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I’m so happy to be back from a much needed break. Here are the results of the poll. Over the 5 day polling period, sadly only a total of 491 people bothered to take to poll. However, the good news is that 98.4% felt that they got enough out of it to be willing to donate something. Most of those were not willing to donate much, however. And I feel like some of those are truly in dire financial straits. My plan is to avoid going on a prescription basis. Too many people who need help can’t afford that. I have some ideas, however, that I will reveal in the future that will work for all of us, including me.

Here’s the real problem for me. Participation. That’s free. Look at the paltry poll participation. And on my introduction to my Gaia Ambassadorship, I got only 5 to 6 views. What’s up with that? That’s free. Come on, guys, I work hard to deliver a free radio show and YouTube Live Q&A session to you. So I need you to reciprocate. You need to step up.

Subscribe! Watch the YouTubes, Share. It’s not that hard. Don’t be selfish with the content if you want to keep this content alive. Don’t be one of those who just takes the free shit and doesn’t bother to share, subscribe, spread it around, and donate when and what  you can. It’s not equal energy exchange, which means you are NOT going to get anything out of it, not in the end. Ego and ill gotten gains will take you down a road to scarcity. I’m not saying this in my behalf. I can go back to medicine and become wealthy again quite quickly. I’m saying this to you because I care about you and about my son’s future. But I’m not going to keep pouring out my heart, my labor, my time and my money, and I’m not going to sacrifice family and personal time for those who only take and refuse to work and sacrifice to move forward in their own behalf, who expect Erik and I to push you along in a stroller with a bottle of formula in you mouth and a binkie clipped to your collar.

WARNING: IF you’re getting infuriated with me now, you are probably one of those people. It’s time to admit it. You are one of those people who flood my email inbox and my Facebook private message box with requests for free answers from mediums, for suggestions for topics and interviews even though I’ve repeatedly begged for people to NOT do so until I call for them (which means they obviously don’t read the blog or my social media), etc. And you are probably one of the who have never donated anything to the cause ,or if you have, it’s been a very paltry sum, 5 to 10 dollars at the most. A sum that is so small compared to the life-changing wisdom, the healing, the camaraderie and love that you have received. (I’m not referring to those of you who are truly destitute.) I bet you can look around your house and point out a number of material possessions that you could sacrifice to support Channeling Erik from which you have received so much so that the energy exchange can be equal and therefore you can truly be on the equal footing that will give you abundance. Look at what I have sacrificed!

Let me be clear before you get your panties in a twist (and again, if you are, then you are one of those people who are not ready to sacrifice for your own spiritual evolution,) this is not a dick measuring contest. I have sacrificed my son, my tears, my income, my time, my labor and more, but other than my son, I can easily recoup all of that in a year’s time by practicing medicine. So, the choice is yours. You can coast, be a bottom feeder and try to get all the CE perks for free and rob yourself of all the wonderful things Erik has to offer and never put forth any effort in exchange, or you can drive your spiritual evolution and do something for yourself by contributing to this movement, not just financially, but by having the strength to spread this around, and not being a coward by keeping this to yourself. There are too many of you hiding in the dark, sucking Erik and me dry. If you don’t want to walk out into the light and hold your head up with pride, then crawl back into the safety of your cave and continue to know that we will send you love and light and we will be here when you are ready. Please know that these kick in the ass words are channeled by Erik for a reason. It they hurt you, then that’s your ego getting in the way. And that just means you need us all the more. Love you.

One more thing. After the Tom Paladino interview, a few of you were concerned because they read some things on the Internet that he is a fraud. Listen, I get the same crap said about me. When the light shines bright, the dark reacts violently. When he was giving me my free 2 week trial, I had no idea he used pics of my entire family until each of them made different comments like, “I don’t feel like having a beer right when I come home from work, Mom,” or “Why do I feel so much more awake when I get up.” Also, why would a fraud offer a free trial? These are haters that don’t want the light to succeed. You have NOTHING to lose by enrolling in his free two week trial.

Anyway, without any further ado, Ppease enjoy this awesome video, Part One of the secrets Erik reveals of some of the best unsolved mysteries of the world, expertly channeled by Jennifer Doran. Check her out at

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.

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