All About Spirits

Last night and today have been COMPUTER HELL! I knew I shouldn’t have upgraded to Mac OS Mojave. After all, everything was going great! But no, I got convinced by Lukas, Mr. Tech genius. Sadly, I couldn’t get iMovie to work so no YouTubes. I had to erase my computer and go back to the former OS. But then I had problems activating programs like Microsoft Word. I finally got it fixed, though! Yay, the Hell is over!

For comic relief, Erik played a trick on Maria. She looked all over for the spray can of Kaboom I just bought for her and nada. No sign of it. She usually keeps it where she keeps all of her cleaning supplies so I looked and there it was. Her jaw dropped and she said, “I looked there several times and didn’t see it.” I laughed and told her how Erik, years ago, hid my precious index card to-do list only to put it in plain sight in the place I looked 9 or 10 times before. What a trickster!

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Enjoy today’s YouTube and the transcript that follows!

Elisa: Okay, Denise, you look so pretty today, by the way.

Denise:  Well, thank you.

Elisa:  Your hair’s lovely.

Denise:  I had the day off.

Elisa:  Oh, awesome, your so lucky.

Denise:  Yes.

Elisa: (talking to Lucas). Okay, anyway, we’re going to talk about spirits, we’ve broached this a little bit before, a long long time ago. Erik, I love you, but I want to see also, if there’s anything else you’ve learned or that you think needs to be added to this, okay.

Erik:  Yes, there’s always stuff to learn, I love you, Hi.

Denise: He wants me to let you know that he says hi, and he loves you.

Erik:  I’m always learning, that’s what we do.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  You can never not learn.

Elisa: Awesome. Okay, let’s start out, these are just general questions, a lot of them were given to me by blog members, forever ago, okay. Here’s a simple one, it’s kind of trivial but can spirits cry?

Erik: When they are back to their fullest form, in their pure positive energy, back to their natural state, no they don’t cry because everything just is, they see everything as it’s supposed to. With that question, I feel like the blog member wants to know, do they shed tears. No, they don’t shed tears but they do feel the sadness from the people, from here. When they first cross over, depending on how they crossed over, sometimes they do feel the emotion until they reconnect to their natural state, to who they really are. They don’t shed tears but we do feel emotions. Of course, we do, especially the ones that have incarnated there before, we do feel the emotions that other people are feeling. It’s kind of like how, like for Denise, she can feel the emotion of the spirit when they were there or whatever but she doesn’t feel like so intensely, like it was her in that emotion, but she can get a glimpse of what the feeling is, sad, happiness, betrayal or whatever it is.

Elisa:  Yeah, and that’s probably when they’re still a little bit connected to their humanness, until the completely shed their humanness right?

Erik:  Yes. Even though when they are back to their natural state, back to our natural state, who we really are.

Denise:  He keeps using another term but I keep saying who we really are.

Erik:  We still can feel the emotion, but it doesn’t consume us.

Elisa: Yeah, they can’t hold on to it.

Erik: Correct.

Elisa:  It’s like holding on to like slippery monkey bars.

Erik:  Right, right, that’s a good analogy.

Elisa: Can you still taste, smell and feel stuff and if so is it different then when you had a physical body?

Erik:  We can smell things, we don’t feel things like.

Denise:  And he must have used this before because he, keeps saying a brownie.

Erik:  I can smell that, but I can’t feel it, as if I am holding the physical-ness of it.

Elisa: So, it feels like nothing at all? Just like passing through air, that kind of thing?

Erik: Yes but no, you just feel it through your senses, you get the feeling of what it is.

Denise:  He’s showing me how it just feels through your senses and do you taste it?

Erik:  Not with taste buds no, but it’s like your body feels it and tastes it.

Elisa:  Oh really, oh?

Erik: You don’t actually get to feel it, like get the hold the physical-ness of it, the density of it.

Elisa: Now, when you hug me, what does it feel like? You know sense of touch.

Erik: There’s no physical touch but what the touch is, is that it’s our energies are intertwined and blended together.

Denise: He’s showing me how his, when that’s happening, it’s like, I want to say sparks but like glitter type sparks.

Elisa: Oh cool.

Denise:  and glowing and if anybody was to be around you when he’s doing that, they would see such a difference in your face.

