Erik on Police Brutality

Just before his death, Erik was the victim of police brutality and was completely innocent of the crime  he was arrested for. Of course the case was immediately dismissed, but he was left with swelling and bruising all over his face from being pounded repeatedly with a heavy MagLite. He had wanted to become a police officer when he was very young and looked up to them, but his outlook on humanity took a nosedive after that. I believe that was the beginning of the end. So from both sides of the veil, Erik has a good perspective on the topic.

But first, check out last night’s Hour of Enlightenment show! Sonia Rinaldi explained how she can receive images and EVP of deceased people. Erik (although she had no idea who he was) appeared first to her when she used a certain technique of just filming a white wall. Of course he has to be first!!

Here’s the image of Erik Sonia captured:

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Elisa: Hello Kimberly of Embody Light.

Kim:  Good morning, how are you?

Elisa:  I’m doing fine! How’s our boy, I love you baby boy! I bet that irritates you, you’re not a baby any more.

Erik: We don’t really get irritated over here, like you would. I love you also Mom, you know that. We don’t really get irritated over here, it just feels like an endearing term.

Elisa:  Well good, because I’m going to take advantage of it because when you were here, boy, I would try to get you to sit on lap when you were 17 or 18 and you weren’t going to have none of it, but it’s okay, now!

Kim:  Should we start right off? The topic of today is Police Brutality, and his Mom and I have been talking about that for awhile, bringing that through and Erik kept telling me it’s not quite time yet, it’s not quite time yet.

Erik:  There are so many pieces to it and reasons why it happens, that I really needed to set the background with some of the earlier channellings, particularly like about post traumatic stress and that kind of thing because it all plays into it.

Kim: In our last episode we Archangel Michael, and Archangel Michael also comes through and works on this cause too as he has a big protecting force on this planet. So, after our last channelling, Erik and Archangel Michael worked with me to help me prepare for this one quite a bit, and so one of the questions I had to show you how these two beings Erik and Michael work together, it’s so interesting, one of the questions I have was of angelic energy and to Michael how can an angel impulse us to do something or how can they come into our body to give us the strength to do something?

Elisa:  Yeah!

Kim: That’s a difficult concept, I don’t know if I should say difficult that’s not the right word, it was challenging for me to get the information Michael was trying to convey, so Erik being he had a life on Earth not all that long ago was able to bring another being in, who could demonstrate that to me. So, he goes and gets of all people Whitney Houston, she talked to me just like a normal person, she was like “Hey, girl!” made the point of because I would resonate with her music, you know how some music you’ll resonate with and it will just kind of seem to go through you.

Elisa:  Oh, I know! Oh, what do you call it? The sound track to the movie The Bodyguard.

Kim: Yes. Yes. Yes.

(inaudible 2:51 – loud bell dings and overtalking)

Elisa: I love that! What do you want to sing Kim, let’s do it!

Kim: Oh no, I don’t sing! We’d lose viewers if I started singing (laughs).

Elisa:  We already have now.

Kim: She said, “but you know how when I will sing a song, and you’ll really feel it in your body but then I’ll hit that certain pitch or that certain verbiage that really sings to you, and it just sends chills through you?”

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim: She said “that’s what the angels do, they just put a charge on your energy, and they sometimes can kind of come into your energy field.” So, Erik’s really kind of acting, he’s really the intermediate between this energy that’s kind of a little more challenging to understand, the Archangelic energy and what we can understand.

Elisa:  Yeah, he dumbs it down for us, right?

Kim:  Yeah, he’s really that bridge, and he knows, he finds the perfect person who can bring your information you can understand into your field. So, yeah, if we want to start on the Police Brutality, let’s start with, okay and there were several points and I did make some notes to help me remember too.

Elisa: Well before we start Kim, I would like to tell Erik’s brush with police brutality, you know when he was little, he really wanted to be a cop, for awhile, I can’t remember how long. I was being treated for Hepatitis C, and I was just really, my blood count dropped in half, it was horrible, I had to go to the hospital and I had got Hepatitis C, not because I’m shooting up heroin, but because I was putting an essential line in comatose drug addict and he woke up and poke me and we didn’t know about Hepatitis C, it was called Non-A, Non-B and so anyway years later I found out I had it. Anyway, Erik was driving home from school to meet me in the hospital but he ran out of gas and he had 2 people from school that he didn’t know at all, they were stranded on this street right next to this park, and police car comes, and he’s thinking “oh man, this is like Headwood Village” our little one square mile neighbourhood that has it’s own police force, own fire department, own city hall and all that and they’re really nice! So, he thought “oh goody, they’re like Headwood Village, he’s probably just going to help me out with a gallon of gas, or something, just to get me there.” So, he comes out of the car and said “Hi!”, like that and oh my God, they drew their guns, and the other guys fled, into parts unknown, the two other passengers and what they did was, they left I think it was cocaine, a little packet of cocaine.

