Erik on Mediums and Their Readings

Over the years, many people have asked me questions about mediums such as why names are so hard for them to get, why pinpointing times or dates is tough, why one medium has one answer and another medium has a different one for the same question. But before we delve into that, please be sure you take this anonymous poll regarding our own CE mediums, a lovely and gifted bunch!

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Of course on the righthand sidebar of the blog’s homepage, you can access the radio show archives, but I’m sharing this past Tuesday’s Hour of Enlightenment episode here. The topic: stubbornness. Some of what Erik said was quite surprising.

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Enjoy this video channeled by Jennifer Doran. You can reach her at The transcript follows but run the video for me for a bit anyway. You miss a lot of emotions and facial expressions, etc. when you just read the text.

Elisa:  Hello Jennifer, how are you? Psychic Medium Jennifer Doran!

Jennifer:  I’m good, how are you?

Elisa: Good, Hi, Erik, how are you?

Erik:  Good, good, I love you.

Elisa: Love you too! What have you been doing?

Erik: (sigh) What haven’t I been doing? I’m all over the place, doing stuff, learning, guiding, it’s busy over here!

Elisa: Do you ever get tired?

Erik: No, because before you get to that point, you take care of yourself. It’s a lot easier to take care of your needs over here than it is there.

Elisa:  I guess so. All right so we are going to talk about a cool subject, that I probably should have done a long time ago, it’s all about mediums and having readings with mediums. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose a good one and there’s a whole bunch of questions but first I want to just open up the stage to you and you say what you need to say.

Jennifer:  Okay.

Elisa:  Or what you think we need to hear.

Jennifer:  So, when you’re getting a reading from a medium or a psychic, psychic medium whatever it is, it really is important to understand that not every reader is for every person. Sometimes the energies just don’t blend well together and so if you and you meet with somebody and it just doesn’t seem to be blending and going well and it seem awkward, try a different reader, just try a different reader, don’t say Oh this is a bunch of bullshit and be done with because truly not every reader is for every person.

Elisa:  Why is that?

Jennifer: Well, it’s just like people, you know you meet somebody and you either right away either click or you don’t click, so sometimes it’s just an energy thing, a personality thing. There are certain personalities that all of us have a more difficult time with.

Elisa: Will affect the validity of the information coming across?

Jennifer: Oh, yeah absolutely! And it can also affect the ability to even connect to the energy. So if you guys aren’t blending well and sometimes truly I do believe that if somebody sits down for a reading and information isn’t coming or something, it’s because the other side is like no this isn’t for you, and they’re trying to get you to somebody else, because we still have our free will here, so we can still decide no, I’m going to do this anyways.

Elisa: Yeah or maybe there’s information they don’t want you to have because its kind of messes up your contract, I guess, right?

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa:  And also, if the reader has really heavy expectations, that must make it really hard for the medium, right because that’s such dense energy, does it make it difficult to connect with the other side?

Jennifer: Well for really any kind of reading, if the person going in to get the reading, the sitter, is having very high expectations, one of the biggest things, is the expectation of hearing something specific, like I’m going to hear this word or this phrase or that type of a thing, that is a dense energy and most often you’re going to be disappointed if you go in with an expectation like that. For instance I had a client recently who over the phone says, I need proof, I need you to tell me what I am holding in my left had, and I said well I’m not the reader for you, what you’re talking about is more of a psychometry type of thing and I don’t have that gift, so I am not going to be able to tell you at all what’s in your left hand.

Elisa:  Right, right. So, it must be really hard for mediums to be asked validating questions, like what did my brother eat for breakfast the day he died, and things like that.

Jennifer:  Yes, and then what happens, when you do that, when you ask for a specific, what it does is it takes the psychic or medium out of the energy and it puts them into their mind. Now, I’m trying to like think like, and it does interrupt the flow of energy and I mean really if you can see what comes, when you go in and you expect to hear a certain word or a certain phrase or a certain thing, you might miss other information because you’re so focused on hearing this one word, this is how I’ll know that you’re here. Well that would be great if they could always give us exactly what we wanted to know that they’re here but a big part of it is trusting and believing.

Elisa:  Right.

Jennifer:  That they are and that you have the ability to recognize when they are.

Elisa:  Because it seems like a lot of the mediums, it just goes right into the crown chakra and out of the mouth, and just by passes their analytical mind and they just talk as if, well I mean I don’t know how they do it, so quickly, but so that’s usually the case right?

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa:  And so validating questions interfere with human filters of course, but yeah get you into the analytical mind.

Jennifer:  Exactly, exactly. You know as psychics and mediums and stuff we want everybody who sits in front of us to have a wonderful experience, so when a question like that comes, it’s like Oh my God, they’re not going to like me!  And it does get you back into the physical world, and it creates some stress and some anxiety which can definitely interrupt the flow of the information coming in.

