Erik Pays a Visit!

We’re planning on spending Memorial Day at the house, hosting a swim party for Arleen’s 11th birthday! Little does my husband know that I bought a Slip N’ Slide for the party as well as a huge inflatable floating mat. He’s going to be pissed! He hates those things because they’re hard to store and the Slip N’ Slides kill the grass if left there for very long. I see his point, but…

Rune is at COTA (Circuit of the Americas) in Austin, TX racing his BMW motorcycle up to around 200 mph. (Gulp). It’s the kind of racing where you drag a knee during the turns. He has a special suit that’s padded heavily everywhere and has replaceable pucks on the knees that get ground down by the track like pencil erasers. His new suit also inflates when its sensors detect an impending crash with the pavement. That makes me feel better. Plus his gloves are partially made of stingray skin, so they’re pretty much indestructible. All in all, it’s safer on the track suited up like that which everyone going in the same direction than it is to ride on the roads in and around the city with maniacs crisscrossing your path while texting. 

For a very brief period of time, I had a Honda Silverwing scooter. If I remember correctly, I snuck out and bought it while Rune was out of town. On the first day, the throttle developed a mind of it’s own, so I careened into the garage door. (Thankfully at a very low speed.) My brand new bike had it’s first little nick. I was devastated. Well, that might be over-exaggerating. Anyway, I went to the Honda store and bought touchup paint. I prepped the surface as per the directions and dabbed the tiny spot with the paint. But it just didn’t look right. So I re-prepped, re-painted, re-prepped, re-painted until the tiny spot of damage was huge! Eventually, I went to a hobby shop and bought a spray gun. That was a recipe for disaster. Long story short, when Rune came home, he laughed his ass off and took it to a body shop to have the entire thing repainted. 

After I got the bike back, I was gun shy about riding it fearing I would “lay it down” on the pavement. It was a very unwieldy, top-heavy bike anyway. So, I covered the sides with bubblewrap. Rune’s brother was in from Norway and thought that was so hilarious that he reminds me of it every time he visits. It’s a thing with him now.

But I do miss the times when Rune and I would haul our bikes out to the country on a trailer and ride on some of the most picturesque roads in Texas, including the beautiful Hill Country. My first bike used for that purpose was a Ducati Monster. Erik loved riding that one. Then, I rode my MV Agusta. That was my favorite because my legs are short and the seat height on that bike was super low. 

Here’s yet another post where I failed to click the publish button. Dang there are so many of them! Could have been a glitch, but it’s more likely me and my last two brain cells writhing in their death throes. 

I seems like my incessant whining to Erik paid off. I woke up to the strong smell of cigarette smoke. I know it was him because I felt his energy, plus, he sure did love his ciggies! God how I love that boy!

Enjoy these great testimonials for Erik!

Story #1

Good day,

I am currently still reading the book “my life after death” and i am on chapter 23. I am a very spiritual person and i am enjoying reading the book and loving the language he uses, most of the time i find myself laughing alone just thinking of the way he was saying most of the things i read from the book.

I am also desperately looking for a job in Pretoria and he has sort of enlightened a lot of things i would need to do to get that, like the fact that I actually need to invite the angels into my home and my life and be vulnerable and at a good state of mind to accept the help.

I believe Erik is also reading this and soon I’ll be working in Pretoria.


Story #2

Hi there,
I did not know your son, but i am so happy that you and your family have found a way to continue to be with him. I am reaching out to you because I have stumbled into channeling just for mysel. I’m very new to the process, and I have thought for the longest time that my spirit guides name was ErIN. I thought I might google the name to see if anyone had found that guide as well, but before I had a chance I glanced down and saw all of your Erik videos on my YouTube feed. It seemed like a strong coincidence. I’m not sure if your son is in contact with me, but if he is, I’m sure he’s doing a world of good for me. I just wanted to share this insight to see what your thoughts were around it. Sending lots of love and light to you and your family.

Story #3

Dear Elisa,
I wish I could tell you how much Erik and you have transformed my life. I have not suffered any major loss or grief but I had a traumatic childhood. It was not physically traumatic but an emotionally traumatic one as my parents, especially my dad, maybe unknowingly, weakened my self-esteem and self-worth tremendously out of his over concern and over protection for me. He would constantly find faults with me and put me down, in an effort to correct me and mould me into the way he thought was proper. Being a sensitive child, I reacted strongly to his attitude as I did not get the love and affection from my mom to compensate for it. In the process I grew up with a heavy emotional baggage, but I gradually moved towards spirituality, which helped me to come out from my bitterness and anger towards my parents. I am now married with two daughters and I have tried to be a good mother to my two daughters, ensuring that they did not have any emotional issues while growing up. Erik and you came into my life a few years back and you both have helped me to understand a lot.about myself. I can especially relate to you since you too had an abusive childhood. One line of yours especially resonated strongly with me when you talk about the value of pain. As you said in one of your blogs, “Even a painful childhood is of value. Through my childhood full of abuse, I became more assertive, more compassionate, and I became a much better mother than I probably would have been otherwise. I’m super nurturing much to the annoyance of my kids.” I too feel the same about myself and have now forgiven my parents for whatever they did to me as a child. I can now feel more compassionate towards them since they acted out of ignorance or maybe it was all in my best interest. I would like to thank you and Erik, who too gave me great advise when I questioned him through Shruti Kamble, regarding an issue with my daughter. Maybe unknowingly I too was over concerned about her and felt that she needed to grow more spiritually, but Erik told me to relax and let her follow her own soul agenda. She is now spiritually much more evolved and has shaped up beautifully after I stopped being over concerned and critical about her.

So thank you and all your mediums who bring us in connection with Eik. God bless you!!

Mousumi M.

Check out this 3 minute demonstration filmed a few years ago of Jamie using an RF  meter to communicate with Erik. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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