Erik:  They would see like a sparkle in your eye, it would just be so different because in the way it blends.

Elisa:  Ah, that’s so cool.

Denise:  It is beautiful.

Elisa:  It is beautiful. Now, when you look at humans, what do we look like to you?

Erik:  I don’t really see you sitting on the toilet or seeing you naked, I can if that’s where I want to put my focus, but we see your energy.

Elisa:  Okay. So, it looks like a human shaped, like energy, or what does it look like?

Denise:  He’s showing me just like, how do you describe that? He’s showing me, it’s kind of like slices of energy, like a half moon but it’s not a half moon, I don’t know how.

Elisa:  Almost like the meridians, the meridians of the chakras?

Elisa: That’s very close to that.

Erik:  Give her words, Erik.

Denise:  I know. My vocabulary’s kind of limited Erik.

Elisa: Well all humans are so.

Erik:  It doesn’t go in the human form, it’s the light body, the energy body, is what we see.

Elisa:  Okay, so is it like meridians that hook to all the chakras, kind of like that?

Erik: That and then some.

Denise: That and he just shows all of our energies flowing through it, you know.

Elisa: Oh.

Erik: You’re all energy is what you are.

Elisa:  So, you see flowing of the energy in our bodies.

Denise:  Yeah, he can see that and he can see when it’s misdirected.

Erik: Your energy always flows but sometimes it gets misdirected.

Elisa: Or blocked maybe, and when you see that can you do something about it?

Erik:  Yes, I can and other spirits can as well but we can never just jump in and do it, it always has to have permission.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, I’ve heard that before, interesting. All right you talked about emotions, you said that you couldn’t really hold on to negative emotions for very long because it is what it is. What about positive emotions, like joy and love and all that, is that in anyway different than this when you guys are in human form?

Erik: Yes, it is because there’s no Ego involved.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  And that’s the big major difference, there are times, you have felt total joy and peace and love but the Ego comes in and so you are not able to feel that 100% all the time, but the Ego is a good thing even though you don’t think it is.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Erik: Yes, we are able to hold on to it, the human-ness isn’t attached to it.

Elisa:  Yeah because they don’t have that logic and judging, saying “I feel great but I don’t know if I deserve this or what’s going to happen next” and things like that, is that what you mean?

Erik:  Yeah because there’s no judgement, it’s not “oh you did well, but you should’ve done this or you slept too long today so you ought to have done this”, none of that is there.

Elisa:  Thank God.

Denise:  I know really.

Elisa:  How do you communicate with each other, spirit to spirit?

Erik:  Vibration, telepathically.

Elisa:  What do you send, like words or just, I mean what goes to, from energetically?

Erik:  We just think and we just know.

Elisa: Wow, but do you think in your own, your native language or is there a different kind of language that you use?

Erik:  There isn’t a language. This is tricky, because everything is now, but when you’re not incarnated into another person.

Denise: There’s a lot to it, he’s trying to show me everything.

Erik: You don’t need words, it’s all off of vibration.

Elisa:  Oh wow.

Erik:  It’s kind of like your dogs will talk to you without even saying a word and you know, you know they want to be picked up, you know they want a treat or you know they want to go outside.

Elisa:  Almost like a feeling.

Erik: Yes, it’s similar to that but it’s hard to put into words that you know.

Elisa:  I bet.

Erik: It’s just telepathically.

Denise: Telepathically, in your head is how he’s showing me, how it’s being done. He’s showing me, how when, I’ve had visits from my family, how I just can hear them so loudly but it’s not a human voice.

Elisa:  Ah, it’s weird. You know there are no words, there’s not a vocabulary to describe how they communicate, I bet.

Erik: There isn’t a vocabulary, you make the vocabulary.

Elisa:  On our side?

Erik: Yes.

Elisa: All right, how do you manifest yourself here, I mean how do you, like when you appeared to me at the foot of my bed, how did that happen?

Erik: Because we’re connected.

Elisa:  Ah.

Erik: We’re so connected.

Denise:  And he’s showing me, he’s telling me how y’all are very connected to the heart, it’s not just a Mother-Son relationship you all have, it’s a connection of the heart.

Erik:  When I come to visit, I am so connected to you, I just know when to pay you a visit or I just know when to vibrate a little bit louder so you know that I am there.

Elisa:  Oh, that is so cool.

