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Last night’s show was amazing as always. I’m so pleased to have Veronica as my co-host. If you missed it, check it out here:

Also, if you want to submit a question to Veronica for her monthly Q&A, click HERE. Here are some examples of questions you can ask our sweet and rascally boy: You can ask for a general message, pose questions about health, relationships and career, ask what your spiritual mission is, ask what you’re here to teach or learn, ask his to tell you about another life that most influences your current one, and ask for messages from a deceased loved one. 

Bella update: Man she was sicker than I thought. Remember when I wrote about how she vomited blood during the night? I took her to the vet the next morning and when they took her rectal temperature, not only did they find that she had a fever of 102.4 °F, when they withdrew the thermometer, it was covered with blood. Since Michelle and her hubby, Nick, had a big baby shower for a dear friend and severed brisket and barbecue chicken, I was afraid that she ate a chicken bone and that it tore up the lining of her GI tract somewhere. During the event, we kept her in her cosy carrier in my bedroom closet, but maybe afterwards she found a small bone and chewed on it. So, they kept her for the entire day, gave her fluids under her skin (clysis) and took an x-ray. Although it looked negative, my vet (the wonderful Dr. Haglund at Echo Lane Animal Center), wanted to make sure, so he had a radiologist check it out. Chicken bones are so porous, they’re easily missed on a film. The final result was negative so Haglund diagnosed it as hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. No one knows the exact pathophysiology or etiology (damn I sound so much smarter than I am when I type things like this) but the prognosis is very poor if not treated early and aggressively, especially for a tiny dog like her. Thank god she threw up in my bed instead of out in the yard where it could have been missed. So Haglund gave her a big shot of antibiotics and sent her home on oral antibiotics and Pro-pectalin gel to protect her GI tract. She wasn’t allowed to have anything by mouth, not even water, for the first 24 hours, and once she could tolerate water, we fed her some special soft diet that’s easy on the GI tract. She’s still on that soft food and doing well so far. When I picked her up, she looked like a camel because she had this giant puff ball of fluid under the skin on her back. I have to admit, it was fun to mush on. 

When I researched about HGE, it said the typical costs for treatment is around $1500, but Haglund is so freaking reasonable because he charged only $313. That fee included his exam, the subcutaneous fluids, the antibiotic shot, the labs, the Pro-Pectalin, the oral antibiotics, the special dog food, the x-ray and the $96 radiologist reading fee. He’s so awesome. When my sister’s dog had to be put down, even though she wasn’t a patient, he didn’t charger her a dime and, as he has always done with our deceased pets, he donated money to Texas A&M in her name. What a sweet guy. Plus he loves Bella and kisses on her even when he doesn’t know I’m watching. 

Wednesday night, Rune and I joined in-laws, Lisa and Grant Braly to celebrate my daughter, Kristina’s belated birthday at her and Houston’s home. I love Lisa and Grant and couldn’t ask for sweeter in-laws! Furthermore, they love Kristina as if she was their own daughter. It’s funny, because I remember 10 years ago when Kristina was in a summer anatomy program before starting her first year of medical school, she told me she had a crush on the class instructor (i.e. her future husband, Houston.) He treated her like she was invisible, but we found out later that the feelings were mutual, but he had to wait until he was not her instructor anymore before asking her out. Eventually, Kristina told me that his father, Grant, is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle surgery. I exclaimed, “Whoa! That’s the guy that repaired my pulverized 5th metatarsal bone after I bounced it along the edges of several steps when I tripped on the way downstairs.” The bone was such a mess that he had to put a plate, pins and cadaver bone in to put it back together. When I told Annika about the cadaver bone, she asked, “What was his name?” Haha. 

Enough of your babbling, woman! Here’s today’s YouTube with our wonderful Raylene Nuañes. She’ll be offering monthly Q&As in a few weeks and if you want a reading, whether it’s tarot, astrology, oracle cards or a regular channeling, click HERE.

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