The Nature of Reality

Sometime today, I plan to publish Part Two of the Bigfoot interview. If you've subscribed to the Channeling Erik YouTube channel, you should receive the notification. I hope you enjoy it! I'll post the last part on Friday. If you know of any Bigfoot websites, feel free to share. Bigfoot would … Continue reading

Connecting to Blackness

I want to remind you that Jamie is going to have another event in Los Angeles designed to teach you how to communicate with spirit: your spirit guides, your loved ones and, of course, Erik. Erik won't be a part of the event, but Jamie will still trance channel a spirit during the evenings. Those … Continue reading

Time and Reality

One thing I noticed from the feedback about Erik's new book is that people are really getting a picture of what his life was like and what a profound tragedy this was for my family and me. It's easy to forget, while reading post after post, that this was all borne through something horrific and … Continue reading