Elisa: Oh yeah, of course. And mediums, like me, I get so much hate, talking to the devil and all that stuff, many mediums that are alive have been ridiculed and have been told that they’re a fraud, this that and the other thing, so you already are on shaky ground, confidence wise, and then somebody does that and it makes it even more difficult, guess what you’re human!

Jennifer:  Yes. Exactly.

Elisa:  And also sometimes you have to kind of wait, because I remember, one of our friends is a psychic, and I thought maybe she could look through worm holes or something, I didn’t really think about mediums or anything but one time she told us that I would be, we would be driving down a country road in Norway, and we never do that, at that time we never did, and then you’ll come upon an accident and there will be this girl whose injured and you will tend to her until the ambulance comes and then your family will be so impressed, like Oh my God she’s not the dolt we thought she was. I thought well, she’s off today, but then a couple of years later, you know I had to take care of this girl who had a ruptured spleen in the middle of the road, and then I went back to the car and my husband goes, do realize what just happened? And he reminded me of what O’Neal said and another thing was, I mean there was a whole bunch of stuff like that, oh yeah, I know. You’re going to have a dog that your husband will absolutely fall in love with, we’ve had dogs and he’s never really been attached to any of them, so I though, oh she’s off but then here comes Bella, and that is the love of his life, so, sometimes, you just have to trust that the information is true and it will fall into place.

Jennifer:  Yes and that is a good point because when you sit in a reading and you get future stuff, it’s like oh well no, none of that makes any sense but then you really do have to kind of wait and see, if it comes up, so that’s always a tricky one because if you get a future reading, when the stuff doesn’t make any sense, you absolutely could walk away feeling that person has no idea what they’re talking about.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jennifer: So, when you have a reading you have to give stuff time to unfold, that came up in the reading otherwise, you know.

Elisa: What is the difference between a psychic and a medium and a psychic medium?

Jennifer:  Okay, so all mediums are psychic, from my understanding, this is what I have been told. But not all psychics are mediums, so a medium is somebody who can connect to and communicate with souls on the other side, souls who have crossed over, so not all psychics, well you know it’s interesting.

Erik: Everybody can do that, everybody does have the ability to do that.

Elisa: To do what? Talk to the other side?

Erik:  To connect to the other side and to get information from the other side. We all have that ability, but if we are talking just as far as people who are working as a living being a psychic or a medium, if you sit down with somebody who is a psychic, only and they do not do mediumship then they will not connect to people on the other side, knowingly.

Elisa:  Oh, they probably do though but just don’t know it.

Jennifer: Yes, they’re still connecting to the information that is on the other side or accessing the energy and it is coming from somewhere, but they just don’t advertise it that way.

Elisa:  Okay. How do psychics work? Are they able to look through a worm hole? I mean how does that work or are they told things from somebody’s higher self, I mean how do they tell us the future?

Jennifer: Okay, so it would depend on how they receive information, whether they’re claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairaudient, any number of the Clare’s that’s how they would get the information, so depending on how they get the information it might just pop into their head, they might see an image, to me and Erik is saying yes that information is coming from a spirit guide or loved one on the other side, it’s coming from the other side, so it’s a connection to the energy, some people you could say could tap into the Akashic records, I know that there are readers that can do that, so they can tap into everything past, present, future, so to speak.

Elisa:  They can tap into the person’s future self?

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa:  Are they tapping into the living person in the future or some spirit, or the records?

Jennifer:  Like a combination of all of that.

Erik: It’s important to know that when you get a reading, especially when there is future stuff in the reading, that often times you can change that outcome, because it’s as you sit right there in that moment, the energy that is available for you, if you continue on this path, so if you go in for a reading and somebody says oh no, you’re not going to marry your boyfriend, well you could walk right out the door and get married if you wanted to and change that, now it might end up not being the best plan but, when you sit and get a future reading, if somebody says something that you don’t like or you’re like no, no, no, you can alter that outcome by your free will here.

Elisa: Absolutely, I mean it’s all about the current quantum probability, and every time we have a thought that goes on to create another quantum probability that will go sometimes into a reality unless our thoughts are not that strong for it and then its kind of dissipates and that time line stops, is that right?

Jennifer:  Yes.

Erik: There are some things that can’t be altered, if you have absolutely written in stone an event to experience in your lifetime, well no matter how much free you will put into that, you may have to experience that anyways. If you’ve written in a child, if you’ve agreed to bring a soul in at a certain time, that souls going to come whether you try to prevent a pregnancy or not.

Elisa: Yeah, because that’s his or her free will, saying we had a contract, we’ve had a freaking deal.

Jennifer:  Yup, exactly.