Erik: Because I feel everything that you feel, I feel times when you need an extra boost.

Elisa:  Okay. That’s awesome.

Denise: That is, that is.

Elisa:  Yeah, I feel that for sure.

Denise: It’s like the best gift ever.

Elisa:  Oh God. So, do you have to lower your frequency in order to appear before your loved ones?

Erik: For me, I don’t.

Denise:  I’m asking him, when you asked that he’s showing me the other ones.

Erik:  They don’t really lower their frequency, because they learn not to lower their frequency because it’s not beneficial to them.

Elisa:  Yeah, yeah.

Erik:  I want to clarify, I am talking about the ones who are not stuck in limbo of deciding if they want to cross or not.

Elisa:  Oh yeah right.

Erik:  They don’t lower their frequency but it’s almost like they pick up on your highest vibration and they ride in with that and then that’s how it goes.

Elisa: Coat-tailing.

Erik:  Yes. When it goes like that, then you’re able to feel something.

Elisa: Like if they’re in sync, if their vibrations are in sync.

Erik:  Yes, because sometimes you don’t vibrate maybe where you’d like to all of the time but we’ll catch you when you’re on a higher vibration and we come in there.

Denise:  He’s showing me how they just come in and do that. So, what happens if none of us are on a higher vibration? Then what happens?

Erik: We all have those moments, where we’re up here, regardless of what’s going on.

Elisa:  Okay, good. Let’s see, oh yeah let’s talk about how you guys do some of the stuff you do like how do you move an object? I remember you and one of your buddies moved a salt and pepper shaker across the table at a Mexican food restaurant for example, and I’ve seen you do other things too, how does that happen?

Erik:  Thought.

Elisa:  Well do you use thoughts to do anything to the actual like salt and pepper shaker or the air around it, the energy around it, the table.

Erik:  Everything is energy.

Denise:  So, he is showing me how he and other people connect with the energy of the salt shaker, let’s just use that, they connect with the energy of the salt shaker, and then they for lack of a better way for me to put it, they kind of manipulate the energy in a sense to move it and they do these things so that you know that they’re still here. So, you know, and not just you personally but other people know that there is no separation.

Erik: Some of them like to play like that because they like to see.

Elisa:  My reaction, oh.

Erik:  Yes, their loved one just like on my God, and it excites them.

Denise: And he’s showing me how they just light up, and their energy lights up because then you know that they’re really still here, they’re not gone.

Elisa: Yeah. That’s really important.

Denise: It is very important.

Elisa:  What about an imporments, like leaving feathers or dimes or pennies, or in your case these been times all of a sudden, I see an air sock appear at the ceiling and then drop to the floor and disappear. How do you do that?

Erik: Like with the pennies and the feathers and stuff like that, we’re able to get in there and I don’t want to say manipulate because it sounds like a negative term, but we’re able to use the physical-ness that you have there. Like the feather is going to fall anyway, so we just help it to fall in your path, the pennies and that.

Denise:  He’s showing me how they’re able to get in sync with that energy, with the penny.

Erik:  Heads up everybody money is energy.

Elisa:  That’s true.

Erik: We’re able to manipulate to get that to be where it is, we’re able to move it and put it in its spot, sometimes, these pennies or feathers or whatever are always there but you just don’t see it so they just make it more vibrant so you see it.

Elisa:  Oh!

Erik:  Sometimes there’s a sign somewhere that has the saying penny for your thoughts, we will have you feel like you need to turn to your left, and there is a sign, you read that sign and stuff like that. It’s all energy.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, this is all about energy.

Denise: I’m asking him, what about the newbies that have just crossed over, is there a learning period and stuff and I’m wondering like young kids and stuff like that.

Erik: Age doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s all about getting comfortable where they are, getting comfortable back being to what we would call Heaven, and just kind of.

Denise:  I can’t think of the word.

Elisa:  Re-orient themselves?

Denise:  Yes.

Erik: Like when they get readjusted and everything.

Elisa: Oh, readjusted.

Erik:  Then they can start doing things, some people say they don’t ever get anything and that but they’re looking to hard for it.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik:  Kind of like when you can see the energy, the vibration of something, when you’re like when you’re staring off in space.

Elisa:  Yeah, or the peripheral vision.

Denise: Yeah.

