Erik on the ET Reverse Engineered Super Suit


I WANT ONE! What does this incredibly complex suit NOT do. Out technology pales in comparison to that from extraterrestrials. This suit is out there, but not available to anyone but the military. We, the citizens who play taxes that fund the military, should have access to these suits! (Not that I could afford one! LOL) Thanks, Michelle Gray ( for such a great job channeling my boy! DON’T MISS FUTURE CONTENT LIKE THIS! Hit the NOTIFICATION BELL and SUBSCRIBE!

Enjoy! And thank you SO much to those of you who have donated to CE to help defray a portion of the overhead costs. It tells me (and Erik) that you enjoy the content we provide, which means, to me as a mother, that his death was not simply a tragic waste. That’s incredibly important as a balm to soothe the heart of a (slightly and forever) broken woman. I truly appreciate it to the bottom of my heart and soul.

By the way, the producer/director is returning to my home for more filming for the documentary, but they have to wait until there’s no travel ban between Canada and the United States. Just wanted to keep you posted. 

Oh, and as many of you may already know, Raylene Nuañes at is working with law enforcement to locate missing persons. Here is important news from her. Monday, I will post an amazing video where she validates the location of a law officer to prove that she’s the real deal And she is. However, I can’t post that here because the format of the video she sent me was something incompatible with posting on WordPress. I have asked her to convert it to a link via so that when you click on it, it’ll download as an mp4 file to your desktop. 

Here’s her message:

Beautiful friends,

The energy On the planet is evolving and like many of you I have been going through major transformation on all areas of my life. My work has changed and moving in a slightly different direction. I will no longer offer 1-1 training or 25 minute readings. All Readings will be at 55 minutes by phone only I have limited availability with this change  I also had a price increase .  Please know this decision was not taken lightly as I am aware how this impacts everyone. I will eventually completely stop doing readings, time frame on that is unsure however I’m thinking by the end of this year I will be done with doing any type of one-on-one readings
I am moving into investigation work and detective work I included a video clip that I had to splice. This will  give you a view on what I am  now doing with my time. I hope I can still have the opportunity to teach and engage with everyone on a larger level . My goal is to continue to awaken and spread love and light in this world as I will continue to do this with videos that I create and teachings series.
Please I know that a lot of time and contemplation went into this decision what has finally come to me is This is the healthiest decision for myself, my family, and my business, as balance in life is so important.
With that being said
I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused any of you. I’m sending love and light to you all.  I have so many emotions as I go through these changes & it’s not an easy transition, but I know in my heart it’s needed.
However I’m so excited to offer a new opportunity; “Connect to Energy” webinar series. This is five (5) 1:15 hour online group webinars taught over the course of 5 weeks.
I’m collaborating with my  reiki master Lali Akana who will Co-teach with me. Together we will share our knowledge of energy protection & shielding, using a tuning fork & oracle decks. You will also connect to vibrational energies of spirit & inter dimensional beings. This webinar series launches June 10th & I’d love for you to join us! Visit my website; for more information or to contact me with any questions.  if you wish to contact with me with questions please go directly through my website and click on contact me and follow the prompts please note I will not be responding to you I now have an assistant who is responding to all of my emails that come directly from the website.
With love and light, Raylene

Have a wonderful weekend and know that I LOVE each and every one of you!

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