Elisa:  Anyway, so yeah that’s interesting, but you can change your spiritual contract unless there’s a free will of another spirit that brow beats you into continuing it right?

Jennifer:  Well yes you can, and it’s very difficult sometimes because there are other people’s free will involved, so for instance, if you are madly in love with this one particular person, and you just keep trying to manifest and manifest that this relationship works out, and maybe it’s written in your soul chart that this is not the person for you and this is not the one that you marry. You can keep trying to manifest and manifest and manifest but if that other person does not want to be with you, you are not going to be able to manifest or change that because you are subject to their free will too.

Elisa: Of course, there’s free will on both sides.

Jennifer: Yes.

Elisa:  And there’s no real karma in that okay, now you’re going to pay your debt to spiritual society, we do want to, though right? If we’ve killed somebody, then we probably do want to experience what it’s like to be murdered for example.

Jennifer:  Yes, yes.

Elisa:  But we don’t have to.

Jennifer: No we do not have to, but yes we might choose to say okay well I killed you in one life, so this time when we come in together I’m going to be like a source of comfort to you, you know that kind of thing, you don’t have to do it but often times we do.

Elisa:  Oh okay. Why is it so difficult for psychics to pinpoint time, like okay, you’re going to find the love of your life in 18 months, and 18 months passes. Or once Erik said we’ll have a T.V show by 2017, well that time has come and gone, so what is it about time, and I already know what you’re going to say, because I already know that answer, Erik, that psychics have such a hard time with.

Jennifer: Yeah, it’s because time here and time there are very different, it’s just very, very different. It is that you know that there’s other people involved in getting stuff done there, so the free will can change the timeline of things, if somebody says yes, you’re going to find the love of your life in 18 months and then you don’t set foot outside of your house for 2 years, well you know that’s going to interrupt the timeline. Yeah time over there and time here they don’t.

Elisa: Mesh.

Erik: Match up well.

Elisa: (inaudible) but there’s linear time over here, so it’s because of that and it’s because of the free will of other people like there maybe a producer that was like, hmm, I want to have a series about blah, blah, that’s spiritual or whatever but then somebody comes to him with another project, oh well I’ll go ahead and do this and so, yeah that free will.

Jennifer: And there’s the part on the psychic or medium side.

Erik: Every psychic and every medium that you sit with interprets information based on their own experiences. There has to be some frame of reference. They do the best that they can to interpret the information that they get from the other side, it is not 100% accurate form of communication.

Elisa: Like if Erik were to say, tell my Mom that she needs to give Bella more attention, what do you hear? Tell, Bell, Bella.

Jennifer:  Well say for me, personally, I am mostly what is claircognizant, so I would just get the idea that, you needed to give Bella more attention and then I can put it into words and that’s why he said, when you were talking before about it comes in here and comes out here, especially for mediums and psychics that when it comes in as an idea, they can formulate and speak it very quickly, they’re not necessarily hearing every single word from the other side like that.

Elisa:  Erik are there mediums that do say word for word, the conversation she or he is having with the?

Erik: Yeah, there are mediums who actually hear, the words quite a bit but most mediums and psychics are having to add their own wording to it.

Elisa:  Of course. Yeah, and images, especially if you just get images mostly, that must be very difficult to interpret because a picture is worth a thousand words you know! 

Jennifer: Yes, yes.

Elisa:  Who has that kind of time?

Jennifer:  An image can be very difficult if it doesn’t come with any other information.

Elisa:  So, you have to ask the spirit or the higher self or whatever.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa: Can you throw some words in with that dude, right?

Jennifer: Exactly.

Elisa:  Okay. Why is it that a lot of mediums or most mediums have trouble with names? Like so and so is here on the other side, I think it’s a grandfather figure, well what’s his name? Why is that?

Erik:  There are a lot of mediums and psychics who will get names every once in awhile like a clear cut, this is the person’s name.

Elisa:  I’ve never met one.

Jennifer: Well not every time but there are some who will get a name, you know like I’m connected to this person and this is his name but every single it’s very difficult.

Erik:  The way the mediums and the psychic receive the information might not be the most effective way for the soul to communicate. 

Jennifer: I’m claircognizant, if I connect to a soul who is not great at popping ideas into humans.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Jennifer:  Head the communication is more difficult.

Elisa: Yeah.

Erik: We do over here, have things that we are better at than others. Ways of communicating that are easier for us, just like you do. So, if you’re connected to somebody who, you don’t communicate in the same ways it can be harder to get the information, names are something that is super, super specific, so it’s just very, very difficult to always get the accurate name. It just is they can’t translate it.

Jennifer: It’s like sometimes people sit with a psychic or a medium and they expect them to know everything or to be able to get it or access it, we can only access what they’ll give us.

Elisa:  Yeah.

Jennifer:  You know, so if you sit with somebody and they give you all the details about the personality and the passing and the looks of somebody and they can’t give you the name.