Elisa: That’s happened, yeah.

Denise:  Yeah, and that’s why I’m always looking to my left, because I kind of see things over here.

Elisa:  That’s cool.

Erik:  That’s how, and some of us are a little bit, it’s not that we’re smarter or we know more, it’s just some of us choose to use energy to move things because that’s what the person needs, that’s what they need to see, that’s what they need to feel, whatever, even then some people just brush it off as a coincidence.

Elisa:  I know. Their mind, but expectation, you know focusing on something, expecting it, makes a wall of dense energy that makes it really hard to see these signs, but if you ever like take it, manifest it, law of attraction, I’m here in Heaven, I’m thinking of air sock baby, and then you kind of lower the energy, so then it pops through the ceiling, into the third dimension? Do you ever do impartments that way?

Denise: He’s kind of laughing, he’s telling me how smart you are, in a sweet way, and I love it. He’s showing me the growth that you’ve done through the years with this.

Erik:  That is how it is, we think it and we create it. So, we really need to be careful with out thoughts because we are that powerful of creators, except over here we don’t know it, over there we do know it. Yes, I know I can create that BB and put it there and it’s just thought and I put it there and as she says it just appears, because everything’s just an illusion anyway.

Elisa:  Well that’s true.

Denise:  But it looks real to us.

Elisa: Yeah. What about smells, like people smell their Grandma’s perfume or cigar, pipe smells or in the case of Erik some not so good smells, how do you create those, is it the same thin, you create the energy signature for it and then lower the vibration so that it goes into the third dimension or, well I don’t want to put words in your mouth, go ahead tell me, how you do it.

Erik: Each spirit knows, each Grandfather, Mother, Father, child, dog or whatever knows what that person, equates to comfort from that person.

Elisa:  Ah, okay.

Denise:  Some of it is with the personality, they incorporate some things and I think he’s referring to him

Erik:  We create that, we go back to that, we just think about that, whatever that is and create it and just bring that into the energy field to where that person can feel it, smell it or taste it.

Elisa:  I wouldn’t want to taste some of your nasty smells I can tell you that! Okay, how do you read EVP’s, like your voice on recordings, how do you mess with electronics, like computers and cellphones, Erik, not just you, any kind of spirit in general.

Erik: It has to do with the frequencies, some of the things or the devices that you use.

Denise: He’s showing me also that it’s been picked up on some of the YouTube channels where voices have been heard and stuff like that.

Erik: It’s not that I’m more special that any other one on the other side.

Elisa:  Of course not.

Erik:  But, this is part of my work, so I’ve studied a lot to be able to do this, it’s done through, I know how to manipulate the frequencies of electricity and the energies and to get that in there to where the voice is then put into words.

Elisa: That’s cool.

Denise:  It is.

Erik:  I can’t really say, you go to page one and read the first two sentences.

Elisa:  Yeah, how do you learn?

Erik: There are other beings here.

Denise: Almost like the get coached.

Elisa:  Ah good.

Denise:  There’s coaching in a sense is what he gives me the feeling, because for instance this was part of his contract, you know to cross over, and so they’re not going to have him, leave this planet per se and go over there when that’s part of his contract, well this is your contract to, and your family’s contract. They’re not going to leave you with an empty suitcase in Switzerland and no money and no passport, they’re going to make sure everything is fulfilled.

Erik:  I’ve got some tall dudes that I work with on the other side, that help me and work with me.

Elisa:  Dude, tall metaphorically or tall, really tall looking?

Erik: Tall.

Denise: He’s showing me tall.

Elisa:  Wow, that’s cool. But what are they, are they spirits or part of the council of elders are they archangels or I don’t know.

Erik:  They are not archangels, and part of the council, you could say that.

Denise: I feel like it’s more evolved than that because the way he’s showing me, it’s like this is very profound, what you two are doing, extremely profound.

Elisa:  I just can’t wrap my head around that for some reason, so would you call these tall being anything in particular, do they have a label that we humans are used to?

Erik: They are from the eleventh-dimension.

Elisa:  Oh cool, oh wow.

Erik:  I have 11 D.

Denise:  And I’m sure, he’s not talking about the shoe size.

Elisa: Probably not.

Denise:  No, so he’s showing me the eleventh-dimension.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  And when he’s showing me that, he just showing me layers.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Denise:  It’s higher up, yeah.

