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I guess I’ve been terrible about sharing Erik stories, so I’ll try to include them on posts every now and then. If you have a story to share, either click on the “Share Your Story” or the “Share Your Praise” button on the righthand sidebar depending on if it’s an Erik prank or visit or if it’s a testimonial. Check these out!

Story #1

I have been listening on you tube for 6 month to you all and, LOVE IT!! So I thought I would ask Erik to do something for me, My son is homeless in Tucson. Yes, he is on any kind of drugs he can find, and it is usually Heroin. So I got tired of his actions, he has been on drugs for about 20 years, right after his father died. (he told his father that he wouldn’t live though back surgery, and his dad said, sure I will, I will be home soon) and his dad died right after back surgery. That is where I .lost Thomas, my son)
But I filled a missing person report on Thomas, they found him the same day. Arrested him. I didn’t hear from him for 3 weeks, I got very worried, I asked Erik if he would check on him, and if everything was OK, he was to pull my hair. Later that evening, I was sitting down in my chair, on my right arm, Erik pulled my hair, so I knew Thomas was OK. And Thomas did call as soon as he got out of the hole in jail, come to find out, he was with drawing from drugs and got into a fight, 3 weeks in the hole.
Thanks to all of you, we have Erik and his help for us and the world.
Love ya all
Cindy Kump

Story #2

Okay, so my bathroom light burnt out and my family couldn’t use it all of yesterday. When I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom, I started brushing my teeth and lo and behold the lights flickered and turned back on! Keep in mind that other family members previously used the bathroom before me in the morning, but it only turned on for me because only I knew Erik!! It was so funny because my mom walked into the bathroom ready to replace the bulbs (with bulbs she just bought last night), paused for 3 seconds while blinking, and finally said, “…. Huh?? The light is back on??” I’m sure Erik got a good laugh out of that!

AND THEN (because we ain’t done here) while I was at work my dad notified me that the power was out in my neighborhood. I arrive home 30 minutes after I get the text and I start to get scared because it was pitch black while I was unlocking my front door. I ask Erik, “Hmm, hey Erik, do you think you could help me out with this?” and he immediately said, “I”ll see what I can do.” 5 seconds later, the power went back on in my neighborhood!!! THANK YOU ERIK! I hope you loved that Elisa!

Yes, I did! Thanks for sharing!

Oh and don’t forget that tomorrow at 6 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. The topic: How mediums do what they do and how you can channel, too! Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Enjoy this old video from last November. As I watch this and compare it with recent videos, I’m AMAZED by how Veronica is getting better and better at her gift! I don’t often see that with mediums. Perhaps Erik is grooming her!

Thanks, Maryanne G. for the excellent transcription of this session!

Erik: Hi Momma

Elisa: Hey baby; I love you

Erik: Love you too

Veronica: He’s soft today. He’s whispering

Elisa:  Oh, alright well just make sure you slow down for Veronica because sometimes you hurry, Chatty Cathy. I thought we’d talk about scarcity.  One of the blog members recommended this and I think it’s a great idea – shortages consciousness, the idea that there is a lack of anything whether its money, natural resources, opportunity, etc.  What do you say?

Veronica: He’s doing one of these (hand stroking his chin) getting philosophical on us I think.

Elisa: Uh oh, he’s gonna have his pipe and ascot, professor type thing.

Erik: Scarcity and lack are only products of the mind. When we can value and appreciate exactly where we are for what it is, we can begin to understand that we have everything we need.

Elisa: Okay, let me make sure it’s recording. I didn’t see call recorder on so I started to panic….. Okay it’s recording.

Erik:  That’s a little gift I gave to you, that little pushing you and wondering if technology was working. I didn’t turn it off on you though. There’s one thing that I would like you all to know, it’s that lack is a mindset. When you have to option to understand that it comes from you mindset, you can begin to have everything you need. The Law of Attraction is what you think about you bring about. A lot of people in today’s world are conditioned to bring in the heaviness and the nay-saying and all this stuff from the news that’s out there.  It all plays a part up here (pointing to head) and what we carry comes with us, what’s really heavy, (bag over shoulder motion) the baggage that we bring also carries into this lack and scarcity.

Elisa: For example?

Erik: If a child was raised hearing, “We don’t have enough money.” “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “You have to work hard for your money.” Its a very natural process for that child to replicate that belief. So if the child is of the mindset that money’s hard to come by then you’re going to have a lack, it’s that simple.  I’m here to teach you the simple way and that there’s the bigger picture, but sometimes I feel it’s so obvious and that I’m being redundant because it’s so obvious. The core of it all is your mindset, what you bring to it.  For example, if you’re wearing welding goggles or ski goggles and they’re tinted yellow, you’re gonna think the world has a yellow tint. Once you take the goggles off and you see… “hello, I just saw the color because it’s all in front of my face”.  That’s the same with lack and scarcity, you’re wearing a scarcity goggle lens to see the world. The way those lenses come off is once you go out into the world and you start to experience it and begin to see. For example, in second grade where he began to see and understand who he was and that what he had was different than other children had – not labeling it, just seeing that it was different. As we go out into the world and begin to see different things; we can equate it to our physicality,  our finances, our lot in life and self worth and we can begin to see that there’s differences. Where people get off track is that they don’t understand how powerful they truly are in changing what is…. with the exception that it has to be part of our contract.