Kim: Oh no!

Elisa:  Between the passenger and driver seat, he never did stuff like that! I mean he liked pot but he rarely got to do that either but he mostly like cigarettes and so boy, they handcuffed him, and they said “have you ever been jacked by a cop before?” And then he started struggling before, because he had been jacked by, he was camping and one of his friends was arguing over the choice of music, stupid, the guys kind of weird, and he starts beating up on Erik, and Erik calls the cops. The cops come and they take both their wallets and leave, so he was robbed by two cops, so I understand why he was paranoid and the guys were smashing his head into the pavement and they took a Maglite and beat in the face, the pictures are terrible and he said, I didn’t even know these guys, and so they put his hands behind his back in handcuffs or zip ties or something and they raised the hood of the cop car little bit by little bit to put some stretch on the and eventually he started feeling blood running down his wrists. Well it wasn’t really blood it was damage to the median nerve, it felt like it was dripping, so and of course the were no, I mean they charged him but they arrested him but nothing came from it but he still had an arrest record, even though he was proven innocent and so we had to pay so much money for lawyers and to get the record sealed, all because of that asshole.  I think, I’m wondering Erik, that’s Officer Hayward, I can’t find him but I’d love to, if anybody knows him, from the HPD, then let me know, but that guy, I mean, because that was right before you died, was that a contributing factor? The disappointment that you had in the men in blue?

Erik: It was a contributing factor to the overall feeling of unworthiness that I had.

Kim: And I had asked Erik too, I had told him as the subject came up because I was aware of it, and my son had an incident as well but nothing to that degree, and I had told Erik, you can’t give me the details because I’m going to have trouble, I’ll get upset, I’m going to have trouble bringing the message through, so, so that was good that I didn’t get it until now, because I would have struggled with that, I would have had trouble with that, I’m a Mom.

Erik: That police officer in particular, it is actually a very, very small percentage of police that do go into being a police officer because they like to bully and they like to control and now they have a licence to do it.

Elisa:  That’s what I was going to ask too, it seems like there’s two groups, there’s the one that maybe they got bullied in middle school, I don’t know but they just want to take vengeance on the world but the others are doing it because it’s a higher calling.

Kim: Right, and so what he’s saying, and that was the first point he brought up with me about this.

Erik: Like all of us do, when an individual chooses a career, often they’ll do it because of something in their childhood, maybe they saw a fireman saving a neighbour or something and that was a hero to them, so that inspires them but maybe it was from a trauma. Sometimes you’ll hear, police will have chosen to go into that field because maybe there was a murder in their family and so from then on, they wanted justice.

Kim:  That type of thing.

Erik: A lot of times they will choose to work through their wounds through their careers as we all do. Depending on where that individual is in their ability to discern what’s going on is based on if they’re healed and integrated or if they are still replaying those old wounds because say they had something horrific happen in their family, a murder or something, and that policeman has forgiven that and integrated that, that would be there is no good or bad but for lack of a better term, a good favourable thing because that would give them a unique insight that someone else wouldn’t have. But say you have someone who had that same situation in their family and it wasn’t integrated and it wasn’t forgiven and they might not necessarily know that but it’s constantly eating at them. Well, when they are faced with a similar situation and vibration, they’re going to react from the place of that wound, whether that be a 7-year-old boy or whatever, so that affects their discernment, so when they’re in those fight or flight responses, when say a criminal’s there, and they’re afraid they’re going to pull a gun on them, that’s when they lose the ability to be discerning. There needs to be more screening as far as their psychological abilities to be a police office.

Elisa: Really (inaudible 11:25)

Erik:  Because.

Elisa: Absolutely! Don’t they do that? So, they don’t do that?

