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I’ve been working with my dowsing rods all morning and I usually see a lot of white smoke between them. Well, all the while, I’ve been thinking this was from the palo santo incense burning at my feet, but no, I also saw the same thing when I was standing in the middle of my den. I asked Erik if it was him and he indicated yes by crossing the tips of the rods. I saw my son!!! I was overjoyed!! I called out for my husband to see if he could also see him, but as hard as he tried, he couldn’t. What a blessing! Two quick questions: Is it a bit weird it I use the dowsing rods to ask if Bella needs to poop? LOL. Good news though, I asked Erik if there is any way he could let me out of portal work jail sooner than 8 weeks by creating a scalar field program for me, and he said yes. Through a series of yes and no questions, he set me up with on that’s 5 minutes a day in a 5.6 Hz scalar field. I’m to check in with him weekly, but he says that this will reduce the time from a maximum of 8 weeks to 3 weeks, probably less. YAY!

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Story #1

Hello Erik and Elisa,

I’ve recently found your channel on youtube after long periods of search on information about ‘spirit world’. As you know nothing is random in our existence.
I’m originally from Eastern Europe and I’m one of the people who had the privilege to come, reside and become a citizen of United States. Living in US makes me every day appreciate the freedom we cherish and opened the door to a lot of information otherwise not easily accessible.
Since I found your channel I’m trying to watch all the available videos. Thank your for all what you do, engaging Erik via all your amazing guest mediums. All channeling sessions are amazing especially Jesus, Buddha, Aliens, Neil Edgar Cayce.
I start better understanding spirit world by reading Allan Kardec’s book The Spirit World (also The Medium Book, Gospel according to Spiritism, etc). Books are written in XI century but feel very actual.
Following Erik videos I feel little confused on how things works in Spirit world, re-incarnation options, channeling God…
Would you please ask Erik’s opinion about Allan Kardec information in The Spirit Book and/or possibility of channeling Allan Kardec?
Allan Kardec is very appreciated in spiritist centers in Europe but especially in Brazil. You can find his books here in PDF ( format or on Amazon.

Thank you Elisa, thank Erik and all amazing mediums and spiritual guides for what you all are doing!

Vlad Sacuiu

Story #2 (Love the EVP on this one!)

Heard Erik at 12:36 on this link. He said, “Near Brazil” when asked about the island with the advanced technology. Actually throughout the video you can hear him.
Wasn’t sure if it was brought to light or not.
He’s pretty awesome.

Btw Elisa, Erik loves you so very much. He came through in a small channeling event and wanted us to pass on loving healing vibes your way. Perhaps he felt the heaviness of your grief during this time, it was shortly after his transition date and before your event this past fall. We did as told. One day I hope to make it out to your events.
Much love!

Interview with Small Gray Aliens, Part Three

Creepy but FASCINATING alien interview, Part 3. This is Elisa Medhus, M.D. Welcome to my channel. PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT MAKE A PROFIT ON ANYTHING CHANNEL…

Story #3 (How can I not forget you and your wonderful video testimonial, Dean!!!!)

HI Dr. Medhus:

We haven’t met so more formality may be in order, and out of respect after reading your book “My Son and the afterlife” in which your command of English and the polish of your writing is a marker of excellent education and, I am not sure how far back I fall in my own skills, not much beyond High School. I started the Channeling Erik video’s on YouTube, and that was in December 2018. They are not in the order of the archives on so I am working back to the start. I can’t remember the first one I saw but it was not long before Interview with Jesus; which was after to other mediums video’s doing it as well at different times. Then on to Interview with God and Jesus and Mary his mother, and I began to lose continuity.
I get from watching this past year of several YouTube videos of connecting to loved ones on the other side so passed over the young guy pics which is his marker on the video selection boxes until I ran out of other material cause I don’t know what he was all about. So after a few more videos, I made it over to There is a lot of backing up to do that came across right off and got to his first channeled discussion with you in a very raw emotional state OF COURSE and the Empathy I have kicked in, and I have to reconcile it myself. It leads to registering and getting both books.
I finished reading last night “My Son and the Afterlife” and am beginning Erik’s book “My LIfe after Death”. I found common ground over and over with a lot of the messages both from Erik and the Guest’s he has brought in with other YouTube programming. I also have the positive and very negative fortune of my Older Sister Mary who has become a HEALER, by an ANGEL she has been told is of the THRONES, which I take to mean one of twelve Angels sitting on thrones in a chamber along the wall facing the bleeding Lamb of God on a pedestal in the middle of the chamber. Mary doesn’t know what it means. My sister also gets Life Contracts which I thought ludicrous until Erik’s discussions but she is unwavering on the constructs of its’ purpose and binding authority which isn’t a perfect match up to what is coming out in “”.
The Huge wake-up call for me was Erik’s visit which I wrote up as dates in the subject line in Erik encounters The Big Thing was I saw his energy, it was a stirring of the air in the silhouette of a person and it lasted 20 seconds rough guess and moved about a foot the day after I ordered the books the next night I got an incredible sleep and ended up at the end of the week to sign up for an intuitive reading with Veronica Drake, more on that when I have it. Here’s to awakening YES and Thank You for sharing him.


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