Erik on Medical Devices of the Future

I am so excited about this YouTube, guys. My friend, Kerry Walker, sent me a video from Gaia that was an episode from the series, Cosmic Disclosure, hosted by George Noory. In that episode, he interviewed Dr. Emery Smith, a scientist who has worked at Los Alamos, for one, and has direct knowledge of ETs and their technology. He’s even performed exams and autopsies on ETs. There are so many medical devices reverse engineered from ET equipment that is being suppressed and out of the public eye. Only the military, for the most part, has access to them even though some actually diagnosis and CURE diseases we now think are incurable. I asked Erik many questions to verify the existence of these devices (and even smart phone apps that can scan our body 400 times better than a CT scanner) and I asked him when and how each of them would be made available to the masses. Of course, I asked a lot of other questions, too. 

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Stay well, everyone! Here is the YouTube auto-generated transcript. This is the best I can give since I don’t have the time to transcribe the sessions anymore. I hope it makes any sense at all!

hello miss Michelle gray and my lovely
boy Eric how are you both or do an
awesome eric says hi mama I love you I
love you I love you well I first want to
say that you say that Eric’s have been
telling you a whole bunch of new
interesting information about the whole
coronavirus thing so it’d be fun if you
and I have had a session maybe sooner
than later
to talk about that but you said that
Eric pranked you right yes Eric um you
know nothing around he’s he’s often my
phone just seems to be the thing he
likes to mess with a lot and I may or
may not have been slightly cranky at
about 729 this morning just a little bit
grumpy with my husband and I was sipping
my coffee and my phone was down to the
side not touching it hands off it and
I’m sipping my coffee and I can hear
your voice I hear you for each doctor it
lead he submit who’s I’m like oh that’s
so rude and I couldn’t get to the I
couldn’t get to the screen like it
wasn’t even on the screen like there was
no it wasn’t your number coming up to be
dialed it was like just volume and I
could hear it and I I went and I managed
to pull down my phone screen and I’m
like oh my god and I saw it he’s like
are you okay yes yes because I thought
oh my god our behind so here I am
calling you at Eric’s calling you at
6:29 in the morning so close that
stuff’s pretty funny but yeah like that
on the day that we’re going to meet
that’s cool yeah behind your shoulder on
those days okay we’re going to talk
about something super exciting medical
devices of the future
I watched Kerry Walker one of my friends
sent me a gaya deal is a series called
cosmic disclosure I never heard of it
but George Noory
apparently does the interviews
and his guests during this one was Emery
Smith who has a fascinating history
he’s quite brilliant and he worked in
Los Alamos for a while and did some
stuff for the government but he has
knowledge and has worked with apparently
ETS and knows a lot about their
technology there the reverse-engineered
technology in particular you know
medical technology so Eric what is he
what do you think about Emery Smith it’s
either telling the truth about all this
yeah he says he’s legit okay he’s he’s
legit and he agrees with you he’s a very
smart man he’s he’s put a lot out on the
line Eric says for a lot of the
information that he’s brought forward oh
no I think he’s been that threatened
death that’s what that’s what Eric’s
saying that he his family himself you
know he’s had to deal with a lot of
threats and issues because of bringing
this information forward but he’s also
well Eric saying that he’s a he also
connects with the ETS as well so he how
suddenly connects not till meditation he
yes yes yeah so is that how he got his
his information just by connecting with
the ETS or has he worked on their bodies
or seen the actual equipment or all the
above all of the above Eric says he says
in stages so it didn’t happen all at
once he had he’s using the word
clearance okay I don’t this was
something government-issued he’s calling
it a program
project something that he was part of
and this is a while back yeah yeah um
Eric just he’s just showing me tables
like medical tables is what I can see
him being part of okay working because
he’s saying that it didn’t all happen at
once he’s giving me like a layer to it
so working with the technology or the
DNA the working with parts of ETS he’s
saying that um so they must have had et
I want to call it flesh cuz it actually
looks yeah she yeah they had to develop
special instruments so that they
wouldn’t destroy the tissues when they
worked on these bodies I don’t know if
they’re necessarily delicate yeah look
at his way Eric Tsang is very delicate
I’m not quite the same as humans
everything’s different everything is
different as far as the frequency but
he’s a very smart man he’s a doctor or
he he yes yes he does I don’t know it’s
actually position maybe PhD I’m not sure
now he has some products of well first
let’s talk about the rife table I think
