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It’s been great taking a bit of a break (which I’m still on, actually,) am I’m so grateful for the many recent donations I’ve received in response to my most recent post. Boy, do I have a lot to share about recent experiences. COOL epiphanies. But you’ll have to wait until Monday! Am I not cruel! Sorry, but there’s just too much to say right before a camping trip with Pappa, Arleen and Easton. (Gotta rest up before being with those two hooligans for 5 days in 100 degrees real feel temperatures!)

Today, I have a special treat for you. Gaia (the company, not the planet) noticed somehow that I often mentioned them on my YouTube channel so they contacted me and asked me to promote them as a Gaia Ambassador. I said, “Sure, no skin off my teeth.” (Who knew skin had teeth? Never learned that in med school.) So they gave me instructions on how to introduce myself via the video that follows. Basically, as their ambassador, I get the lucky job of giving you guys a lot of free content. YAY!

I can’t WAIT until you join me on the same exciting journey I’ve embarked on with Gaia over the past few months. I kid you not when I say it has opened my mind, my heart and my soul in a huge way. It has changed my life, and I guarantee it will change yours. I really want you to take advantage of all of the free content I’m going to give you. Why? because I care about you and your future. I love you. And I mean that.

Here you go! I hope you enjoy. Next post will be Monday.

For those of you who are hearing impaired, click on the CC/subtitle icon at the bottom of the YouTube.



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