Erik:  Not in enough depth. They’re not looking for the right things. They need to look at that officer’s ability to respond a little more closely. What if you had a police officer that was just, say from another country, that was maybe where they police themselves, maybe a lawless country, they police themselves, and this isn’t abnormal, where they might sleep with a gun or a knife under their pillow to protect from getting rob or their family being harmed or many things, so that individual immigrates here and takes the training and that, but they still, they have never dealt with that internal fear that something is going to come and get them and so when something happens they just react without having the discernment to really know, is this a situation that I need to fear or not to fear? So, that’s a big part of it.

Elisa:  Maybe all officers before they go out on the beat, should meditate, they should go through like a group meditation.

Kim:  That would be excellent!

Erik:  The next thing, so, this would happen to a police officer over time where they get hardened, where they start to lack compassion and that type of thing. They don’t have the ability any longer to empathetic, that type of thing can happen. They burn out more or less.

Elisa:  Yes of course.

Kim: The other part of it is, so they’ve seen all these crimes, so that’s what’s in their field, their belief system, and as you know what you believe and what you have emotion behind is what you create.

Elisa: Ah!

Kim:  So, most police officers will draw that situation to themselves.

Elisa: Oh!

Kim: They’ll put themselves in alignment, they’ll resonate with it, same with an individual, a regular person, like Erik or whatever, and they’re talking specifically about the African American race, you know, their children, they have seen it and Archangel Michael is coming through with this, there’s been a deliberate attempt to portray this over and over and over again in the media where this racial disharmony, where a black young man is shot or pulled over and this and stuff, they play it so much that the ordinary citizens see that and it becomes a part of their reality and a part of their fear, so then they go out and without knowing it, and attract it to themselves.

Erik: Cops get like a sixth sense, you could be driving past them down the road and if you fear, they’ll pick that up.

Elisa:  Oh yeah.

Erik: But they might not interpret it right, they might interpret it that they have drugs in the car, they’re going to commit a crime, they just committed a crime. So, they might look for a reason to pull you over, where another time they’re just going to ignore you. So, that’s a big part of it, and that’s been put in place by the global elite as we discussed last time because what a better way to control the population than to.

Elisa:  To hate each other!

Kim:  Right!

Elisa:  They don’t show the many times that white males are arrested.

Kim: Right, they don’t deliberately.

Elisa:  When a black cop arrests a black or a white for that matter, they don’t show that, because they want that race card, they want us to hate each other because hate is so much easier to control.

Erik:  And fear.

Elisa:  When you hate you give away your power, but with love you retain your power and it’s difficult to control people who live in love and light.

Erik: That is exactly it!

Elisa:  The media people, they’re part of that global elite.

Kim:  Yeah.

Elisa: Brainwashed.

Erik: And it may not be the average newscaster but it’s people higher up above them that are controlling what they can put out.

Elisa: Oh, wow!

Kim: Yeah.

Erik:  The other thing to really take into consideration that has contributed to this, is the violence in movies and video games.

Elisa:  Oh.

Erik:  Now, we’ve got a generation of young cops that have grown up playing video games, not all of them but that was actually put in place by the global elite again, to make young, not all just young men but specifically young men, to desensitize them to this violence. Number one, it makes better soldiers, and number two to create global chaos. So that they don’t have the empathy to stop themselves before they pull that trigger or commit that (inaudible 16:39).

Kim: And the other point they’ve made is some to do with the break down of the family, where the fathers aren’t involved and there’s not positive nurturing, loving, touching, by a father to a son, and this isn’t specifically to pick on men because some women do this to but it is primarily with men.

Elisa:  Of course.

Erik and AA Michael: We can trace this back to very early civilization on this planet where there was waring families.

Elisa:  Oh yeah,

Kim: Most around the African nation and the other I believe he is saying like around Egypt.

Elisa:  Yeah, I’m sure in the Middle East too, but (inaudible 17:30)

Kim: Oh, many warring families, but this specific.

Elisa: Huge, like family feuds.

Kim: It’s a family feud between these two groups.

Elisa: Or tribes, they don’t have to be family I guess, warring tribes? The jets to the sharks, yay!

Kim:  Right.

Erik:  First if you have been affected like this and if you are able to forgive the situation and bring light to it, if you heal that within yourself, that’s a huge ripple effect for this planet, it’s a huge healing, (inaudible 18:13)

Elisa: What should we do then Erik and Archangel Michael? What is the thing I always say?

Kim:  You were telling us last time, yeah, I can’t remember, you had it on this stuff, I remember.