Elisa:  That’s cool. Now sometimes your EVP’s, one in particular, it’s your voice, I recognized your voice, others are not but I know it’s you because you know of the things you said, why is sometimes it’s in your voice and sometimes it’s not like your voice?

Erik: I try to get it all in my voice.

(Denise laughing)

Elisa: You’re a work in progress Erik.

Erik:  I try to get to where it all sounds that way but it’s a matter of.

Elisa:  It almost always is, it really is.

Erik:  You know it’s me, you just know that feeling, it’s the integrating of the energies, the frequencies and getting them going.

Denise:  His frequency with the electricity, you know, all those frequencies and that.

Erik: Sometimes I have interference through your technology.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I can imagine, nothing you can do about that.

Denise:  Well, I’m asking him can you do anything about that?

Elisa: Like Wi-Fi and… don’t shut down our Wi-Fi…please.

Erik: It just because there’s so much stuff going on.

Elisa:  Oh, I know, cosmic waves, and microwaves and all that, I don’t know how you do it. But how come your EVP’s are really very clear and when I hear people send EVP’s it’s like (static sound), why is that? Sorry other spirits.

Erik:  Again, not that I’m better than anybody else, this is part of my contract.

Elisa:  Okay, so he really wants to excel at it?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  And the other spirits that’s not their deal but they excel in something else that Erik might not.

Erik:  But also, that is also for you.

Elisa:  Aw, God, it’s kind of important.

Erik:  It’s really for you because this was a contract that we’ve had.

Denise:  And I feel like you’ve been told that before.

Elisa: Oh yeah yeah.

Denise:  It’s almost like people buying you a free dinner because you’ve come in there 5 nights in a row, and then they give you a free dinner or something.

Elisa:  Yeah, I’m at the all you can eat buffet.

Denise:  So, it’s like its part of the agreement, part of the contract.

Elisa:  Ah, now, when mediums see you, what do they see? I know they all differ, but in general, what’s the most common way the see spirits?

Erik:  They all see me, like what I’m wearing and stuff like that.

Denise:  He’s changing his clothes now, (laughing).

Elisa:  Oh God, he does that.

Erik:  They are some mediums that really see my physical-ness, and where they can tell you the colour of my eyes and stuff who’s never seen him before and then there’s some the kind of see an apparition of him, outside of their third eye.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Denise:  And so, for me, I see him in my third eye, in my peripheral vision, that’s how I see him.

Elisa:  That’s cool. Now, you can change your clothes, can you change your looks at all?

Erik:  Yes, I can.

Denise:  So, now he has a beard.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  But he doesn’t change his appearance for us, because then we wouldn’t know who he is.

Erik:  And some of you, sometimes, especially in the beginning are we really talking to me. I try to stay pretty consistent in that.

Elisa:  That’s good.

Denise:  But now he’s showing me he’s in his white t-shirt and jeans before he was just in jeans and a blue t-shirt, now he’s back to his white t-shirt and jeans.

Erik:  I’m getting comfy.

Elisa: (laughing) So, but when you’re with your fellow spirits, how do you all see each other, like just beams or balls of light, you don’t go around like “hey, I like your jeans, how they doing, hey you’re wearing a wife beater today”

Erik:  We don’t wear any of that because it’s not necessary, and that’s from this planet per se. We’re beings of light, pure light.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise:  And I feel like when he’s saying it too, it’s almost like, there’s no gender, they’re both.

Elisa:  Okay, that’s cool. Can spirits stay on the earthly plane before crossing over, and if so why do they do that? Are there spirits that cross over and then come back to the earth plane, visit, then go back, I mean how does that whole thing work, passing back and forth?

Erik:  Yes, we can come back and forth if we want, but we never come back and stay because once you go over to the other side, the energy is just so different, words can not describe it, but it’s the most euphoric feeling you’ll ever experience. There’s no drug that could even match up to that. When we leave our body as call them when we die, do we stick around? Yeah, a lot of them like to stick around to see what their funeral is going to be like, they like being in those festivities.

Elisa:  Okay, you did, you watched your funeral, apparently.