and the olden days it had this but now
he’s saying that it can scan your entire
body down to the cellular level and
actually treat it and it creates this
perfect hologram of your body that just
looks like you and me right and they can
use that hologram and these fiber-optic
cables come and turn the you know turn
the body for the surgeon or the
physician or whatever so they can
actually even operate or find out you
know where the problem is where to stick
the biopsy and it could even actually
hone into just a few cells at a time can
you is that that’s
tea right yeah Eric saying that he’s
saying this this exists like this exists
right now it’s not that we have this
technology in the mainstream but we do
have he’s calling it archaic versions of
so we we have robots we have he says
frequency but not to the degree of what
we’re talking about here and he’s also
showing like there’s like projection in
the atmosphere so I can see I feel like
I’m in the matrix is what it’s like is I
know I’m seeing projection of whatever
the body the hologram holographic yes oh
yes yes yes to be able to see yeah so
the government interesting oh my god the
government or like the the military has
it right
he says governments okay it’s not only
it’s not only the USA government’s have
maybe not all the same thing because
there seems to be a sense of not
everybody telling each other what they
have yeah
all right everybody sharing exactly what
they have I didn’t think about that I
guess other governments can have had
connections with ETS found their crash
spaceships and all that kind of stuff
that’s cool so they also said he also
said that there’s gonna be if maybe
there is or will be a phone app where
you can just put it on your breast and
find out look at all the cells and find
out the it’ll determine up those cells
are not you know right and and you can
actually admit have that phone admit
certain secret frequencies to cure it
whatever the beginning cancer etc is
that true and he says he says yes he
says yes that is it
he says that that technology exists now
that that technology that it’s being
held back it’s a technology that will
eventually meet our population but
there’s errors like there’s a lot of red
tape there’s an awful lot with it
of course I can imagine a phone app I
mean they say it could scan to say that
whatever all he said four times better
than a cat scan so he says that first
when this leaks out to eventually to the
civilian population they’ll only allow
you to like spot things because they
want big farm and all those you know
everybody wants to take care of the
treatment or cure or whatever but
eventually they’ll open up that avenue
for the civilian population so true yes
Eric’s also though showing me that this
is going to take go through some trust
in humanity as well to be able to Tramp
to be able to go from looking on the
outside of us solely to the medical
community for all of our care yeah to
being able to take our care into our own
that it’s not only on the flip side of
the government holding it back big
pharma all of the money and everything
that is involved the politics that are
involved but Eric says keep in mind what
we’re seeing right now in our world is
helping aid these sorts of things is
helping people be able to ask questions
and understand that what we have been
limited to is being controlled and that
it is going to take a period of time for
a collective to be able to really trust
and to trust that this is legitimately
working and that it is
he’s saying that it is a very accurate
and very high vibrational technology he
also is showing me that there is going
to be within the same idea that there
will be something roll out with being
able to repair minor things be able to
repair minor injuries so being able to
scan something within our body
he’s even showing blood clots being able
to pick up blood clots the device or the
phone app or the phone app what it what
it will roll out to like what is
available for it so this technology they
already have awareness to where it’s
being tested it’s being it’s it’s and
Eric is also saying that this is a lot
of ET technology so there’s a lot of
that it’s well yeah this guy says that
whatever that special light Dennis used
to harden the Vanir Vanir or whatever
that’s ichi reverse-engineered ET
technology – what’s the timeline to have
that phone app for example you know
available to the public
freely I mean not free but he said that
we could see this 2030 2035 okay all
right what information did they get in
maybe him he in particular Emery Smith
from working on eg bodies for things
DNA structure a frequency eric says
there was an awful lot about frequency
that everything that they do so I don’t
know how he was able to it’s like cells
Eric shows me a cell that changes right
before him or that adapts a cell that
can adapt a cell that can heal
so oh it can heal itself with telepathy
we thought yes frequency energy
everything is it was her imaginary us
and what we will be able to do Wow and
yeah also he also talked about nanite
technology you know now in a very crude
sense you can swallow a camera and it
can look all through but they can