Elisa: Oh yeah, it may be part of our contract to be poor or to have a very simple life, to understand the treasure that life is.

Erik: If it’s in our contract to be poor we wont know anything else, it’ll just be common to us. We’ll notice that we’re poor and notice our shoes have holes in them and we’ll notice how we live but it will just resonate more with us other than the person who did not have the contract to be poor.

Elisa: So it’s just like “this is how life is and it’s just fine.”

Erik: Yes, and actually that person who just accepts what is, has a better chance of bringing in more to themselves than the person who fights what is.

Elisa: So the Law of Attraction is so literal that you say, “I really want this new job or I want a relationship or I want a buttload of money.” You’re telling the universe that you’re in a constant state of wanting. So how do you change your mindset so that the Law of Attraction works?

Erik: It’s not wanting, you don’t ‘want’ for anything.  What you do is you affirm that you have everything you need and everything that is due you. An analogy is, you sit back and say, “I want a Mercedes, I want a Mercedes.” So if I’m sitting here saying I want a Mercedes then what am I doing?  Essentially ‘wanting’ is the verb. I’m not actually manifesting a Mercedes because I’m sitting in the energy of lack and want.

Elisa:  I bet those are a bunch of trouble those Mercedes, those expensive cars.

Erik: (chuckling) Yes and as you understand how powerful a creator you are, you will begin to fine tune your thinking. Everything goes back to our thoughts.

Elisa: Everything goes back to our thoughts, our thoughts create our reality.

Erik: Yup

Elisa: So do you change your mindset if you want a new job (you want the new position that’s opening up) to not say, “I really want it, I really want it” but to feel emotionally in the depths of your heart what it would be like to really be in that job and pretend to yourself that you already got the job?

Erik: You see it as it is, as you want it. This is the thing; it already happened out there, it already is.

Elisa: That is true because there’s no (linear) time so you already have the job.

Erik: If you put your hands in front of your eyes you cant see what’s in front of you but once you open them up you can see and you now have the option to bring it to you. So in other words, if you’re walking around in the dark you can only see what you can see but once you open your mind up to realize,  “hey I can have anything I want because it’s already out there and all I have to do is bring it to me” and by KNOWING that it’s yours. Then you gotta get off your ass and go get it.

Elisa: Well yeah there’s a little free will involved,  you don’t want to sit in your lazy boy and say “well I have this knowing that I have a job” and there’s all these quantum probabilities where some of them are the path of reality that you don’t have a job, some of those quantum probabilities are that you do have a job.

Erik: You cant “ohmmm here it comes” the job into your life. You can focus your attention on it and focused attention is good but it has to be married to inspired action.

Elisa:  Okay well give me some visualization techniques or any kind of practical techniques that a person can follow so that they don’t fall for the scarcity consciousness.

Erik: Have the conversation with the universe and bring in what it is that you’re focusing on the most so that you can #1 understand where your head’s at because until you can see where your head’s at, you don’t know what needs to shift. You might see yourself focusing on ” I want a new job, I want a new partner, I want… I want..”  Once you realize the language then you have to shift it, so it becomes, “I am ready for my new partner, I am ready for…  I am ready for…” So that’s the next step. Then #2 you say “I am willing to do….  (fill in the space with action steps)”  It’s an awareness, it’s an acceptance of what you want and then there’s a motivation of movement behind going to get it.

Elisa: That’s really interesting because it’s not like the universe is literally thinking you’re going to be in a state of want, the universe is going to literally see you in the state of being ready, which is fine.

Erik: Absolutely and remember, when you’re in that state, you’re vibrating at a very high level and so you’re going to attract at a very high level all that energy. So for a visual, have you ever been around somebody who’s just like, “Uhhhhh (sad face)”

Elisa: Yes and sometimes that person is me.

Erik: That’s very contagious energy just like it’s very contagious if you’re (high giddy voice) up like this and everyone wants to be around you.  Anything that’s extreme can gather followers. In this world right now a lot of this low vibrating energy has a lot of followers to it and a lot of believers in it. This is why the Law of Attraction or lack is kind of taking over things. People are looking for evidence to support what they believe. Evidence to support what you believe is out there so no matter what you believe you will always find evidence to support it. So if you believe that the world is corrupt and all of these things then you’re gonna see – the news is telling me, this person around me is telling me. So again, bring into your mindset what you want your life to be is where it starts. I didn’t wake up everyday filled with joy, but I understood there was a time and place and how I could shift into that energy. Toward the end – not so much but I was able to know that I had that choice and I appreciated that. I had chemical stuff in my brain. I understand that some people have that. I’m talking about the person walking around that just chooses to come down to that low level and to think lack and scarcity. So if there’s evidence to believe it then of course you will, it’s the human way.  What I am trying to advocate for is to believe what you can’t see.

Elisa: That’s so hard; it’s called faith.

