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If you missed it, Erik left a stunningly clear EVP at the very end of our YouTube interview with Dr. Stephen Hawking. Listen to the audio clip:

What a wonderful birthday present to me! Also, in her first session with me, medium Jennifer Doran told me Erik would make a picture in the house fall down. Shortly afterwards, I noticed one of the framed photos on the fireplace mantle face down. There’s no way it would have fallen accidentally (and we have no indoor cats) without falling to the ground. The ledge is just too narrow. Pretty cool! Check out Jennifer HERE!

By the way, the overwhelming majority of you would like to see the return of the monthly Q&As. I like them, because for just a few bucks, you can get your question answered, which is great for those of you who can’t afford an hour long session with a medium. I’m trying to get 2 or 3 mediums to participate because these sessions notoriously book up within a couple of hours. 

Now enjoy this session on ego, applicable to everyone who is human!

Last, I received a nice email from producer, filmmaker and sound expert, Rich Martini, bragging about the accuracy of medium, Veronica Drake. Check it out:

Wow, that’s fantastic. Indeed, so cool to hear his voice, and how casual he says it.
Interesting to note; the frequency with which we can hear him is different than the other time – if you remember, everything was kind of “slowed down” to about half normal speed. (When I sped it up 1 1/2 times it sounded normal, or more like this.) I can only guess that he’s got the frequency mastered by now.
the other fun detail – I was just transcribing my own interview with Stephen Hawking. I’ve been working with a medium Jennifer Shaffer (she appeared in “Hacking the Afterlife”) and for the most part we interview people I knew or she knows. That way it’s easier to verify some of the details. But in this case, we decided to just “see if it was possible” to ask him some questions…
And we got the same results. He appeared “about the age of 29” and spoke of what adventures he’d been on since entering the flipside. He also spoke of the same details about black holes, and his new opinion of them (as portals.) I asked him the same portal question, but in his answer, at first he said “no” as in “not the way you think they are” but went on to describe a portal for information or energy to be exchanged.
Also this “big event” you mentioned – I spoke to a guide about it (In “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife”) and he said “Shift in Consciousness” as well. But he said “In terms of the cosmos, it’s not big deal. He said “You humans always think by naming something you get a better handle on it, but it’s not that important.” He said “If you want to understand a shift in consciousness, imagine yourself a crab walking on the ocean floor and you open your eyes and realize “You’re in an ocean.” That’s a shift in consciousness.”
So not something to worry about… just something that will inevitably happen because everything is connected, and as more people become aware of the possibility of communicating with the afterlife (or the beyond life) the more it will become a normal thing.
Hawking also showed us a past life memory of a soldier in the Greek or Roman era – who wasn’t very nice, he said. Said almost all of the same things that he said to you and Veronica. (You know, I like to have multiple sources, so we can parse out the parts that are based on bias or syntax).
But how funny is that?
Anyways, thanks for sharing, it’s thrilling in a way – but at the same time, “But of course!” Any kid who can figure out how to call his mom on the phone from the flipside, will eventually figure out how to get his voice heard on the audio portion of a conversation when talking to her.
I’m wondering if it’s something he could do more of? Or if it’s something that he can’t really focus on, just has to say it as “loud as he can.”
Either way, thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!!!
I made a clip so the audio goes straight to the sentence… (also posted on my webpage
That said, be sure you book a session with Veronica before she gets booked up. She’s getting better and better!. Just go to


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