actually create or get little nanites
that are made of organic material that
can you know obviously just just
disintegrate eventually over time that
can go through your entire bloodstream
and and find things that are wrong I
think and I think and also emit
different frequencies to cure whatever
they find mm-hmm he says yeah he’s
showing me some jokes computer oh yeah
hook up to it’s hooked up to a computer
go ahead so I an injection like he shows
me like a like a needle being injected
into the body and he’s giving me a
visual of it traveling through the body
and being able to visualize what it’s
picking up on in the body and that it
can repair and he showed it was me
aboard it’s a flat board and it’s got
lights on it it kind of reminds me of a
keyboard and hitting these pieces for
frequency okay
changing the frequency in the body of
the admitted from the nanite or going
directly and get a body from the table
or be admitted from the boat well both
actually because he said that the table
has is equipped with frequency that a
lot of the healing is frequency jeavons
shows like repairing organs and bones as
well fusing them much quicker than
we could ever imagine and he commented
when you said about the cameras or like
what we do now and he calls that
barbaric Incans like oh wow I said they
also talked about you know this special
cement that they have available now like
if a soldier out there it’s called a
super soldier program when we see that
the special stuff you know you put
around a broken femur I don’t know if
you have to open them up and put it or
just put it around the thigh I’m not
sure and and then it hardens and is much
stronger where is that oh yeah super
soldier project wrap this you wrap this
et engineered cement-like substance
around the broken bone activated with
electricity like the whole dental thing
that’s available too right yes Eric
shows me I’m material that actually
looks like I would say it looks like
mercury it has that type of look to it
oh it’s it’s actually kind of shiny
looking and I can see it expand so I’m
seeing it being put out on a surface and
it rolls out and expands almost like
it’s got magnets to it around the actual
bone I mean yes yeah yes okay
all right so he also talked about this
this canard device this note in the skin
our device CSCE
in a our device like my good bones on
Star Trek used for frequency healing and
reprograms nerves changes voltage but
and those are available you know for a
lot of money but I don’t think they’re
quite the same because what happens
governing wouldn’t allow they they you
know took out the circuit boards and
changed it to make it kind of like a
TENS unit so could you could only use it
or you know healing for helping pain but
really it can actually do everything
heal everything maybe like bones you
started talking and Eric does the the
star trek-like and he makes fun of me
because I have a balkan ear
I have a pointed ear yep yeah he said
that’s exactly right
and yes he’s calling it very limited
it’s very limited in comparison to what
we’re talking about and he even says
that it’s gone it’s got a sound to it he
says that sounds like it’s from a from
Star Trek like it’s mean sound that way
so it’s not yes it does have value to it
but it is not as high frequency as what
we are talking about and as I’m talking
to you I can feel I’ve got a feel like a
tube I call it of when there’s galactic
energy here yeah so I can feel that
coming in right now as we’re talking as
well yeah so cool so all the things I’m
talking about we’re talking 2030 2035
for just about it all of this eric says
it’s gonna be a rollout go he says it’s
possible it’s possible that some of this
will roll out sooner okay that we will
see it even sooner he says again this is
something that we can look at as the
choices that the collective makes yeah
because there’s so much at play that
will help roll this out he says that
there’s also technology technology that
would repair humanity very quickly
yeah something the sick the broken and
he says even the earth parts of the
earth and so that
nology is available right now and it’s
being held back well I don’t think or
maybe they do he also says soldiers in
the battlefield he says that there are
there’s testing that gets done but she
yes so he says it’s used in private your
private spaces that are rented to be
able to use it so it’s not that soldiers
wouldn’t be taken to be tested on but
taking it out there like Eric says again
we’re talking about red tape and a whole
lot of people knowing things yeah and so
there’s a lot of effort put into those
that are aware of this type of
technology from keeping it from the
public so there is some because he says
that there are some in the military that
have awareness or that have had work
done on them but as far as going out
into the field and doing something no no
yeah okay all right all right so
apparently China at least or maybe we
all do have the technology to create
full human body is just like like
creating Michelle gray and offense that
Michelle gray when they’ve created these
bodies actually has a memory of the life
that that Peart the human came from like
create a new Michelle gray who would