Erik:  Yes, yes, I did. There’s those that hang around because the grief is so heavy that they stay around because it’s almost like they are in shock that there is so much grief because they’re not feeling the grief like that, but yet they understand it’s because of their passing, but they like to hang around and comfort all the loved ones, but then we get our calling, we always know that we can connect again to the earth plane, we just know, the door’s not slammed shut.

Elisa:  Oh good. Not a roach motel where they go in but never come out.


Elisa: We don’t want that. Okay but are there spirits that become really confused and don’t know that they’re dead?

Erik:  Yes

Elisa:  And haunt?

Erik:  Yes, yes, yes very much so.

Elisa:  Can they do that forever?

Erik:  If they choose to, but usually what ends up happening, in our lifetime they could’ve been dead for 100 years or whatever, but then they finally get to a place where they see a vehicle where they can cross over, they attach to somebody or somebody can go in and feel that there is a crossing that needs to take place, eventually everyone goes to the other side, eventually.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  The ones that, as you like to say are stuck it’s because, a lot of it has to do with Ego.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I bet. Okay. Are there such thing as evil spirits?

Denise:  Erik tells me to shut my ears, (laughing) because he knows I don’t like this.

Elisa:  Everything is light, right?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  It’s just like maybe there’s a darker spectrum, maybe just a real dim light at the other end.

Erik: There are.

Elisa:  But they’re still made of love and light, just very low down on the spectrum?

Erik:  Yes, but for some of them their Ego’s still a 100% attached to them, you know where they haven’t been able to shed it and some refuse to see that they have died and they’re still acting in that manner that they were when they were there. Without getting into a lot of detail, there are some forces around here, however stay away from the fear.

Elisa:  Yeah, because it will attach even more.

Erik: Stay with the light, stay with what you know to be of Universal love, your God, Source whatever you want to call it.

Elisa: Yeah but even if they are “evil spirits”, everything is whole and part of God, so that means they’re actually part of God.

Erik: Yes, they’re creation.

Elisa: That’s so weird.

Erik:  It is, but they can’t harm you unless you allow them to.

Elisa: Well, I’m not going to, you can say get the heck out.

Erik: It’s that easy.

Elisa:  Yeah, that’s what I understand.

Erik:  But when you’re hanging around people who are into heavy drugs, heaving drinking, don’t expect Jesus to come down and be floating around.

Denise:  And he’s saying that sarcastically.

Erik:  Just know that, that’s creating a denser vibration and you’re going to get that denser type energy around, so.

Elisa:  Yeah because you know like energy goes to like energy, is that how it is?

Erik:  Yeah, well you just don’t allow anything to come in.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  For the people who are, and I’m saying this because it’s such an epidemic with the opiates, there’s no way that, that energy can allow anything vibrate at a higher frequency because it would interrupt with where they are and they can’t have that.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, of course not.

Denise: They wouldn’t be able to keep up with their drug use.

Elisa: Okay, yeah. Are celebrities or saints or people like that when they cross over are the treated any differently in the after life?

Erik: Nope.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Nope, nope, we’re all the same.

Elisa:  All right. Do humans and spirits differ by vibrational frequency in like megahertz or millihertz or whatever, on the electro-magnetic spectrum? Do they have different frequencies just like humans are way over here?

Erik:  Yes, there are different frequencies.

Denise:  You’re talking about when the cross over, do they have different frequencies.

Erik:  Yes, definitely, and everyone has their own frequency.

Elisa: Okay, yeah. Cool, everything.

Denise:  And he’s kind of comparing it to like every zebra’s stripes are different.

Elisa:  Oh, that’s cool.

Erik:  Everyone of us has a different frequency.

Elisa: Okay.

Denise: That’s fascinating.

Elisa:  Yeah it is fascinating. You can be in two places at once, I understand, how do you divide yourself and keep your consciousness focused on this person you’re helping and the same amount of focus on the person over here, and all that, how does this happen?

Denise: I know, that’s the one I always get, I feel like I need to make a spreadsheet.

Elisa:  Seriously.

Erik:  It’s kind of like, say my soul is the size of a basketball and that basketball stays on the other side always, but we cut off a little slice of that to come into Erik, and then a slice to come into some place in India or China or Norway or whatever but that big piece is there. Now, that I’m on the other side, how is that I’m able to be in all these different places, because all it is, is just a thought and I’m there.

Elisa:  Oh okay.

Erik:  It’s just like that.