Elisa: Is that because names are not important once you cross over?

Jennifer:  Plus, we don’t necessarily go by the name we were called in the last life.

Elisa:  Yeah of course, but do when people cross over do, they forget their names because they lack relevance or importance?

Erik:  No, we don’t forget our names because we can look at all of whatever our names were but just much like we prefer to appear maybe a different physical way than we did in that life, we may prefer to be called something different than we were in that life, but we don’t forget we know all the names that we’ve ever been.

Elisa:  Okay. 

Erik:  Last, junior, senior, we know all of that stuff.

Elisa: Well a lot of times they get first initials though. I’m hearing from somebody that says their names starts with an N, things like that.

Jennifer: So, for some people who are good with names that can just be one of the things that they pick up on.

Erik:  Sometimes people are more sensitive to a specific name, so if a medium for whatever reason picks up on the name Robert a lot, if they sit with somebody and there’s a Robert coming in, they might be able to get that name.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik:  Because they’re more sensitive or more in tune to that name.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: There’s also a lot of names that maybe people have never even heard of, if it’s not a name that you’re familiar with or have never heard, that would be very, very difficult to make somebody say. It would be like if you don’t know any German, and you sit with a reader and you want them start saying German words, well they have no frame of reference for that so no matter how hard they worked on the other side, they’re not going to be able to get there person to say words in German.

Elisa: I can imagine but if a deceased loved on is German, how do you understand what they are saying? Do they translate it into English or?

Jennifer:  Okay, so like if you are claircognizant or you get the idea that won’t matter. For the people who hear, sometimes what they’ll hear is they might hear a thick accent.

Elisa:  Okay.

Jennifer:  Most of the time they would still be able to interpret the information being given even though it would have been a different language because again on the other side, they could communicate in any language basically.

Elisa: Wow, so they don’t need Rosetta stone over there, save a lot of money.

Jennifer:  Yes, but they might give the sound of a thick accent, that would be an identifying factor not because they still have that accent necessarily over there.

Elisa: Oh okay. Erik, what do you prefer as your name?

Erik:  You got to love Erik, come on.

Elisa:  You know I love you.

Erik:  It’s a good name for me right now. Everybody calls me that now.

Elisa: Name your second favorite name that you’ve had in another life, past or future.

Erik: Steven, Steven, Steven.

Elisa: Okay. One of my favorite Rosetta Stone commercials is, this guy is in a German sub, well the commander sits this brand new solider down and okay, your going to sit here, it says it all in German. You’re going to sit here and you’re going to listen to the radio and blah, blah, blah and he’s so nervous and the commander leaves and then on the radio it’s like help, help, help, help, mayday, mayday, Hello, this is the German Coast Guard, I can’t do a German accent. Help, help we’re sinking, we’re sinking, and he goes, what are you sinking about (laughs), it’s so funny, I love that one.

Jennifer:  Yes, that’s cute (laughs)

Elisa:  Oh God, I better keep my day job. Okay, why is it that a lot of psychics or mediums are either gay or women, or either gay men or women, what is that?

Erik:  Women tend to accept that energy quicker than men, so it’s why a lot of psychics are women because they tend to accept that there’s something more, men tend to fight it or need physical proof, you know I need to see physical proof of this where, for whatever reason women are more open to it.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik:  It has something to do with maternal, like the maternal feelings. If you have very strong maternal feelings, that’s actually very common in people who are psychic because they understand the energy, the empathy, you have to have that empathy and the energy exchange to be a good psychic or medium.

Elisa:  All right what about gay men?

Erik:  Well again it would be the more empathy, the more sensitive, there’s not really anything necessarily specifically as far as the gay men go, it’s just more of the empathy the tenderness, the loving of animals, the willingness to give love, and to be like willing to be ridiculed, to be willing to put yourself out there, women tend to not in general, fight as much and physically fight and you know physically cause turmoil, if somebody’s you know criticizing or critiquing them they tend to just be like okay, they might get mad but it’s not going to come to physical fighting.

Elisa:  A question from a blog member, why are mediums inconsistent depending on who you interview, like you can ask the same question through one medium and get one answer and a different one from another medium.

Jennifer:  Okay, it has everything to do with interpretation of the information coming in. We are just not infallible, so if you are asking the same question and getting different answers it’s because the information is being interpreted in different ways by every person.

Elisa: Maybe Erik can you give us an example of a message and how in can be interpreted one way and then interpreted another way?

Jennifer: Okay so this is one that I personally do not like, I do not have a block for this kind of information. 

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer: Death. If you are asking, there are psychics and mediums out there who will predict death and so you might sit with one and you might have somebody who is terminally ill and they might say this person has 2 years to live, and then you might sit with somebody else and say no this person has 6 months to live. So, maybe one of those is right, maybe they’re both wrong, it’s just whatever the person feels, they say, and well we can be wrong.