know all about her life as the other
Michelle gray is that true he says yes
and that that’s from as its DNA it
recreates DNA or it has something to do
so there’s cell memory in our DNA so
this we would be Eric says if we could
compare to us right now he says think
about how many of us have had
experiences in were recalling something
from a past life something that we can’t
explain yeah a fear a memory
why am i afraid of standing on this
bridge or why am i afraid of spiders all
of these different things
that’s cell memory and so they’ve um
he’s saying that science has a lot of
evidence with this and so this is being
copied over so it’s he’s calling it
uncanny meaning that it’s um very big
for artificial intelligence for the
growth of it meaning that it can learn
and it can learn and it can grow just as
a human being but right now they’re only
doing it because anything I know they
want to harvest organs but I don’t know
why they would do that because this guy
says we can fully 3d print organs right
now eric says well why not because it’s
it’s like a we wouldn’t just leave it at
that when we could go one step further
and make it real make it tangible make
it yeah naked yeah but so is it ET
reverse engineering the whole 3d organ
printings yeah all right so well you can
take one of our kitty cells and put in
the culture and then 3d print I mean you
don’t want it to reject and if you are
in kidney failure and and print out a
new kitty and stick it in there right
yes with the vessels and everything oh
my god yes why don’t we use that now
same reason is it’s only military use
for government use it’s not well first
i’ll perfect there’s there’s there’s
there’s multiple reasons again let’s
look at one of the biggest reasons are
there’s a lot of the medical community
that may have some sort of or awareness
of something bigger that is available or
something that can be used there’s some
that are in denial that that’s possible
not wanting to give up the human mind
and not leave it up to completely to
technology but the biggest part about
all of it is is they’re so much invested
in our pharmaceuticals and in our
health healthcare and it’s very hard in
health care yes it’s very hard for us to
understand this because we put so much
of our trust he says in the medical
community and he says and and he’s not
saying that it’s like us the medical
community and it’s us and they’re all
bad because that’s not it at all but
there are certain and he’s pointing out
people groups there’s a lot of money to
be made there’s a lot of control he’s
also saying there’s trade between
countries okay so it’s like information
trade okay and so it’s it’s like there’s
agreements that were not aware of okay
and there would be a lot too and so he
says that why he keeps pointing to
what’s happening in the world right now
is he says this is the start of all of
that going belly-up to expose oh we
talked about before I start pushed for
cord right okay we gotta have a session
on that it’s also alright so um so the
Chinese are they do they have some evil
plot that to make these bodies and turn
them into soldiers or to attack or I
don’t know there is some eric says it’s
not necessarily an evil plot but it’s
it’s protection okay
defense yeah okay defense and and and
there might be he says there might be
some bad intended folks peppered
everywhere but it doesn’t alright he
also talked about they have the ability
from ET technology to fully regenerate
the body i’m you know how our DNA gets
all crapped up and damage and from
oxidants and stuff but you can like
pretty much keep it regenerating
resenting so that you can essentially
live forever is that really true
he said yes it is and then he says now
again this is something that we will be
able to do with our own body but it’s
not we’re not meant to live forever you
know I wouldn’t want to not know he says
that the technology is they air to be
able to extend and prolong life life
will be longer just as we look back at
time you know thinking that the age of
40 was considered old yeah and you know
we’re gonna look at our our age ranges
getting wider getting broader but this
also has a lot to do with our vibration
yeah as well
exactly oh yeah so I mean will you have
the ability to do it but it’s not gonna
be for a long time probably is you
you’re not gonna be able to just do it
forever not he said not in the way that
it was described okay it’s not that
there there is truth truth to it but not
quite in the way that you described it
he also talked about eg technology where
you can have limb and organ regeneration
and for example there’s this stuff
called plasma water the fourth state of
water where you dip it in the your the
fingers you know chopped off right you
dip it in several times a day and it’ll
regrow your finger that true yes he
shows like a petri dish yeah a little
petri dish and I can see cells all in it
because I can see it slightly moving a
little bit like this and and he says yes
that’s absolutely true
Wow when is that gonna be available he’s
saying that this is something that will
coincide with some of the earlier
technologies because he’s showing this
as not being so far out right now yeah