Elisa:  I mess it up, I don’t always say it Archangel Michael, I go, I don’t know I can’t remember. Good! Because I don’t want to say it and mess it up all the time.

Kim:  Yeah.

Elisa:  So is there any ritual that we should go through to enmass to create this ripple effect?

Erik: The most important thing you can do, is to forgive.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Remember, say a mother whose had that happen to her child or a person whose had that happen to them, they’re going to have a lot of bitterness and carry a lot of resentment and they’re going to keep broadcasting that out in their field and so similar things can happen and when they start having children that will be in their field that potential, so to forgive wipes that possibility off your slate, it makes it so that it’s not even possible and it’s very empowering. As this planet ascends more, 5D energy on the planet these kinds of things eventually will stop happening for one thing, the whole policing will change, there won’t be the need for it, like there is now.

Elisa: Oh yeah.

Erik:  And this will be seen like other things that we’ve talked about before at some point in our future, it will be seen as just barbaric.

Elisa: So, I need to sort of try to forgive, Officer Hayward or Hayworth, I think it’s Hayward, I don’t know, I need to try to forgive him.

Kim:  Yeah, maybe, so then when Erik and Michael worked with me after our last channelling, they helped me to write a real short meditation and forgiveness prayer, so we’ll do this at the end. But I know with my son, when that happened to him, I had just done my hypnotherapy training, and so we had a self-hypnosis thing, we were doing and one of it was around forgiveness so, I’m doing it, and while you’re doing it, you get these thoughts, memories, pictures or sensations, well I keep seeing a cop car driving by, so I just said okay, gave up, you know and I started my forgiveness process, which for me the way I do it is, every time I think of it I pray for the other individual and send love and light and eventually it just leaves my field and it’s like a non-existence.

Elisa:  Oh cool. Good.

Kim: But I just have to let go and do it.

Elisa:  Yeah. How is he doing with it?

Kim:  He’s you know, he was just in with the wrong people at the time, and kind of got caught up and for him it wasn’t nearly as drastic but I think for him it made him see that, you know okay, I want to go a different way in my life.

Elisa: Yeah, oh good!

Kim: These friends of mine are not making good choices, and actually in this incident he hadn’t even done anything wrong.

Elisa:  Oh my God.

Kim:  It was the friends, like Erik’s, it was the friends but the friends got away and you know.

Elisa: 43% of males in American

Kim:  He’s okay with it now, I think. hmm?

Elisa: 43% of males in American have been arrested, isn’t that crazy?

Kim: That is!

Elisa: They need to be able to scrub that off their records because then you can’t get a job, you can’t an apartment, I mean it’s in your background check that you were arrested, it doesn’t say oh but he was completely innocent, it’s horrible! And even people, felons who get out of prison, why do they need to drag that with them forever, so they can’t get forward in life, why can’t they just you know, in  5 years of good behaviour, 2 years or whatever, it’s completely sealed from their record, nobody can ever, ever see that they stepped foot in prison, what do you think about that, Erik or Archangel Michael?

Erik: Those are things that can come through but that would take somebody having the ability to really know, because some of those people, especially where they’re almost borderline mentally ill but they’re just so intelligent, they could find a way to trick that they had turned the other leaf, you know turned the corner, turned the you know, that they had made amends and they were going to be productive members of society, that would be a very good idea, but there would need to be a way to determine who is trying to trick you and who is not likely to reoffend.

Elisa: Well seems like they would be more likely to go back to a life of crime, if they can’t get a job!

Kim: Right! Exactly!

Elisa:  Can’t an apartment or whatever.

Erik:  There needs to be a real supportive, restrictive kind of program to get them back into society. You know the people that really can do it. There’s millions of people in prison that do not belong to be in prison.

Elisa: Oh God.

Erik:  Non-violent crimes, things they did when they were young and stupid, you know that type of thing, the whole system really needs a big overhaul and that as the planet ascends some of that just going to naturally happen.

Elisa: Boys don’t fully mature, including the part of the brain that’s involved in discernment and judgement until you’re 25 years old at least, some people more.

Erik:  28 is pivotal.

Kim:  I don’t know, he’s not saying so much for brain development, that’s really more the, that’s when you’re an adult, around 27 -28, that age. You know, yeah legally you’re an adult at 18-20, but you’re not really an adult until you.

Elisa:  If the thumb wants them to vote for the president starting at 16-years-old before they’ve even taken a class in government.

Kim: Oh, my gosh!