Denise:  See that mind boggles me, because I’m trying to follow him on how he does that.

Elisa:  I want to be able to do that.

Denise: That’s what I was asking him, and he’s just showing me how it’s, he doesn’t say we can’t.

Elisa:  Well we got one body, that’s the problem. We could probably split up our consciousness and have different consciousnesses go to different places I guess but.

Erik:  People do that, where they are travelling into other places. You know like they’re here in New York or we’re not in New York like they’re in New York and then they’re able to go be somewhere else, but that is not the norm.

Elisa:  No. You have guides over, there right?

Erik:  Yes.

Denise: He’s showing me the ones from the eleventh-dimension.

Elisa:  Tall.

Denise:  Yes, the eleventh-dimension and I feel like they’re like, almost like they’re the CEO’s of the company, they’re past the archangels, they’re past all of that, they’re like the CEO’s.

Erik:  Yes, I do have guides.

Elisa:  So, what, there’s a lot of other spirits, what do they have, I’m sure the can have the eleventh-dimension guys but can a guide like you Erik be a guide to another spirit? Or who can guide you guys besides the 11-D people?

Erik:  It just depends on our assignments are, of course other people can use my guides.

Denise:  He’s showing me the ones from the eleventh-dimension.

Elisa: Other spirits can use the same.

Denise: Yes, other people can use them, it a matter of if they want to.

Elisa:  Okay.

Denise:  It’s not limited to anybody.

Elisa:  All right but like for example do ever guide another spirit that’s there where you are? Or does Gillian ever guide other spirits?

Erik:  Yes.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: Because we’re constantly evolving.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik:  So, we share our information with other spirits, because we’re not afraid that they’re going to know more or be better.

Elisa:  No competition. Oh my God.

Erik:  There’s none of that. So, we share everything and yes, we guide and show. Especially like spirits when they first cross over, we’re definitely there and helping them and guiding them and showing them.

Elisa:  Yeah like their own deceased loved ones, I’m sure help, right?

Erik:  Yes. Very much.

Elisa:  Okay, what about animals and plants, when they cross over, do they need guides and have guides and if so what kind do they have?

Erik:  The plants don’t because they’re so in tune with things, they don’t, everything is life but it’s a different life form, they didn’t have any of that stuff to deal with, it’s just different for them.

Denise: Animals, he’s showing me yes there is some guidance with them, because even though they see things in other dimensions when they are there, but when they cross it’s like “where’s my tail, where’s my four legs” and so they have help being.

Elisa:  Adjusting.

Denise:  Reacclimating.

Elisa: Oh okay.

Denise:  Acclimating to that.

Erik:  Yes, they all have that, plants and trees and flowers, we feel the death of a tree when it’s cut down, it’s almost like the absorb that sadness.

Denise:  Because it is a sadness when you cut down a 500-year oak tree to put a parking lot or something.

Erik:  They feel that and with that feeling, they grab that sadness.

Denise:  He’s showing me how they then infuse it with the love energy and that vibration goes back out.

Elisa:  Yeah. Wow.

Denise:  And then so, I’m like does that help the trees and other stuff here to go?

Elisa: Good question.

Erik: Yes, that goes back, the vibration goes back even though you may not see it, and that goes for fires, anything like that, with war stuff or anything. The energy from that type of stuff is recycled into love.

Denise: He’s showing me it’s recycled into love and back out.

Elisa:  Yeah because everything is love, it just needs to have its vibration elevated maybe. So, do animals and plants also evolve over there, like you say spirits there they have guides and 11-D people whatever to help them evolve, but does the same thing happen with animals and plants?

Erik: The plants.

Denise: He’s talking about the trees and the flowers and all that.

Erik:  They don’t really need to evolve like we do.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  That doesn’t need to be done, if anything it’s kind of like they get rejuvenated.

Elisa:  Oh, okay.

Erik:  To come back here, because we love to suffocate them.

Elisa: Aw,

Erik:  With your Miracle grow, and that other stuff, it suffocates them.

Elisa:  Oh gosh.

Erik:  With the animals, it’s just different because they don’t have that same stuff we do

Elisa:  Oh okay. They don’t have the complexity, the same kind of Ego maybe.

Erik:  They don’t.