Erik: Psychics and mediums can be wrong, they can interpret the information wrong.

Elisa: Can spirits be wrong?

Erik: No. They have too much access to the information, so they would know that answer to the questions whether or not you’re allowed to know them, that’s different.

Elisa:  I see and whether or not free will alters the course of things.

Jennifer: You know what it is though? 

Erik: Nothing’s right, nothing’s wrong, it’s all about learning and so no the spirits would not be wrong necessarily, you might have stuff to learn over here still and still not perfect, that whole idea of perfection, nobody’s perfect, even most of the souls over here, most of us are still working on things because we haven’t reached the level of perfection that we’re seeking.

Elisa: Wow, interesting. Well, one example was a medium was talking about how someone died, and the medium said it was a heroin overdoes but really it was a gunshot wound, but on the other hand, that person had a lethal amount of heroin in his system on autopsy, so there’s an example of how it can be misinterpreted.

Jennifer: Yes. Yeah that’s excellent, and so what it is, is that what ever that medium felt that was what she picked up on the strongest was the heroin in the system.

Elisa: Okay, interesting.

Jennifer: So, then she takes that in and interprets it and says well that’s what killed him, you know like I said the information’s not perfect, it’s not translated perfectly.

Elisa: It probably would have killed him, well it would have killed him if they didn’t pull the trigger first.

Jennifer:  Yes.

Elisa: All right, here’s another one from a blog member. Well this is something my Mom always says, whether it’s from having a reading or a message come through at a spiritualist church, why can’t spirits be more specific with details or is it determined how well the medium interprets the message they’ve been given, sometimes messages are too hit and miss and vague and could apply to anyone.

Jennifer: Yeah, it would be the interpretation of the medium and remember in settings like that, the medium and the psychic there’s probably some nerves involved on their part, you know they’re probably nervous and some anxiety. You know there’s this pressure to perform and be perfect and to bring the messages through that will help people, and so you could have some of that and also you never know who the (inaudible 30:04) you know maybe that person isn’t feeling that well or they just got some bad news right before they came out there, so there’s a lot of factors that are involved and especially in a group setting because there’s so much energy there, that it can be very difficult to pinpoint what’s coming in exactly. It would be so great if we could always just pinpoint everything exactly and never be wrong about it.

Erik: That’s not really possible.

Elisa: Well I think one responsibility is for the sitter to evaluate it with feelings, what feels right about what was revealed to me.

Jennifer: Yes, and that’s a big, big thing. For people who are thinking of getting a reading, you really have to go with your own instinct, who are you drawn to, why are you drawn to this person, if you’re suspicious, if you’re nervous of people and you don’t want to book online, you don’ want to do that, well then go some place and sit with somebody live or have recommendations from friends or something, there are ways to kind of find somebody that is suitable for you. But trust your own instincts.

Elisa: Yeah, one vague thing that a lot of people get from all mediums, can I have a message from my Dad, it’s almost always, he wants you to know that he loves you, so I think that’s one thing that she’s talking about is vague and can apply in any case, unless your Dad didn’t love you.

Jennifer:  Yes. Well and that is number one because it’s a vague question, and from the other side, they truly want us to know that they love us, that they’re looking out for us, that there is more beyond this earthly life and those are the things that they really want us to know. If you ask the question vague like that, you’re probably not going to hear, oh, he wants you to know  that he has this hidden life insurance policy and you’ll find it at the safe deposit box at this bank, on this street, you’re not going get something like that if you ask a vague question, that’s what they want us to know.

Elisa: That’s the thing that’s most important for them to relay to us, is that I’m okay, life does go on, I love you, of course that makes sense. All right, what are the responsibilities of the sitter? I mean they can obviously determine in part whether a session is successful or not.

Jennifer: Yes.  As far as the sitter goes, really the biggest responsibility is to sit with somebody that you are drawn to, that you feel comfortable with. I am not a huge fan of people gifting a reading to somebody.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Jennifer:  Anytime somebody does that, and I sit down with them, I say are you sure you want to do a reading? Because if the time’s not right, if you feel like something about this psychic or medium makes me feel uncomfortable or I’m not ready to get a reading because I’m afraid of what might come up, then you need to listen to that and you need to not get the reading or if you are somebody who is really suspicious and think well this person’s going to Google me and look me up, then you need to go to somebody face to face, pay them cash because you can do that kind of stuff. You know you’ve got to do that kind of stuff and the less expectation that you can have over what you’re going to hear and what is going come through.

Elisa: That’s dense, dense energy and it’s really hard, take a machete and hack away.

Jennifer: Yeah.