that makes sense
so what is the fourth what plasma water
the fourth phase of water is it does yet
to make it dude is it et technology that
has taught some of us how to make
or what is it there’s nothing running
through the so it’s fine get this right
he’s like showing flushing through the
body like I don’t how to make sense of
this like water that flushes through the
oh did this because plasma in the body
so it has to be in contact with our own
plasma maybe run it through and then it
has to come from the person so it has to
come from the human being so it running
through the body to produce like it
can’t just be man-made it’s not
something that’s man-made it’s got some
well obviously plasma rate from the
human body but from that human being
okay he does say that there’s a
synthetic version though there was that
medic version so it’s not completely
true to say that it can’t be man-made
what we’re talking about right here has
something to do with it going through
the body or mixing from the body okay
all right he also talked about how they
have ET technology that will help make
us more psychic and telepathic like
there’s this device to you know put here
and D calcifies your pineal gland but
also this color flashlight therapy where
you put these goggles on and you think
it’s just pure white light but it’s not
a certain frequencies that you know that
increases your psychic and telepathic
ability said that’s true like the thing
you hold on your hands or head to down
safai and the goggles blank goggles yes
he says that eric is saying that there’s
going to be centers that people are
going to be able to go to that they’re
going to have treatments done to help
open up their abilities he shows like
eco for a physical
you go for a penile cleanse your Excel
your colon cleanse get oh my Neil
cleanse glands so that unable need for
example to talk to Eric to communicate
across the veil much more easily yes
they also said that there’s this this IV
that has a light of different
frequencies it looks like just playing a
white light and as stuff as your blood
goes through it I think he said so it
must be going the other way and and then
research recirculates back in in the
light activates the DNA and changes the
frequency of the entire body that then
increases psychic and telepathic
abilities yes and he says so this is
what so we can call ourselves we can
call ourselves archaic and how we’re
doing it right now this is what we are
naturally doing right now it’s happening
to every human being on the planet
naturally and those that are consciously
aware that they’re able to do it we’re
able to do it with our will and focus
along with the planetary shifts energies
and frequencies and this will transfer
into aiding people to be able to do this
as well he says the light change the
frequency this is raising the vibration
raising our vibration of our eyes a lot
about voltage to not just frequency but
electricity I like javi Wow what about
sound therapy is that et what was the
light thing the decalcification and the
IV light of the goggles is that like in
the centers you talking about is that in
the next 5-10 years or Eric said more
like 10 10 to 15 okay right now and he
says he says remember everybody when
you’re when you’re listening to this to
so much is changing right now
yeah we are literally writing our
history as we speak
so that’s why everybody is part of this
with what you choose to do what you
believe so he says can we bring this
sooner yeah we can um but he says so
just know that it’s available that it’s
there and that this is coming it’s
changing okay so the sound therapy
that’s et take now I just I think
there’s already like sound tables but it
probably does not have the full
abilities that the et technology one
that’s right
yeah he said that our what we have
available here is a very small degree to
what they have Eric is also saying that
we wouldn’t be able to physically handle
it so to them so we wouldn’t be able to
our bodies wouldn’t be able to handle it
we’re yeah oh maybe we have to do
something first like use the scanner
device or the right table just kind of
adjust ourselves and then you know or
maybe never eric says it’ll change it’ll
change the idea of what a spa day is all
right so they said this guy dr. Scuderi
who has created this alpha 2
macroglobulin concentrator that you know
concentrates this substance after 2
microglobulin a protease inhibitor
that’s already in our plasma so you
concentrate it and then you can inject
it into joints in the back that heard
the facet joints and you know it makes
it all go away or maybe it regenerates
the the joint space but you tell me but
that’s et technology too right yes he
says that busy tech ET technology he
says a lot of um a lot of this is like a
great at the right word Eric an upgraded
version of some of the things that we
already have okay
um because there must be something
that’s similar to what you’re talking
about I don’t know maybe hurt himself
something like that yes
yes okay okay yes yes all right so when
Zach and I need from my back god but
he’s also saying that this is one of the
earlier technologies that we’ll be able
to reach good no okay how did dr.
