmic cycles and that disease becomes engrained into that family DNA.

Erik: Un-doing that, that is what this lifetime is about, is un-doing that for many of us, is understanding this information and un-doing our karmic cycles, our manifestations of our emotions, not only for ourselves but also for our generations.

Elisa: Yeah, from the past and making it better for future generations, yeah, you know Bruce Lipton wrote the book the Biology of Belief, that belief and of course there’s also emotions, thoughts, emotions, can change the cells, can change the DNA then obviously the DNA get passed on. Talk to yourself, don’t just talk to yourself in that way but say “What

do you believe in”, or if you’re talking to yourself and you don’t believe this is really working, why is that?

Elisa: Does this belief really belong to you, or is it coming from your father, bully or etc.

Erik: That’s right.

Elisa: And the emotions too, is this your emotion or somebody else’s.

Erik: That’s exactly right Mom.

Michelle: You are channeling him because you’re saying exactly what he’s saying.

Elisa: Oh well like son, like mother. Okay, so, give us an assignment, every day at x o’clock.

Erik: I love this.

Elisa: He likes to be bossy.

Michelle: He does. He does a little bit, Mr. Bossy Pants.

Erik: Everybody should be having good spiritual health, this starts with grounding yourself, and right now especially the way energy is and a lot of people are working on consciousness and expanding and stuffing themselves with so much spiritual information, taking time out, I want everybody to take at least 10 minutes out a day, and ground yourself and go over how you feel. Think about it, take stock of yourself and how you feel and if that can expand into a greater conversation, if you can work that into some sort of a tradition, or if you are grounding/protecting yourself, if you’re driving in the car, I don’t care how you do this, although I do care about how you do this when you’re driving a car, I don’t care how you take your 10 minutes but I want you to take 10 minutes with yourself and examine your emotions and furthermore if you are holding on to something. There’s a lot of talk like “I don’t know why this keeps happening”

Elisa: Okay, yeah.

Erik: There’s a lot of people that are.

Elisa: A pattern.

Erik: There’s a pattern, the first way to break a pattern is to accept that there is one, to understand and examine it. I just want everybody to take 10 minutes, to talk about to yourself about how you feel, and address different parts of your body, follow your intuition what needs to be addressed first, what part do you need to talk about.

Elisa: You can visualize your body and maybe some part of your body will light up for you so you can go there. So, what if you see this pattern and you recognize it and you accept but you don’t know where it’s coming from? Like for me I always have this pattern of people betraying me, where does that come from, okay, not where does it come from, I guess what I’m saying is if people get stuck like that who do they go to for help? Do they go to a medium and talk to Erik or a spirit guide? Do they go to a life coach?

Erik: They can, those are all great things.

Elisa: Past life regression?

Erik: If you’re really really stuck and can’t understand it, because if you’ve done all the self processes such as you understand this is the way you always feel, and if you’ve asked yourself the questions is this mine, is this theirs, but you know there is a pattern, you understand all of that stuff, a lot of times, something that can really really help is to get yourself spiritually cleansed, energetically cleansed.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: Start out that way.

Michelle: He keeps mentioning, and he’s saying this right now, he’s mentioning something actually called Body Talk.

Elisa: Oh, really? Okay.

Michelle: It’s an energetic type, just like Reiki, they’re practioners, he says that it’s a really good thing to do if you are cycling like that and you don’t understand it, to go get yourself cleansed, a lot of times that is happening when you are bogged down in other ways and you can not clearly see. To get yourself cleansed will either help you shift into the right perspective to see what’s going on to help you make the choices to be in the solution or go to a practitioner or somebody that help you go through that. That’s what they’re there for.

Elisa: Oh yeah. So, what do they do just balance your chakras, cleanse them, or, and the Body Talk does this right? The body talk practitioners.