Erik: There really are people who just should never get readings, and if you feel like it’s just not for you, don’t push it. Don’t force it.

Elisa: What kind of people should not get readings?

Erik:  People who don’t want to know anything about the future or people who are afraid of what might come up, people like that should not get readings because, you might sit in a reading and hear something that makes you uncomfortable because again, the interpretation from the other side to the psychic or medium can be a little bit skewed but from the medium to the sitter, the interpretation of information is also different. So, you might sit and do a reading and what they hear and what you thought you said are not the same thing, so if you are somebody who is nervous about getting readings about what you’re going to hear, what’s going to come through, you should not get a reading.

Elisa: What about people who are totally closed minded?

Erik: Quite frankly those people won’t do it anyway, skeptics can get readings. Skeptics are fine to get readings because a lot of times, skeptics are funny because people who call themselves skeptics are people who truly want to believe.

Elisa: Well I guess open minded skeptics but not the hard.

Jennifer: Not like the non-believers, he refers to them as non-believers not skeptics.

Elisa:  Oh, I see, there we go, that makes sense.

Erik: Skeptic in and of itself means that there is a little bit of an opening.

Elisa: Oh, okay cool. Anything else on the responsibility of the sitter?

Erik: No, not really. Just go in with an open mind and the willingness to hear whatever information is going to come in.

Elisa: Is there anything that a sitter should do before getting the reading? Like increase their vibration by listening to happy music, I mean anything, balancing their chakras, I don’t know.

Erik: That can help to boost your energy or to meditate for couple of minutes before, it can help you feel a little bit centered because, like you (talking to Jennifer) when energy starts coming in, you get anxious, you get nervous, you’re used to that but people who sit for readings will often times feel that energy too and they’ll start to feel nervous or anxious or ah what’s happening? It’s because they’re sensing the energy coming in from the other side too, so it can be good for them to sometimes you know say a little prayer or take a couple of deep breaths to kind of calm that anxiety.

Elisa: Do any particular crystals help to put in your pocket or?

Erik: Amethyst, is a good one, clear quartz is a good one.

Jennifer: Oh God, he’s showing me a light green, like a Green Calcite, sorry, green calcite for whatever reason.

Erik: And whatever stone makes you feel comfortable.

Elisa: Okay, anything you’re drawn to.

Jennifer: Yup.

Elisa: Okay, so anything else? Do you smudge with sage, or?

Jennifer: I mean you can.

Erik: It depends on the person, it depends on the sitter, if they feel they need to do something then they should do it, but no otherwise if you don’t you can walk right in and get a reading. It just depends person to person.

Elisa: To make it easier for the medium to tap into the energy, that’s what I’m talking about. Does any chakra need to be tuned or cleared or balanced or anything?

Erik: Kind of all of them, if any of them are real out of whack it could interrupt. For somebody who’s going to get a reading, you know there’s all different types of readings you can get, there’s tarot card, you can get readings with crystals, and you can have a just a straight psychic reading, a medium reading, you have to also go with what you’re drawn to, if you’re somebody whose very drawn to the cards, and tarot and the oracle cards, then you should go to a reader who does that stuff.

Elisa: Okay! Are there things that a spirit can not share with the medium?

Jennifer: Yeah, I mean there’s plenty of stuff they won’t share with us and won’t tell us.

Elisa: Because why?

Jennifer: Well sometimes we’re not meant to know, sometimes we’re just not meant to know here, so for instance, if you take a soul from the other side, whose been murdered and they don’t know who’s done it, if the murder is not meant to be solved here, they’re not going to come through and say this is who killed me and this is why and this is you know.

Erik:  If they did, then the people there might take revenge on their own, so that’s an extreme reason why some information just can’t come through. Also, we see over here that some information is truly irrelevant, and you just don’t need it. You might want it, you might obsess over it but that would be another lesson that you would be trying to learn.

Elisa: This information is on a need to know basis and you do not need to know.

Jennifer:  It is, yes absolutely! They know so much more than us, if we had access to all the information that they have we wouldn’t need to be here.

Elisa:  Okay. Does it take time, I mean it’s weird because there is no time over there, but do you have to wait a certain amount of time after someone passes before you can connect with them?

Erik: Not necessarily, sometimes they get here right away and they’re not like real disoriented and they’re energy can connect to the other side immediately. No, there are times when people get here, and they’re confused, or they’re disoriented and it will take some time for them. It’s funny, because yeah there’s not time here but there is but there isn’t. So, when we refer to time, we’re going to talk in human time, so there might be some souls who with in a day or two of the passing, somebody might be able to connect to them and there might be others where it takes a month in your time to connect to them.

Elisa: Is it because they still kind of got the human thing going still (inaudible, 40:23, over talk) because I mean why couldn’t they talk to the person’s higher self or that person in the after-life one month ahead?