Scuderi Scuderi get ahold of this
technology to create this concentrator
he’s got connection he’s got HD
connection as well Eric says that there
are many people around this planet that
have VT connection more than we would oh
my god also the same protein they say
you know a synthetic recombinant of
alpha 2 macroglobulin you can have an
infusion and as they take off 10 years
of your life its anti-aging is that true
eric says like like this is not this is
regeneration because he’s showing LF the
electricity okay right yeah that it’s
regeneration and this will start to
phase out plastic surgery oh for God for
that it’s not pointed that’s right as he
said before he’s like what’s happening
right now is barbaric
in comparison Lord alright so Emery
Smith has some products that he produces
too he has for example a tabletop
stem-cell concentrator and also a plasma
rich platelet concentrator
I guess you concentrate these and infuse
them or something I’m not really sure I
can remember but did that’s what he what
is created do they work
Eric says yes and I’m not sure if I
quite understand what it is but Eric
keeps saying it’s like a richness it’s
creating a richness okay yes the plasma
rich platelets lately
he says consider it like plant food okay
cool all right oh that’s gonna be I mean
you can buy it now if you want I don’t
have that kind of money I know how much
it is probably a lot but but he also
makes this thing called a no tropic that
you take called theta dash X are that
apparently does something with voltage
in the body and helps you and I don’t
know in what way is that a bunch of bull
no no he says that it does have because
what he’s showing me is like magnets so
positive negative ions in the body is
something to do with balancing inside
the body okay
balancing our electricity in the body
it’s not not what we were talking about
a little bit earlier this is a choose
the right words for this not as
productive is what we’ve been talking
about so oh yeah of course yeah it’s
helpful yeah helpful to the person that
is also doing other things for
themselves all right that makes sense
should I take it Eric or not not bother
now he says no mom you’re good okay I
want ask some before I forget
somebody told me that you you can
actually work the eboard you know your
little Ouija board thingy by yourself
but not you don’t have to have another
person is that true yeah
Haley give some hints because I bet I
could sit there for two fingers on the
plant on either side of the planchette
it’s like
he’s showing you can do it with one hand
I’m showing one hand down on the side
and one hand holding it okay and he also
but he also shows two hands like this
wait I can’t see right here okay okay
got it got it too like this well help
him what try later
help me he says um it’ll take a little
bit practice he’ll be there with uses of
my mates might take you a little bit I
know to do it by yourself
okay yeah but he says just keep doing it
he says he’ll work with you do it
because he says of course you can do
that mom course you want to that’s
will there be any new device for
diabetes treatments in the future and so
how’s it has it work I’m a blog member
almost finished now I’m not sure how to
how to put this into context he’s
calling it a filtration system this is
something to do with a device or an
implant he keeps he citing type one
with this yes not type two using– type
one diabetes he’s showing me actually
something that gets inserted into the
body okay well they already have like
insulin pumps like that but is it oh are
they like beta cells the cells that
produce insulin that they put in
something yes yes because it’s it’s it’s
not just the piece that’s in there or a
stent or it’s providing something into
the body oh consuming out into the body
yeah well I mean I guess you could
create them from the person stem cells
but you know diabetics had antibodies
against the beta cells that’s the reason
they get destroyed so how can it be
protected from you know getting
destroyed just like the original problem
with the disease in the first place
as something to do with whatever it’s
being implanted whatever is being put in
okay maybe they can like bury it the
spleen or seize it recover it was some
sort of mesh that the blood can flow in
and out or something like that
he’s he’s showing it naturally naturally
meandering into the body oh wow is that
et technology or human technology human
scientists um he says this human
scientist oh wow so when is that going
to be available it’s like they tried
that they’re working on it there’s work
that’s being done on this he says got a
little ways to go yet okay because it’s