Denise: He’s telling me, I saw a deer killed on the street today, the street’s dark so, evidently somebody didn’t have their brights on or I don’t know what happened, but anyway, I keep saying that the deer wanted a new body.

Erik: That kind of jars the animals on stuff like that, so there is some kind of cushion.

Denise:  And he’s showing me like a ball, when the energy comes up, it’s like loving arms or hands, that say “ok come up here” to kind of like.

Elisa:  Soften the blow so to speak.

Denise: Yeah.

Elisa: Oh wow.

Erik:  The animals and the trees, they have no problem crossing over usually, not the plants, the animals have no problem crossing over. The only time there’s a problem with cats or dogs, it’s because they’re so connected to their human, and they don’t want to leave them because they know that their human friend is so devastated.

Elisa:  Oh yeah, oh God, I’m going to be so devastated to lose mine. Do you have any spirits that you guys just don’t get along with, or I don’t want to say enemies, or do you all get along like one big happy com-by-yah party?

Erik:  Yes, but there’s a collectiveness of us that we just are around more, we don’t fight and bicker like you do there, because that’s your ego getting in there. That is your stuff that you still need to work on that comes out when you lash out at people, that’s your fear, your greed or your whatever not feeling good enough, but that’s all, that’s why you have all this arguing and that’s part of being human. When you are over here, you don’t have that but you don’t go knocking on every neighbour’s door that you see here. You just kind of hang around with the ones that are in you.

Elise: Your soul group, maybe your soul family.

Denise: Yeah, that’s what he’s showing me.

Elisa: In the hood.

Erik: But we’re not isolated to just that, we can venture out if we want but we just stay here because it’s just.

Elisa: Maybe they’re similar frequencies, a little bit similar, like energy frequency attract like?

Erik:  Yes, but as we come here or go to other planets we grow spiritually so our vibration just goes, then we’re in another realm with other ones, where their vibration keeps going up but it’s not a competition.

Elisa:  No.

Erik:  It’s hard to put into words where you really get the meaning of it because there’s just no judgement.

Elisa:  Yeah, and maybe you stick around more people who have similar occupations that you do, or not? Or similar states of evolution?

Erik:  Yes, but we’re not isolated to just those.

Elisa: Oh yeah, of course not.

Erik: For me, people are real excited for me and the work that I’m doing because of my connection still there, and they’re real excited.

Elisa:  That’s so cool.

Denise:  It is, he’s showing me how they’re just, I don’t want to say they’re his cheerleaders but they are just like.

Elisa:  Supportive.

Denise:  Yeah like they praise him and they can’t wait to hear the stories when he comes back and stuff like that.

Elisa: Well, I’m sure there’s other Erik’s all over the world that do something very similar if not the same, so.

Erik:  There are.

Denise:  He’s laughing but there’s not another Erik.

Elisa:  No, there can’t be, they broke the mold.

Erik:  Yes, there are other beings, other people who have been here, who have crossed over that are doing the work, I’ve done, but you are the one that had the courage to put yourself out there.

Elisa:  Not easy.

Denise:  No.

Elisa:  Okay, well I got other things but I think this is a good place to end it off, you know I do want to talk more about soul, spirits, soul families, twin flames all that kind of stuff because it’s so facinating.

Denise: It is real fascinating, you never get to complete it because it continues to grow.

Elisa:  I know.

Denise:  I just think that’s so fascinating.

Erik:  This topic was very much needed because of the other ones, people needed a break.

Elisa: I agree, that’s cool. Awesome. Denise, thank you so much.

Denise:  Thank you, I want to thank you for everything.

Elisa: Your hair so beautiful and shiny, what do you use?

Denise:  I use Aveda products.

Elisa: Oh, I love Aveda, I haven’t used those for a long time though, that’s awesome.

Denise:  You only need to use a little bit, but then I have multiple hair colours.

Elisa: Oh, that’s it maybe, it looks so dynamic, that makes it look so dynamic.

Denise:  I have multiple hair colours.

Elisa:  That’s awesome, all right well you guys check out Denise, book a session before she gets booked for years and years and years and I put it right here. Thank you, Denise.

Denise:  Thank you, love you.

Elisa:  Thank you and I love you too, and I love you Erik.

Erik:  I love you, thank you Mom.

Denise: Bye

Elisa:  Bye.

Featured image courtesy of Deviant Art, artist Kaikaku

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