Erik: Well quite frankly not all psychics and mediums will connect to somebody’s higher self, they just won’t.

Elisa:  Okay.

Erik: So, they would be looking for that soul that lived that life, that lifetime not necessarily all the lifetimes that they lived collectively.

Elisa: Got you, okay.

Erik:  That would be on the mediums part, but there are times when we get back over here or you know we kind of stick in this limbo area, where we’re not quite gone from Earth and not quite in Heaven.

Jennifer: I guess it’s like an in between stage.

Erik:  Like you know if somebody’s really into drugs a lot, this is one example, if they are very heavy drug users there to where, they’re already only partially there on Earth and partially some place else. If they die of a drug overdose it can take some time to kind of bring their soul back like into formation, because it’s so disoriented. That can take some time and sometimes real fast passing, like not expecting, out of no where kind of passing, sometimes they’re confused too and it can take a few days, or in that situation sometimes they may stick around on Earth a little bit longer, the soul because they don’t quite know what’s happened, so there are instances but sometimes they go right over and the next day or two somebody could contact them, or (inaudible42:04, over-talk)

Elisa: Want to hang around and comfort their loved ones on Earth, I guess.

Jennifer:  Yup.

Elisa: Can you channel someone who is reincarnated, because I know on one side you No you can’t but there’s no time, so I mean we’re living all of our lives, past, present and future in the now moment.

Erik:  That would actually be more of a connecting to the higher self, that would be like the higher self of that soul answering those questions about that lifetime because if you had somebody for instance that lived to be 40, and they passed at 40 years old and they came in very quickly, say 2 years in our human time and that soul lives for 10 years and passes, same soul died at 40, died at 10, still probably both with loved ones here on Earth, a medium would be able to connect to each of those lifetimes.

Elisa: Cool.

Erik: You’re right it is really cool. It’s so cool over here.

Elisa: It’s so cool over here! Okay, so are there ever spirits that refuse to talk to their loved one because they’re pissed off or ashamed, like they do not want to be channeled by a medium?

Erik: Yes, there are some who just won’t do this, who do really come through but it’s not because they’re pissed off at their loved ones or they’re angry or so upset but there are some souls over here who choose not to connect to the loved ones on Earth.

Elisa: They don’t have those negative feelings over there, at least eventually they don’t, so then why would they choose not to? Give me some examples Erik.

Erik:  Sometimes they won’t at a specific sitting, because they are doing thing, they’re busy, they’ve got other stuff going on and they can’t connect or they won’t be able to come through with information, it’s not the right time for the information. There are just some who just don’t, they don’t really connect through a medium, they would still be around their loved ones, show their energy to them but they just choose not to connect through a medium.

Elisa: Okay, picky picky! All right, here’s another one from a blog member. My question to the mediums is after the spirits that are around us go to the other level, ascend, that means they are not looking after us anymore? 

Jennifer: No, they are still looking after us, they can still see us. Just because they ascend doesn’t mean they can’t see us anymore or interact with us.

Elisa: I think that if other entities from other planets also have to improve themselves that means they will never be happy, it will be lives of learning non-stop? Well you just have a life of learning.

Jennifer: They will be happy, absolutely!

Elisa: Yeah, okay. What are the earmarks, the red flags for mediums or psychic that are a fraud? What are we looking for Erik?

Erik: One of the things is if the person asks a lot of questions up front, if they’re asking for a lot of information up front, now as the reading goes on there is going to be an exchange of information, questions back and forth and questions and answers but if you sit down with somebody and they ask 5-10 questions right off the bat, other than yes/no questions, that kind of thing, do you have specific questions today yes or no? Are you looking to connect to somebody on the other side, yes or no? But if they’re fishing for information. One of the things to be really wary of is, if you sit down with somebody to get a reading and they tell you that you’re cursed especially if they are asking for a lot of money to break this curse, that really is.

Elisa: That’s stupid.

Jennifer:  Yeah it happens, a lot and that’s a big one. Oh, I can get rid of this, I can get this off of you, or somebody’s putting negative energy onto you because it’s not always oh it’s a spirit, but it can be oh somebody here in your life is you know putting negative stuff on you and I can clear it out for you. Now, if you truly do feel like you’ve got some dark energy on you and you seek somebody out to do that, to clear your energy, balance your energy, that’s different because that is a fear tactic.

Elisa: What else Erik?

Erik:  Your instinct, your intuition. That is the best one, if you sit down or you go into a place, or you’re watching a video and you just don’t get a good vibe, you’ve got to listen to that, that’s your biggest indicator.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: If anything feels off.

Elisa: I also think it’s really important and I’ve been guilty of this, for the sitter not to ask leading question, some people just want to get the answer you know, and they’ll ask questions in a way that makes it very difficult for the medium or the psychic to not give them that. Give as little information as possible, so it doesn’t go to the mediums analytical mind and watch leading questions is that correct?

