Our Sweet but Naughty Boy

Enjoy these two sweet testimonials for Erik and do submit your own as well!

Praise #1

First of all I want to explain that I CAN SEE ENERGIES with my naked eyes in the form of splashes of lights that opens on the air I also see orbs and I can interact with them, unfortunately I can’t distinguish all the time who the are but, when I called to the channeling Eriks radio a while ago Erik told me to pay attention to the energies personalities so he make it very clear for me when is him!!! now that I explained this I can tell you one of many interactions with my sweet but NAUGHTY BOY!! one day I was in the gasoline station filling the tank with my 2 daughters and 2 of their friends ! when I went to pay with the credit card at the pump it din’t go through ,so I had to go inside to pay and when I came back I had to walk over the hose that was in my car gas tank but I lost my balance and I fell on my tooshie and my legs went flying up on the air :{ I look at the kids in the car they asked me if I was ok and as soon that I said yes I’m OK they started laughing hysterically!! ( I had to say it was pretty funny) so one of my girls came to help me to stand up between we were all laughing and me a little bit embarrassed with my legs on the air :{ I went inside my car to start driving I look at my side view mirror & I saw ERIK’S energy splashing for a couple seconds on the side mirror he WAS LAUGHING I MEAN CRACKING UP!!!l of my embarrasing experience :} omg !!I fell that my face turned RED like a tomatoe (I swear I can feel his present very strongly like he here in his body )and I told him one day Erik!!! one day !!!!I will get you back boy and I will make you turn red like a tomato too :} ! lol I’m very fortunate that I can see energies and interact with them I’m in the process of learning Clairaudience !!I have to say Erik is someone very important in my journey ,this journey for all of as call LIFE as he tell me I will post more encounters soon <3 (when he wants to EMPHASIZE something to me he shows me his energy as little tiny splashes of blue lights that move very fast (it is very beautiful !!!) blessing to all the warriors of CE <3

Praise #2

Hi Elisa, and Erik

I just wanted to say thank you, and send positive energy, for your incredible work. It is very much appreciated, and I believe, necessary at this time of great change. I find your posts calming, helpful, informative and validating. Please don’t let a minority of unawake people with negative intent spoil your positive energy and intentions. You are a wonderful, amazing and inspirational person. Thank you for all that you do. It is very much appreciated..
Kind Regards

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