Elisa: Crazy!

Erik:  That is a little crazy.

Kim:  So, yeah.

Erik:  The biggest part is healing the wounds within yourselves and not having that fear in your picture of reality.

Kim:  He’s showing me how, in some African American family where they’re young man or they’re teenager is going out for the night, those parents are coaching them on what to do and what not to do, as a way of cautioning but it’s putting fear, they walk out that door fearing that it’s going to happen and that’s what’s possible for them to bring to themselves.

Elisa:  Well maybe with Erik, if we had told him, when a cop stops you, hands on the wheel, yes officer, yes officer, yes officer, we have to do that otherwise, one might be triggered to do what Hayward did.

Kim:  Yeah.

Erik: There needs to balance, yes, they do need to have awareness but it needs to be in a way so that they’re not projecting it out in a fearful way.

Elisa: Honey, you’re going to be fine but here’s kind of like the custom, the custom is to do this.

Kim: Exactly. Exactly. So, what do you think would you like to do that little short little prayer meditation and go see Erik for a little bit and see what comes up?

Elisa:  Sure, but I also want to ask, you know I think about also the officers that are not involved in police brutality, but they get so disrespected from different people in the public and you know it must just be so disheartening because of the few rotten apples in the barrel, you know?

Kim: Yeah.

Elisa:  I mean, we need to send them some prayers and love and light because what they do, in many cases is so dangerous for us and I hate for them to be shown disrespect for something that they are not responsible for you know?

Kim: Exactly!

Erik: You’re exactly right, and you know that’s the other part with the media because there are so many good things that they do, that they do not show.

Kim:  We had here on our local news, last year or the year before, where they did show something, it was just adorable. This cute little old lady with a shopping bag, maybe 80-85 years old, she calls 911 for somebody to help her cross the street and there you see this big burly cop show up and she takes his arm and he walks her across the street. Stuff like that.

Erik: Plenty of that happens, why can’t they show us stuff like that.

Elisa:  I’ve watched lots of YouTubes, a family’s house burned down and they lost all the Christmas presents and so the cops quickly went out and shopped for a bunch of new stuff and gave it to them, it’s like.

Kim: Yeah.

Erik: That’s what the majority is like.

Elisa:  Yeah. I want to ask an unrelated question, somebody, I can’t remember who, one of the mediums, told me you are working on becoming an Ascended Master, now of course that reminds me of people who go through past life regression and they are George Washington, or you know Alexander the Great or whatever, you know it’s like really? So, are you?

Kim: Erik?

Elisa: Yeah and what is that anyway? It’s okay if you’re not, I don’t care, I mean you’re my boy I love you no matter what.

Kim:  Erik has reached his mastery.

Erik: I’ve reached my mastery.

Kim:  He’s saying like for myself, I’ve reached the mastery that I can reach with my energetic level at this time, on this planet, as you have.

Erik:  From my dimension, I have reached mastery also, where I have learned all these things, it’s like a graduation.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: I’ve learned my lessons, I’ve graduated them, I have integrated them and because of what I am doing, it is helping with my ascension.

Kim:  What he is making me feel like, and he’s saying you’ve got a big part to do with this too with the twin flame connection, he’s saying because his energy is becoming more like that of an Ascended Master, I am reaching that level, he is reaching the level of Archangel Michael and of Christ, those are ascended masters. Master teachers that might be a better term.

Elisa: Oh, okay!

Kim: A master teacher.

Elisa: Master teacher, so how did he do that? Is it like you go online, to or (laughs), online courses?

Erik: The learning and education doesn’t stop once you’ve passed over, areas that you are interested in you continue to learn, it’s like learning a skill, like playing a musical instrument, eventually, you obtain mastery over it.

Elisa:  Ugh, no homework please and I’m not going to do any research papers over there, forget it.

Erik: It’s always about something that you love and it’s thrilling and it’s fun to learn.

Elisa: What do you do, do you just absorb the knowledge, or?

Kim: It’s a combination of, he’s showing me like they look like a big professor at a college but it’s a big outdoor stadium kind of, other beings are there and they’re giving a speech on something, you know say it was playing an instrument or making music or affecting other people’s vibration with that music, they would give seminars that people who are interested would attend. So, there’s a variety of things that they can do to learn and mould what they want to know to continue their journey from the other side.

Elisa: Is part of it what you do to help other people here on the Earthly plane or over there in your reality.

