Erik’s Q & A Through Medium Pamela Aaralyn

A few weeks ago, medium, Pamela Aaralyn, contacted me about doing a Zoom webinar together. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would be constructed, but I knew she was very gifted and wanted to watch her work. When I logged onto Zoom through the link she sent me, I noticed that there were people waiting in the chatroom! ‘How cool is this?’ I thought. I didn’t know you could do that with Zoom. Anyway, I picked questions from the attendees and Erik answered them brilliantly through Ms. Aaralyn. There were things Pamela said that I knew she couldn’t possibly know ahead of time. It went so well that I’m hoping we can do this on a regular basis! Until now, the only way CE peeps can ask questions for free has been through our Tuesday night radio shows, so it’s great to offer another option for those who just can’t afford a session with a medium. Many who seek spiritual answers and walk this path with us do so because they’ve been through rough times, and that often includes financial hardship.

I hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. What are my plans? Well, the hubs is going to Austin to race his motorcycle on the Circuit of the Americas track. My plans are a bit lI plan to use my new Bissell Crosswave on all my floors. I love this machine because it sprays the cleaner, then immediately sucks up the dirty water so you’re not just spreading the dirt around like you do with a regular mop. I also plan to do a lot of gardening…So may things to do before I leave (again) for Norway. This time, we have to go because Rune has a 40 year school reunion that he doesn’t want to miss, and every September, he has to go and mow the roof on our little mountain cabin. (The roof is made of sod, typical of the old Norwegian style of home.) I say just stick a goat up there. It’s cheaper than traveling. Anyway, this time I promise I won’t almost die. I laugh in the face of Death!

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