Jennifer: Yes absolutely and you know there is also the factor of the medium or the psychic not wanting to disappoint the person that they’re sitting in front of so, if you keep asking about a situation, you have to remember the person doesn’t, I always like to use, boyfriend/girlfriend type of thing but if you’re wanting to know about your relationship and the reader say well you know just kind of see where it goes, then they’re probably not getting a whole lot of information, it probably is really a wait and see, you have to learn the lessons here or whatever it is you’re supposed to be experiencing, you need to experience. If you keep pushing and pushing, yes that does take away from the reading.

Elisa: Oh yeah, I can imagine. How can you find a medium, of course word of mouth, and then I guess you can go to YouTube right and watch them at work, I mean what’s some of the better ways to find a psychic, medium or psychic medium?

Jennifer:  Definitely YouTube, definitely, definitely word of mouth, I mean Googling, going to their websites, reading the bios, reviews, that kind of stuff, is very good. If you have the opportunity, if you live some place, where you’re lucky enough to live near a spiritual community where there is a lot of readers, I always recommend going in person if you can.

Elisa: Okay.

Jennifer:  And talking, seeing who is in the town or the area to see, that’s great because that’s really the best way to interpret the energy, is to meet face to face and to be right in the energy.

Elisa: All right, I think, I only have one more question, it’s the whole money thing, and people are how dare that medium charge money, she has a gift, you know. It has to be equal energy exchanged even if the psychic, medium or psychic medium are you know independently wealthy you have to have equal energy exchange and if you’re not independently wealthy, they’ve got to pay their mortgage or put food on the table, but Erik, is there anything you’d like to say about the whole money button?

Erik:  People have to make a living, people on Earth are gifted with many gifts that come from the other side or Universe or God or whatever you want to call them, nobody asks a musician with a beautiful voice whose making millions of dollars if they really think that it’s right that they are using their gift to make money and to earn a living because that’s every bit as much a gift from God or Universe or whatever as somebody who is able to connect to the other side.

Elisa:  Hey you can save lives, you should be doing that for free!

Erik: Right, exactly! It’s not feasible there, you need money to live and for people, if you are a gifted psychic or medium and you don’t charge, you’re probably going to be able to help a lot less people because you don’t have a valid business, you can not put all your energy into that because you have to do something else to make money.

Elisa:  Yeah and people won’t take you seriously, they will think wow, she doesn’t charge, so I don’t know.

Jennifer: Right.

Elisa: You’re devaluing yourself and that energy is not a very easy one,

Jennifer: Yes, absolutely!

Elisa: Well what about the ones who charge $800 an hour, I mean I know 1 medium who does that.

Erik:  That is between them and their energy and their guides, and what they’re doing, it’s not for us to judge.

Elisa: Oh okay. It’s just seems to be like the people that can afford it, or that it opens up to are the extremely wealthy or the extremely desperate, I shouldn’t judge, you’re right.

Erik: That’s on them, that’s theirs. People want proof, for the people who want absolute proof that this exists and that this is real, you’re not going to get it, this is not tangible. This is not a physical thing that we can touch and feel, it is about how it makes you feel, what you think, what you believe, there’s so much evidence out there that the other side exists and that there is something beyond this world but there’s no proof.

Elisa: Oh of course not. Well I don’t know, I mean when I heard that EVP of you saying love you Mom, I mean.

Erik: Yes and see for you that’s proof, this is not like scientific indisputable, there’s no proof because if a million people would hear that and say no this is what that was or that’s what it was or that’s a hoax, it’s not irrefutable proof, you’re not going to get that here, but there’s so much evidence.

Elisa: Not until we go to that side, then there’s the proof.

Jennifer: Yes. Exactly. He’s actually talking to you directly.

Erik: We do what we do (Elisa and Erik) to let people have access to that, but it is not for us to make people believe, and you just put the information out there but it’s not for us to make people believe.

Elisa: I don’t have the time and the energy to do that anyway. People need to find their own path, like I did, took me (54.04) before I totally believed.

Erik:  For those people who say nasty things and the nay-sayers and the doubters, feel sad for them, they are almost to be pitied and be loved, we don’t have to do it outwardly we can do it inwardly because how sad for them not to believe at all in any of this. For those of us who do, so much happier.

Elisa: Oh my Gosh, so comforting, you know. All right so, you guys can connect with Jennifer at, I’ll put it right here on this title page and anything else you want to share Jennifer or Erik?

Jennifer: No, just thank you and he says he loves you, I love you, thank you everybody.

Elisa: Bye, I love you guys, I love you Erik, love you Jen.

Jennifer: Love you, bye.

Elisa: Bye-Bye.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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