Erik: I take a birds eye view of everything and I can see…  “Hello it’s already written for you out there.”  Because there’s no such thing as time and it hasn’t arrived to your door yet you just assume it’s not coming because we’re of the negative mindset. So STOP it!

Elisa: Yes stop it right now! Any more tangible exercises we can partake in?

Erik: I want to give you this to prove it. What you focus on you will bring about. When is the last time you saw a green car?

Elisa: That’s so fascinating! I was just thinking about when you get a car of a certain color then you see a lot of them.

Erik: Use any color you want and ask yourself when is the last time you saw it? Chances are every car or every other car you see is going to be that color because you brought it into your mindset. You cannot be down low and absorb the energy of lack and poverty and “poor me” and expect to get it up high. Like-minded people will find you. So if you vibrate up high, you’re gonna pull up those people or there’s going to be a whole brand new bunch of people come toward you to help facilitate you and move you along. While we’re powerful manifesters. It takes a village because we’re all interconnected but it all starts up here (points to head).

Elisa: Right, so basically instead of focusing on a green car – unless you want a green car, then focus on that job or that partner or that financial security or new house. It raises your vibration but how do you do that?

Erik: Raising your vibration is easy because it’s just experiencing love. Love can come from nature, love can emanate from another human being. Love can start with just believing in yourself that you’re worth it.

Elisa: Get a puppy and love it.

Erik: If you want to raise your vibration just look at little baby feet.

Elisa: Watch funny cute kittens YouTubes.

Erik: That’s going to raise your vibration instead of turning on the dreadful news. I don’t like the phrase “fake it till you make it” because it implies something different. You’re not faking it, you’re being it.  Saying you’re going to walk around with a fake smile and be happy today because you’re supposed to be happy is faking it.  Walking around and truly feeling happy because you’re glad in your heart to be alive or be experiencing what you are is the authentic way of bringing it about.

Elisa: That’s true, I’ve tried that before by just walking the parking lot at Kroger or to go shopping, I look at people feel love for them and feel a connection. I’ve been doing that to complete strangers which is kind of weird but yeah it seems to really raise your vibration if you can just see that you’re so capable of loving one another.

Erik: Again, it’s the goggles that people wear and the lens that they see life through is through the conditioning that they’ve had early on in their lives. That’s where it’s at, what you think about in your head is what you bring about. What’s lack to you may not be lack to me. It’s all perception.

Elisa: Like some women like nails and want too be able to afford mani/pedis but I don’t care (shows hands). What about those people don’t feel like they’re worth having anything and have been raised to think they’re worthless?

Erik: That’s the lens in the goggles that they see it through because they believe it.  If you’re told something over and over again it’s like this: if there was a pathway from here to the other side of the street and I kept walking on that pathway and it got worn down and worn down, I would only see that as the only way to go.  Just like in your head, when you believe there’s a pathway in the brain then you keep traveling. You really have to open up your mindset and bring in a different belief. There are beautiful spiritual life coaches out there.  I’m also an advocate for therapy.  Sometimes it’s the psycho therapy, the psychology of it. There’s also Ontology which is the study of being. From a metaphysical perspective, go figure out what Ontology is. Someone on this call/video is going to need to hear the word “Ontology” and they’re going to go research it.  Now that’s an open gate, a portal that was put in there so that you can now use your free will to go a little bit deeper.

Elisa: I love the life coach idea. There’s plenty of them but Jamin Olivencia is awesome. Find him at is a really good life coach. I think people like that or a really good psychologist could really help you know who you really are, your authentic self instead of the persona that people have convinced you that you are and have helped you create this façade that makes you feel miserable.

Erik: How do you know what’s real?

Elisa: Okay how?  What feels right I guess?

Erik: The only way to know what’s real is what resonates, moves your soul.

Elisa: Yeah, you feel it. When you hear an absolute truth and it just feels right in your soul. It’s like an intuition thing, a heart thing.

Erik: Yup, it’s like tuning into a radio station. When you tune into frequency you can begin to hear things differently. You can only hear the frequency you’re at. Raising your vibration is understanding what love is. We live in such a commercialized world that love has become Valentines Day and love is not Valentines Day. Real, pure authentic love is the highest level of vibration. We were made of love by love for love.

Elisa: Oh I like that! I’m gonna write that down.

Erik: When we say we want to go home, that’s what home is.  So it’s not traveling anywhere, it’s not leaving this earth. Going home means returning back to love. Think about how peaceful love is, no matter what you’re met with.

Veronica: He’s got Gandhi here, there’s a cool, peace-vibe kind of thing like a peace pipe, like we have an audience watching us. Gandhi is an advocate of love and self-love, not in a selfish kind of way but a spiritual way.

Elisa: Sure, of course. Any words from Gandhi about abundance and how not to buy into shortage consciousness?

Gandhi: Just appreciate every single thing you have and it automatically multiplies, you will get more of what you appreciate.

Erik: When we talk more about the appreciation value of something it adds a whole new spin on it.  Just appreciate what you have.

Elisa: Even appreciate appreciation.

Erik: I’d love to take questions on it if people have questions.

Elisa: Maybe we can do a radio show on it sometime.

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