All About Erik, Part One

Ringo is almost fully recovered, thanks to all of your prayers. This weekend, since Emma’s daughter will be out of the hospital, we plan on having a 2 hour session covering the afterlife interview of Laci Peterson, all about climate change and that mysterious legend, Moth Man. It should be entertaining stuff, and I can’t wait to share it!

Also, check out this awesome book by blog member, Ariel Becklin. It’s called, The Afterlife of Marlis and Rosemary and is available in Kindle at the moment. Click HERE to find out more. It’s definitely worth a read.

Don’t forget that MONDAY at 7 PM CT is Erik’s Hour of Enlightenment radio show. Call 619-639-4606 15 minutes prior to talk to Erik.

Here’s Part One of medium, Veronica Drake’s, session, All About Erik. Very poignant. Soon, Veronica will be accepting Q & A’s for Erik. She’s setting up her website now. Emma should be publishing the September Q & A next week. As many of you know, her daughter has been seriously ill in the hospital, which caused a bit of a delay. I’ve reached my limit of questions for the Ask Erik column, so those of you who didn’t make the cut might want to submit your questions to Emma or Veronica. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Cassandra B. for doing an excellent job with this transcription. 

Me: Hello Veronica, how are you doing?

Veronica: Hey! Hi, I’m doing wonderful. Thank you.

Me: Everybody, this is my fist time to have a session with Veronica Drake. So I want to start out, before we talk to Erik. Hi Erik, I love you. I want to start out by having you tell people a little bit about yourself and how they can get in touch with you.

Veronica: Sure. Veronica Drake is my name and my website. So it’s very simple. I communicate with angels and I use intuition and I’m able to contact and communicate with our deceased loved ones, with heart and soul. I really feel what I do. I’m very blessed.

Me: Are you saying you are clairsentient or you just feel like it’s a passion for you?

Veronica: Both.

Me: Oh, Both.

Veronica: I hear things, I feel things, I smell things. I teach things and I’m always open to learning.   I always learn from the people I connect with.

Me: Tell us about your story. Did you have these since birth? Or were you hit in the head by a rock after you fell from a horse. I just told her about my horror story. That’s why I’m saying that.

Veronica (laughing): No, actually I went to take my life. I was done. I didn’t want to be here anymore.

Me: Been there. Done that.

Veronica: I had done some things that I thought were not worthy of not being alive. I was going to careen my car. Was flooring it and I literally felt the presence of the angels come in, wrap me, feel their warm breath and say to me, “we’ve got this, what are you doing?”

Me: ….sends chills.

Veronica: Since November 1996 I’ve been hearing, seeing and translating off and on since then. And I have built a business out of this because I thought people have to know about me, to know what I can do and so I went professional.

Me: Good. Of course, how else are you going to get out there?

Veronica: Totally.

Me: That’s awesome. Is it or .com?

Veronica: .com

Me: Okay. Let’s bring in Erik. So I hear that you’ve met Erik already. I want to apologize for any pranks or nastiness or pestering he does but he’s loveable.

Erik: Hi Mommy!

Me: Awww….

Veronica: The first experience I had with Erik, it was kind of like he walked up to me and taped me and he said “let’s do this. I’m ready”. He knew I was very nervous to do this. He assures me that this has nothing to do with me. He’s actually telling me, today is going to be filled with a lot of seriousness and a lot of twists and turns, but a lot of fun because that’s the way it needs to be. He’s relating to the story that I told of wanting to take my own life. He’s very adamant about talking about it in a way that’s informative and powerful. I’m looking at him over here and he’s kind of doing this (moves hands and wiggles). He’s ready to go and pushing me along. Erik, where do you want to start?

Me: He’s a mover and a shaker. He paces. He jiggles. He’s very…

Veronica (Nodding): ….All over the place.

Me: All over the place.

Veronica: He wants to start talking about life and how he felt when he was here.

Erik: Life for me always felt like I was missing a shoe and always looking for the other shoe.

Veronica: Erik, help us understand how someone might relate to that?

Erik: When you feel like your life is on track and then all of a sudden you go to move in a different direction with it and you see that you only have one shoe on your foot. You can’t go somewhere without the other shoe on your foot. There’s a piece of something that’s missing. I felt like that quite often throughout my life. Especially from mid-teen years to my passing. It was very frustrating.

Veronica (laughing): He’s telling me to take a breath. He feels my anxiety.

Me: Don’t be nervous, it’s just me.

Erik: I understand completely, that I didn’t understand when I was here, is that missing shoe was missing pieces of my soul contract. Why I came in.

Me: What were those pieces Erik?

Erik: There were things that I agreed to, that I would fulfill while I was here, but why they didn’t get fulfilled was, it was like the right players didn’t cross my path. It wasn’t meant to be.

Veronica: He’s showing me that we all come in like a holograph. We all have various pieces to us. This person holds a piece, and this person holds a piece.

Erik: They’re not pieces, they are lessons.

