Erik Shares More Unsolved World Mysteries!

Erik and I have been having so much fun working with portals. I have a brand new Scalar Wave generator with a receiver and a transmitter. I sit between them and use dowsing rods to ask Erik yes and no questions but also to close portals that need to be closed and open portals that are closed but should be opened to let in information and consciousness important to spiritual evolution and channeling. The scalar field makes all of this 10 times more powerful and allows me to work on people and homes remotely since scalar waves carry information over infinite distances. I even have a DNA analyzer where I can put a person’s DNA, scan it, and come up with all the frequencies necessary to compile healing programs for that person. It’s truly amazing.

First, of course, I worked on my family. The day after I closed and sealed Lukas’s portals, he went from his $15/hour intern pay to getting a 2-3 month position in California making $12,000/month and his next position will be $16,000 a month! And Annika’s next Step 2 practice test for med school went up  10%. The only thing is that even with protection, I do get negative entities transferred to me, leaving me very sick, wracked with pain and losing hair. It’s getting better, because Erik is teaching me how some protection skills. Also, after I do the portal work, when I finish my bath, there’s gross black scum left behind. Yuck.

Another thing, this has really helped the accuracy of a couple of the mediums, increasing their accuracy rates by 15%! I’m thinking about creating a business for 1) permanently opening and closing portals in energy bodies of individuals, couples, children, troubled, families, homes, businesses, etc and 2) special packages for mediums beyond portal work to help mediums, empaths and lightworkers. There are frequency sets for decalcifying the pineal gland, activating DNA, opening, aligning, balancing individual or groups of chakras, awakening the kundalini, healing trauma, particularly in empaths or those who have been subject to the negative energies and entities that have come through open portals, etc. I’ll keep you informed. I’ll let Erik set the prices. He has already set the trauma protocol at $150 for a 5 day, 2 hour and 15 minute a day protocol. That’s $150 for the entire 5 days, but I would need DNA like fingernail clippings.

Humor me. Do you have a kid who is out of control or seems suddenly mentally ill or depressed? A weird spot your home/apartment/workplace? A toxic co-worker or boss? A toxic relationship? Does anyone you know (or you) struggle with depression or substance abuse? Maybe a scan for open portals is in order. Take this poll because I want to garner interest. The thing is, until I can full protect myself, I can’t accommodate a lot of people because, the truth is, I’m losing a lot of hair because of it. Erik attributes this to the negative entities and he’s working on that with me. PLEASE take the two second it’ll take to take this poll. It’s important to me and it may be important to you and the people you love.

One more thing, while Erik and I were working, I heard a loud sound in the utility room. When I checked, I saw that the laundry basket that had been sitting squarely on top of the dryer had flown off, flipped over and landed on the floor in front to the washing machine. The dryer wasn’t on. Erik said it was him!

Okay, now to the mysteries. Some of these are extra creepy!! Just like the recent one on mysteries, this is another great channeling by Jennifer Doran. You can check her out at Please support us by hitting that notification bell, subscribing and sharing with those you think might enjoy this content.

Please enjoy!

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