Erik on the Coronavirus

I was  frankly shocked at some of the secrets  Erik revealed about the Coronavirus pandemic. Prepare for your jaw to drop. I hope our government listens to this! Erik, along with Louis Pasteur and another scientist, reveals the origin of this deadly virus, why some are more susceptible, what caused it to spread, what’s going to happen to this pandemic in the future and how it’s going to affect the economy and stock market. 

But first, I’d like to share the radio show last night. Last night’s guest on Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment was EVP expert, Ron Lederer. He came to Channeling Erik five years ago. For several years’ prior he was involved using for EVP for investigative purposes. Ron says that as soon as he learned about a mom (me) hearing a voice message from her son on the other side…he came right over to Channeling Erik to check it out. Ron said he couldn’t imagine a more perfect application for this technology than to help others confirm that the energy of their loved-ones continued…and he knew there was no energy more powerful than the love connection between mother and child. Ron was quick to set-up a FB site for building a team to listen and translate voice messages. Messages are have come in from lots of CE Mediums and from individual recording sessions that he does for others. His site has hundreds of messages you can listen to. In this episode, Ron shared actual EVPs from Erik and other spirits, discuss the technology behind them and teach us how to capture our own EVPs. Not all of the audio files I uploaded to the studio page in BlogTalkRadio worked. Three of them got stuck in processing. But I plan to do a YouTube on all the EVPs soon. Hit the notification bell if you don’t want to miss it. If you want to check out all the EVPs and other information about them, go to Ron’s Facebook page, “Voice Portal Messaging”.

NOTE: LISTEN FOR EVPS THROUGHOUT THE SHOW! Ron is analyzing the recording as you read this.

And now for the hotly awaited Coronavirus video. Hat’s off to Pamela Aaralyn for the masterful channeling for both the radio show yesterday and this Coronavirus session. Check out the many links she has in the YouTube description box, and for her main site, click HERE.

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