Erik:  I would have to say my main job, if you want to call it that, is being a bridge between the material world and the spiritual world.

Elisa: Okay.

Erik: Offer others hope, and because so many other people before we started making these videos Mom, didn’t even know this kind thing was possible. I’m offering a lot of hope.

Kim: And he’s showing people he’s planting seeds and he’s empowering people to start doing some of these things on their own, learning that they can connect with their own deceased relatives or that they can use their unique spiritual abilities to help another individual heal, that kind of thing and themselves.

Elisa: Oh, that’s awesome! So, when you’re an ascended teacher, master whatever, do you have other abilities or like it’s not just about nudging a human, can you like save somebody from a car crash like the angels can, I don’t know, is there anything different once you’re at that energy level?

Erik:  I am clearer, I am more accessible to people and it can be more instantaneous.

Kim: When there’s a need, like he’s using this for an example, and he did this with me one time, I was just having an emotional moment and just you know being tired with the channelling and trying to work a regular job and just wondering if I could really do it, and I just kind of lost it, I just started crying, he was right here in my face, I mean I can hear him right here, it’s all right, it’s all right, I promise it’s going to be all right. Everybody goes through this, it reminded me, I mean it felt like he was upset because I was upset, you know he was just there immediately trying to provide such comfort, so he’s just so clear and so able to get to people.

Erik:  It’s just very easy for me to access knowledge now.

Elisa:  That’s awesome! Oh, does that look like a little angel to you?

Kim:  That is a little angel. Yup, yeah. I always see him at the age around when he transitioned and the thing, I recognize the most about Erik is the personality. That’s what comes through the most.

Elisa: (inaudible 33:54), oh no go ahead.

Kim: Oh no, I’m ready let’s go ahead and get started then.

Elisa:  I like your scarf, it’s so pretty.

Kim:  Oh, thank you, I’ve been shopping lately, I’ve got to brighten things up, because I’m retiring, I don’t have to wear scrubs 24/7 anymore.

Elisa: It’s looks great, it looks really great, you could pull off scarves so well, me no I look horrible in every single hat, everybody agrees I can not wear hats, I look so awful. All right go ahead.

Kim: All right, so this is just going to be a little bit short.

Elisa: Oh my God, is that you’re wine glass? Man are you going to celebrate your retirement that early? Dang! Fill it up with a margarita and see how long you last.

Kim:  This is actually called a practioners bowl, and it’s just a little easier to hang on to but the other thing is when I’m playing it, like say I have someone on my massage table, I can play sound right into their spine and it runs energy down their legs and through their body.

Elisa: Yeah but listen if you fill it up with a margarita you don’t have to sip it, you just take the other end, glug, glug, glug, that would be awesome.

Kim: Oh no, it’s not, it doesn’t go all the way through.

Elisa:  Oh well! I’m just kidding. You don’t have to rim both sides with salt, I guess.

Kim: (laughs) I would need to have multiple people over to come help me get through that, maybe we’ll do that sometime. Okay, so are you ready to get started?

Elisa: Oh, yeah.

Kim: Okay, Erik, do you have anything that you can add to our conversation on police brutality today?

Elisa: He’s whispering something in my ear but I can’t hear it, I don’t know what he is saying. Oh, let go, maybe of the thing with Hayward, is that it?

Kim: Yeah, you know I was just going to tell you, I’m hearing he’s asking you to let go, and you could even say it out loud and it would liberate it from you field, I forgive you Officer Hayward.

Elisa: Okay, I forgive you Officer Hayward.

Kim:  Did you feel your energy shift?

Elisa: Yeah.

Kim:  I did too, let it go, let it go, that’s what Erik keeps saying, let it go, anything that’s happened in the past, leave it in the past and open and open a new doorway where you see love and light and not pain and injustice because once you can do that and once you can really forgive, that’s what you broadcast out and that’s what you create.

Erik: I have come to place of understanding with that officer as well.

Elisa: That’s good.

Kim: He’s also asking me to talk a little bit about sometimes on this planet, we think others have gotten away with something, because they haven’t been caught or the officer that was involved in the shooting wasn’t appropriate wasn’t prosecuted, but Erik is telling me that there is divine justice, that an officer that does something like that, and then they draw a lot of things into their life that we would not want and he says if it doesn’t happen when they’re here on this planet they have to atone for it on the other side, not that God is a punishing God but they get to experience what they put other people through and they have to heal that wound. Is there anything else Erik would like to add Elisa or do you have any questions for him?