Erik: There is a balance to it but what they’re doing is they’re actually connecting with your, it’s not always called your guides or spirit team, the way that I would do that, but they’re connecting with your own intuition so.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: The intuition is guiding them through the body, they have a process of doing that. It’s worthwhile, it’s another alternative for people like many of the different modalities with energy healing, one is not better than the other, they’re often times for people it gives them a jump start.

Elisa: Yes.

Erik: So, when you’re feeling sluggish and you’re not understanding or things keep happening, having an energy cleaning in whatever way you do that, gives your body, often drawn to what is going to be, if you allow yourself to be guided, you’ll be drawn to what is the best modality for you. There’s also psychotherapy, a talk therapy that has benefit to the body, everything is connected.

Elisa: Of course, mind, body, soul or spirit. So the Grinberg technique, that’s a form of somatic experiencing, I think, that some how deals with the body, is that kind of similar to the Body Talk practitioners?

Erik: A little different.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: It’s not quite the same, the focus a little different way.

Elisa: Yeah, all right, and of course it’s really hard to communicate to your body, if you’re not completely in your body, so there are a lot of people that are not totally in their body, they’re partly in the other realm, first of all why are some people like that?

Erik: Different neurological diseases, some are spiritual contract, mental illness, also going to autism, there’s many different ways, and then there are some people that are just very very high vibrational, for whatever reason they don’t ever ground. First of all, if there is a problem or there is a reason if somebody is not very grounded in their body the person has to be able to understand that themselves to be able to go through that, however, if there is somebody else whether they have dementia or anything else like that, one can go through the higher self.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik: To assist and the higher self will allow whatever is allowed, because if there is a contract that they are.

Elisa: You can’t do anything about that, yeah.

Erik: That won’t change them.

Elisa: I got you, of course not. Okay, I have just really one more question. Some people are left handed, what’s that all about? Some people are right handed, does that, is there anything spiritual about that?

Erik: Interestingly, in past lives, one will often keep that same hand.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: There is the receiving hands.

Michelle: And this is something I’m not very good at, but what is it? Left hand receives? No.

Erik: Receiving hands, with Reiki or energy they have receiving, it’s just dominant.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Erik: If you look at the dominance you can correlate, not all right handers are all right-hand thinkers.

Elisa: Okay, yeah usually it’s the opposite, it seems like left handed people are tend to be more creative so that would be, because it’s cross dominance.

Michelle: I’m right handed, and I’m extremely artistic, so.

Erik: It’s not a real good, looking at the lines on the hands would give you more information.

Elisa: Okay. Hey maybe your hand was chopped off in another life, so you didn’t use that one, you used the other hand instead, you never know.

Michelle: It’s very possible.

Elisa: When I was a little kid I used to practice only using my left hand because I didn’t want that whole other side to be so shriveled, anything else you want to add before we close?

Erik: I want to remind everyone that I am here to help as well, call upon me.

Michelle: He’s talking about practicing too and feeling energy and he loves to do that, he loves to work with people’s energy and everything so.

Erik: So, me or your loved ones, this is a creative experience, this is fun, this is an amazing experience. You’re all pioneers, right now.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: You really are.

Elisa: It’s a new era, and you’re helping blaze the way Erik.

Michelle: Yes, yes, he is a trailblazer absolutely.

Erik: Don’t lose sight of the fact this is new be easy on yourselves but have fun with it.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: Lighten up, don’t be so serious about it, have fun with, every day you are just like the sun and you renew yourselves again. Take that with you.

Elisa: Awesome last words. Awesome. I love you Erik.

Erik: I love you too Momma.

Elisa: This is him, look at those beautiful eyes.

Michelle: He’s a handsome little boy, I got to tell you, it makes my heart melt.

Elisa: Anyway, so, Michelle, they can get in touch with you at the healing heart, where’s the dash?

Michelle: thehealingh-art, and Facebook is the same thing.

Elisa: So, it’s,, there we, well thank you Michelle, this was awesome, thank you Erik, I love you both.

Michelle: Love you too! Bye.

Erik: Love you Momma.

Elisa: Bye.

Featured image courtesy of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

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