Me: Ah okay.

Erik: So our lessons are here and here and everybody holds a piece.

Veronica: He likens the pieces to something missing like the shoe.

Me: Who/what were the persons who didn’t come into your life or, at least, what were the lessons that didn’t come into your life?

Erik: I take responsibility for the fact that maybe I didn’t wait long enough. That’s what I want people to hear. It’s just a feeling. If anyone is feeling this, you can breathe and hang on because the pieces will come.

Veronica: He assures me of that. Erik help us understand what can we see as a piece? Give us an example of your piece.

Erik: One of the pieces was tolerance. I became intolerant with a lot of things. I wasn’t very patient. A piece of my contract was patience and tolerance. What I thought was someone would hand deliver this to me. Meaning, someone will find my shoe for me. I realize that people in my life can only look so hard and so long for the shoe, that it’s my responsibility to know where I put my shoe and to go looking for the shoe.

Veronica: He’s using the shoe reference and showing me a big sneaker. Kind of Vans looking shoe thing.

Me: Yeah he wore Vans.

Veronica: He wants people to understand that depression…. He talked to me before about John of the Cross and I wasn’t sure what the correlation was at our pre-meeting. He’s telling me now, John of the Cross was the author of Dark Night of the Soul. Erik experienced Dark Night of the Soul on several levels. He calls it depression.

Me: When he was alive, right?

Veronica: Yeah. Absolutely.

Erik: The Dark Night of the Soul, or as you used the word depression, comes because we have a misperception about why we are here.   We think things should be one way and in reality they were set up to be this way. I could only know that now on the other side. Mom, I eat cotton candy and ice cream, it’s all good. It’s all good here.

Me: Oh yeah.

Erik: I know it was a lot of disconnect for me.

Veronica: Disconnect.

Me: Was he supposed to take his life eventually, just later, or was he supposed to grow old and die?

Erik: I understand that that it was apart of my contract that I would have an early exit, but perhaps not quite this early. Again, patience, tolerance…all of that. I can now appreciate, because I am here, the beauty of….

Veronica: Say it, Erik!

Erik: Being different.

Me: I was told, by somebody else, that he was supposed to really wait until he was 27, so he would be out of the house and take his life where we wouldn’t find him.

Veronica: He was showing me 26. He’s a beautiful, beautiful soul and he’s got so much life in him. I mean, I know that sounds …. You’re there, but he does. He’s bombastic, like he’s moving all over the place.

Erik: John of the Cross, for lack of a better way to describe who he was, was Jesus.

Me: Wow. Ok. Literally.

Erik: Literally. The Christ energy came into John of the Cross.

Me: Oh, I see. I don’t even know anything about John of the Cross. Is he a human being?

Veronica: John of the Cross as he’s telling me he was a priest or something like that…

Me: Oh was he dead?

Veronica: …….who was in the 1500s. This John of the Cross actually bore his physical cross, like Jesus did, in this love and worship of a Carmelite nun, Saint Teresa of Avila. He’s showing me this, John’s got very worn fingers. He knows that he should have bored….

Erik: wait a minute, let me say this right so I don’t confuse people.

Veronica (laughing): He’s very chatty, very quick.

Me: Yes.

Erik: I know I should have had my cross held higher but, I was too proud to ask for help.

Me: Who was?

Veronica: Erik is saying he was too proud.

Me: Oh Erik.

Erik: What I admire about John of the Cross is that he had the help of St. Teresa. He went to her. I blame no one. I could have asked for help. I want people to know that my message is one of information and wanting people to know that everything is ultimately is as it should be.

Veronica: He’s very open to any questions that I, myself, want to ask him because he’s new to me. He doesn’t know how to respond to me and so maybe I should ask him a question to tell me about himself?

Me: Sure, but let me ask one thing, you wanted to learn and needed the lesson of tolerance and patience – I think everyone does – was that so that you could have those skills to become a better spirit guide?

Erik: No, well yes. Every soul comes in to learn something. Every soul comes in with its own contract.

Veronica: He’s got a literal piece of paper in his hand.

Erik: Think of it like an Easter egg hunt. You’ve got your Easter basket and you’re scurrying around the yard and you’re looking for all of these eggs to put in this basket and what this is, is patience and tolerance is part of what you find to make up this contract. So it won’t make you a better spirit guide. Yes it could make you, if you are chosen to be a spirit guide.

Me: Don’t you choose that on your own? There’s no, what do you call it, job relocation company or recruiter “okay, we’re going to put you in that position”.   It’s not that right?

Erik: It’s a feeling that you get. Feeling chooses you because everything is a feeling. Even when you are here on earth, everything is a feeling. Intuition is a feeling, it’s just a knowing, and it’s a gut feeling, a hunch. It’s never really different here. I don’t understand the whole picture of what would have happened had I stayed her on earth. So nobody can understand. I don’t want anybody to try to articulate who I would have been at 40 because no one would know that.

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