got to go through cycles of testing as
well what are we looking at here wise
eight years five years all right all
right so what diseases will be cured in
the next five years and then maybe we’ll
talk about in the next ten years almost
um he’s not saying cured he’s he’s
calling treated okay I’m not necessarily
cured but he is I will say he is pushing
two cancers in the ten year mark okay a
good treatment or cure sure oh wow
there’s also being able to abolish um
not all types of cancers he is pointing
out that it’s not all types of cancers
he’s showing that there’s going to be an
increase in being able to prolong life
it may somebody might still be like call
themselves in for remission but it never
return Oh
he says there’s trials that are being
done right now and he says again he’s
pointing what’s happening in the world
is going to help this cause will help
this be able to come forward because of
the grand need in humanity he also says
that there’s
Ms neurological okay the disorders ms:i
I want to say stem cell okay he’s saying
that this is happening right now oh god
there’s trials happening right now on
people and he says it will not work on
all people yeah but that this is going
to change the rate of quality of life
good he he’s just making a point of
saying that not all things will show
cure in a five-year mark that our
society has a ways to go yeah yet to be
able to abolish disease but that is the
era that we’re in now
he says the Age of Aquarius is the age
of technology it’s also the age of of us
coming into our own being able to heal
ourselves he says that alternative
healing is also going to become much
more popular along with some of these
other technologies that will help assist
it but he says to pinpoint specific
diseases and saying that they would be
cured five to ten mark isn’t exactly
it’s not he says the way it looks right
now it’s not yeah but I’m a long way
what about autism and also then I want
to ask about Parkinson’s he says he says
autism is going to be looked at very
he’s showing this the 10 and 15 year
mark it’s going to be looked at very
differently that will have a lot more
information but it’s changing in the way
that we are I’m he’s talking about
telepathic communication and that
understanding that we do not have to
change them so it’s it’s us changing
humanity changing that makes the change
in them because he’s again pointing to
and he says these human beings are
highly sensitive to electricity and
vibration and society right now is
existing at a vibration that does not do
them their best for what they’re real
yeah so raise our vibration so they can
coexist with us with that with no
okay in Parkinson’s and then I have one
more question
that’s uh um he did cite Parkinson’s
when we were talking about oh gosh okay
oh yeah that was it – okay okay
stem cells stuff like that
he’s calling it therapies okay all right
so is there any other suppressed
technology like suppressed by the global
elite or the deep state or different
governments are there still some that we
have not talked about Eric’s showing me
pollution he’s showing me like the
waterways mm-hmm he’s saying that
there’s technology that they’re aware of
or that they have that can clear
waterways that can clear pollution yeah
help eliminate pollution um and that’s
helped completely held back why because
they they want the other being given
money by you know yes my companies that
yeah the profit off of dirty earth
there’s a great deal Eric says there are
layers we could draw maps of how one
Domino affects the other
yeah okay all right well we’ll talk
about that I would love to talk about
the global elite and all that and what
the secrets that that you did Eric says
it’s gonna come out here pretty soon
TenPoint plan of the deep state all
right that sounds good all right
anything else you want to share Eric he
says I love you all because everybody
keeps safe he says I love you all
everything’s gonna be okay so that is
gonna get through this
of course all right you guys need to
check miss Michelle out look at her I
mean she’s got all that badassery about
her you can get in touch with her at the
healing H dot I mean – a and I
will put it right here and hey call me
if you want to you want to do a sooner
session on that whole cool thing but you
don’t have to go call you for me yeah
maybe he will on your phone Oh what I
want is I got just when I faceplant in
the tundra I gots a little hot anyway
healed but then it started coming back
so I think there must be some foreign
body and maybe a sliver of moose poop or
something girls like that I don’t know
but I need a scanner device all right

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