Erik on My Brush With Death

I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M ALIVE! This past June, dense fog disoriented me during a short hike in the Norwegian tundra. I endured 28 degree temperatures, hard wind and driving rain for 17 hours until finally, the Red Cross found and rescued me. The suffering was so intense that I ended up begging for my soul to be ripped from my body. I even tried to will my own death. The ER doctor (an expert in survival medicine, luckily) said my core temperature was 30 celsius meaning I had one, maybe up to 2 hours left to live. In this video, I ask Erik many questions about this harrowing experience through medium, Linda Hack. Check out all that Linda has to offer at

But first, listen to the Hour of Enlightenment show from last night. The topic was Achieving Unexpected Abundance and Erik was channeled by Kim Voigt from The listeners asked brilliant questions, answers to which can probably help us all evolve!

And now Erik steps up to the mic and talks about my near death horror! If you enjoy it, please consider donating to the CE cause. It’s tough to cover all of the overhead all by myself!

Last, don’t forget that something special is coming up in October at my house: Another wonderful Tammy DeMirza Event. Bring your swimsuit and prepare to have fun after the life-changing, powerful experiences of each day! Click HERE to find out more!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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