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I just want to say thank you for everything your doing with your son Erik words can not describe the effect you both have on my life but Iam sure Erik knows. I have crohns collitis since 2000 surgery not sure I should say this but it made me a better person open minded, I am a Catholic lol always thought wat a joke but believe in God etc. Anyways I kept digging on YouTube fearing the hell part with what I was listening to, then a came across Erik and your story and thought wow what a duo, the love the witty ye portray oh and no Hell LOL basically I just want to say with all my heart your an amazing woman so loving and brave Eric is sooo blessed to have you as he s mama . I feel like I would have loved to known Eric but funny enough through all of this and yer banter I do which I love. Still reading your blogs not read them all yet but getting there sort of savouring them. Thanking ye both so much for Brighting up my life not forgetting the mediums especially Jamie she cracks me up it’s because of her joy she expresses funny girl. ???

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