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There is something special about our evolving to the “New Earth.” and many think it involves raising its vibration to another dimension. Find out more, thanks to our sweet and wise boy. Oh, and PLEASE help me out by subscribing and clicking like and the notification bell, three things that take less that five seconds yet means so much to Erik and me. Also, click the LIKE button. THANKS IN ADVANCE! Jennifer Doran, as you can tell, is the real deal. Check her out at!

But first, check out the latest video from my little channel, Two and a Half Dogs.

Poor Scoutie. I think she may have been murdered by some sort of string instrument in a previous life. She’s terrorized by anything with strings: guitars, fiddles, banjos, and ukuleles. I’m trying to desensitize her slowly, and I give her hemp oil in her water dish to calm her down, but it’s been a work in progress. I always make sure she’s outdoors when I practice my banjo or ukulele. I don’t know why I even bother taking up instruments. I’ve tried several: the flute, the guitar, now the banjo and ukulele, but I always reach a plateau just beneath mediocre. But I love it. It’s fun and exercises the last two brain cells currently in agonal breathing. The thumbnail image is one in which Scout, when I started playing my banjo, runs up to the guest room where the documentary filmmaker and her assistant were staying while filming my story during the entire month of October. LOOK AT THOSE EYES! Poor girl. By the way, I gave up on learning to play the ukulele. Word of advice, don’t try to play an instrument when you keep spelling it wrong like I did. (“Ukelele” isn’t correct!)

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Oh and don’t forget about Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show Tuesday at 4:00 PM PT/6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET. 

This Tuesday’s guest is EVP expert, Ron Lederer. He came to Channeling Erik five years ago. For several years’ prior he was involved using for EVP for investigative purposes.  Ron says that as soon as he learned about a mom (me) hearing a voice message from her son on the other side…he came right over to Channeling Erik to check it out.   Ron said he couldn’t imagine a more perfect application for this technology than to help others confirm that the energy of their loved-ones continued…and he knew there was no energy more powerful than the love connection between mother and child.  Ron was quick to set-up a FB site for building a team to listen and translate voice messages. Messages are have come in from lots of CE Mediums and from individual recording sessions that he does for others. His site has hundreds of messages you can listen to. 

In this episode, Ron will share actual EVPs from Erik and other spirits, discuss the technology behind them and teach us how to capture our own EVPs. If you want to check out all the EVPs and other information about them, go to Ron’s Facebook page entitled “Voice Portal Messaging” at

Then, after 20-30 minutes, Erik will take questions from listeners, and the answers will be channeled by Pamela Aaralyn, her first time as the show’s co-host. You can find out all about her and all of the amazing services she has to offer at Last, iyou want to talk to Erik, call in to 646-716-9735.

You can also access the show through

Last, check out these two important messages from deceased. Are these your relatives? If so, email me at

I’ve had two different people reach out to me through Instagram in the last 48 hours with messages from deceased. One says Erik came through during a reading and said that a “Joe Swanson” is desperate to talk to “Peter.”
The other is a message regarding a “Youmu Konpaku” who says she’s looking for Yuyuko but is stuck between our world and the afterlife.
If you have knowledge of either, contact me at

Enjoy today’s main event!

Last but not least, I’d like to introduce the work of a very talented poet. Barbara Wikle has been a CE blog member for a long, long time. Here is a bit about Barbara and samples of her poetry. I find these poems very healing. 

My name is Barbara K. Wikle, I grew up in Washington State with my father who wrote children stories. He told me at 10 years old not to just see people but to feel them. How do they feel are they comfortable? Or do you back away from them. So, feeling people became a part of me which taught me intuition. At 17 years old, all these feelings started pouring out of me in poetry.

To buy my books search Barbara Wikle on Amazon

  • In the Silence
  • Don’t Cry for Me
  • Butterflies in Your Heart
  • Poetry and Thoughts of The Soul

Rushed In

My heart rushed in afraid I’d lose you,

My Soul whispered, “walk loss is not real.

~ ~ ~


My mind broke so many times I found my heart,

My heart broke so many times I found my Soul.

~ ~ ~


Father, often I wish to talk to you,

just to hear your voice for a minute or two,

to ask questions of things I never knew,

like now that your gone what do I do,

to ease the pain when I’m missing you?


Did God give you the answers,

when he came for you?


He touched you and your pain he soothed.


I thank him every day for the birth of you,

just as you did when he gave me to you.


Father our love is so dear,

it seems sometimes I can almost hear,

Dear Barbie, though in spirit I may be,

you will have to be the little lady,

I taught to feel and not see.

~ ~ ~

Draw Me A Picture

Draw me a picture of anything you want,

the way you feel like a child,

will be displayed in what you draw.


I want to hang it on the fridge,

to display your art,

and let you hear as I tell my friends,

look at what you have drawn!


It matters not to me what you grow up to be,

it only matters in my heart,

what it is, you think.


And when you stop communicating,

with me into your teens,

I will ask you to draw me a picture,

not ask you what you think.


I know you may not say to me,

what it is you think,

as a teen, you will want,

to hide some thoughts from me.


And I will very much respect you,

and give you the space you need,

but I will ask you to draw me a picture,

to see what I can see.

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Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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