Erik: They may have contributed to my early exit but I was going to eventually exit anyway just maybe later on in my 20’s because of his contract, so.

Kim:  Was there, for you Erik was there a specific thing, a fear of police or fear of authority figure or maybe a past life incident where you had this kind of thing happen in your life?

Erik:  I don’t think so.

Kim:  You don’t think so, okay.

Elisa:  Are you getting anything?

Kim: No. Sometimes people do, this is what I’m getting and let me know if he confirms this, sometimes people will pick an experience that from a human perspective might look awful but they’re doing it for the higher good, and so sometimes people will pick an experience to go through so that they have that ability to use that in their toolbox of discernment, you could say. So, it feels like it might have been something like that, so it could be something similar to like oh say maybe a nurse that works in OB that had had maybe a birth, that maybe the infant didn’t live, that nurse wanted to experience that so that could have compassion for her patients, even though from a human perspective she doesn’t understand this but she picked it before she incarnated, so I’m kind of wondering if it wasn’t something like that for Erik, that or he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Elisa:  Was it the first one Erik? He’s nodding yes.

Kim: Yes. So, he choose to go through that experience to help others and to help others to shift this because anybody who follows this meditation or this prayer and it’s pretty quick, we, kept it quick for a reason so that it wouldn’t be difficult for people to do it, he said if you have trouble with it do it more than once but once you clear this within your field that it’s going to make a big help, big impact and help many.

Elisa:  Love you Erik.

Kim:  He loves you so much. And so he’s just for what I’m understanding to bring through is, he’s really saying it’s all about your perception, what you perceive through your third eye, what your previous beliefs and stories and everything you’ve formed your picture of reality, how it works, you broadcast that out, that’s you sixth chakra, they work together to the number 8, your second chakra which is your sacrum, which is your magnetic body, draws that into your experience. And so to forgive, eliminates that potential from happening, and to pray if there is an individual, say if you did know of a police officer that was behaving in a way that wasn’t what we would consider to be ethical, to pray for that individual because they either want, number 1 receive your light and love and change their ways or number 2 it sheds light and magnifies what they are doing so that they are caught and stopped, and again Erik reminds me that’s a very small percentage that that happens. The majority of police officers are loving individuals that went into with the ideals of helping. And so, we’re going to ask Erik today, do you have any more questions Elisa or anything else you would want to talk to him about?

Elisa: No.

Kim:  We’re going to ask him, before I emerge you to continue to stay with you like he has been the last few times.

Elisa:  Okay.

Kim:  Do you want to talk about some of the things you’ve noticed after these sessions when he’s stayed near you? Are there any things that stick out in your mind?

Elisa: I think I can recognize his energy better than I could before. Before I put a wall up probably because his energy triggered grief but now, I feel my boy, his energy.

Kim: Mmhmm. Yeah. Exactly and he’s telling me the way I was describing the way Whitney was describing how the music would tell us the intensity of the message, he’s saying he can put like a charge on your field so you can feel him like that. Like a charge of energy, like running through your legs.

Elisa: Yes.

Kim:  And arms. Yes. Okay, well when you’re ready, just imagine dropping an anchor through your feet into the Earth and I also want you to make a simultaneous connection all the way up to the diamond chakra, the gold, the silver, purple at the top of your head, third eye, dark blue, into the throat at light blue, emerald at the heart, yellow at the solar plexus, orange at the sacrum, ruby at the root down through the feet and into the Earth and then back up through your solar plexus, making the figure 8 or infinity.

Erik: As above so below.

Kim:  And when you’re, when all that feels complete go ahead and open your eyes.

Elisa: (inaudible 57:27) the teal and magenta and the Earth too.

Kim: Mmhmm, it’s just always a good practice just to ground what you just did.

Elisa:  Yes.

Kim: So that it’s solid.

Elisa:  I love you Erik!

Erik:  I love you Mumma, that was so much fun!

Elisa: That was fun! I forgot what I was going to say, oh well, oh yeah one thing is, thank you so much Kim, you guys need to check her out really, she can do so many things to help you, her site is and I’ll put it here. But thank you everyone, I love you! There was one other thing I was going to say but I’m getting old and I forgot, oh well.

Kim: Love you too!

Erik:  Love you Mumma!

Kim: See you next time, bye.

Elisa: Bye.


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