Erik on How to Get Rich in Every Way

Abundance is in our reach at all times. In fact, since there is no time, we are already rich in wealth, health, love and more. I can’t wait to share what Erik says about gaining this abundance and all the techniques to make that happen for you! I want you all to have your heart’s desires. 

First, I want to share a cool Erik story from Monique Rose. Check it out!

Hi 👋 I am monique the Healing Medium. I’m often quiet in the group but have done a video with Erik and his mom.

Erik has been a huge part of my awakening and development over the past 4 years. He is my very 1st spirit I ever knew I connected to.

So here’s my story ..
I’ve been feeling emotion of doubt when it comes to some of my abilities. I was discussing this with a fellow CE Medium and great friend of mine and as I was feeling low vibration and needed a pick me up , I look over to my right at work and voila ! This car pulls In and the lisence place says “ yo moe “

This has multiple meanings
1. My nick name is Moe
2. Erik brought me and this CE medium together 3 years ago
3. Erik has a pic in a red car I believe somewhere …

So ALWAYS when I am down … Erik will come in and always show me a sign that I can’t doubt !!

Thanks Erik for always being there for me
Thanks Elisa Medhus for everything you do!
Ugh, disaster has struck! My iCal calendar on my iPhone has lost almost all of its events. I am hereby paralyzed. Forever. For some reason, when I go to iTunes, even though my phone is supposed to automatically backup to iCloud, it says the last backup was in December of freaking 2018. I’ll probably spend all day figuring this out. Yep, Jupiter AND Pluto are in retrograde! Oh well. I’ve been through worse.

On to a happier note! The radio show last night was spectacular. I swear they just keep getting better and better! Raylene channeled Erik on the show as well as the YouTube on abundance below. Enjoy both!

I’ve really been enjoying my Facebook Live sessions with you guys. Be sure to turn on your Facebook notifications so you can be alerted to when I’m on! Hope you all have a wonderful hump day!

Featured image courtesy of Jo Dunning

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