Erik Soothes Pain

First I want to thank you, Elisa, for your courage and grace in the wake of such immense grief. A grief, I know all too well. My own 21 year old son was murderd and the loss is so completely devastating. Finding you and Erk has saved my life. I no longer wish every moment that I was dead, too. I still have moments, but not every moment. I feel hope and I’m trying desperately to learn to hear and see I across the veil what I feel.

After the cops murdered my developmentally disabled son and attempt to cover it up by claiming he committed a suicide, I desperately wanted to have guidance on how to proceed with the lawsuit, and just as importantly, how to change the unjust legal system. I made my way, through my tears, to the UW’s school of law in hopes of finding a law professor who would speak to me. I exited the elevator into an empty hallway, pristine and minimalist. Did not find the professor and turned around and went back to the elevator in tears. Still completely empty, lying on the floor was a bright yellow ducky with a pink visor and shirt that read “I Love You!” Chris always had to have his bath full of yellow duckies when he was little and I was sure he had put it there for me, where it absolutely was not 5 minutes before.

Trying with all of my might to exit the depression I’ve fallen into along with the physical pain in my body that limits my formerly active and athletic life I started going to a monthly drumming circle where I met a 73 year old woman and we began having coffee at the nearby Starbucks on Fridays. One Friday, she had told me if the horrors of her childhood and I shared the tragedy of my son’s death. We sat in silence for a bit while she knitted and I wiped away tears. Suddenly, she exclaimed “Look! There’s a rainbow!” I turned to look in the sky, through the glass behind me was a pristinely blue sky and the mist amazing rainbow I had ever seen. Not a typical bow, it looked like two giant angel wings! She decided that was a sign and told me if a psychic fair being held the next day and her trusted psychic would be there. She wanted to know about her future love life after having lost her husband three years ago, and I want to know what happened to my son. I offered to pay for the gas if she would drive, so the next morning; off we went. While there I was told by six different psychics that I myself am extremely psychic and that I already know what happened to my son. Someone mentioned Channeling Erik, but I didn’t think much of it as it was a brief mention and not much explanation or that there was a website, etc. but…I have this ghost radar app that I believe my son has tried to communicate with me through in the past and I remembered Erik coming up on the screen when I do not know anyone with that name and assumed it was related to the murderers or witnesses surrounding my son’s death.

I don’t know how, but one day the YouTube videos with Jamie Butler showed up and I recalled the mention at the psychic conference. I watched and I’ve been hooked ever since! Since that time, Erik has visited me numerous times and I often wonder if he and Chris,Moho was also a practical joker, know each other and hang out. It seems like now I feel Erik around more than Chris. Maybe Chris is busy or maybe Erik is trying to help me develop myself psychically? Erik has turned lights off and on, started my granddaughter’s toothbrush flashing, turned on my garbage disposal just enough to splash water on me and make me jump, makes my smoke detector beep, when I first downloaded the app, it was on a whoopi cushion that said “farts and saving lives” and exactly then fart noises ripped from the empty bathroom adjacent to my bedroom.

I’m really struggling with my two living children. My daughter’s bi-polar and alcoholism and my living son’s drug addictions in addition to my own physical and emotional health. Watching you, Elisa, deal with your grief in positive ways is inspirational to me and the many interesting, informative and beautiful channelings have given me hope and a renewed sense of purpose to my life. As I try to figure out what that purpose is, how to develop my psychic and mediumship abilities and how I can create a legacy in memory of my son by creating a wholistic community for kids exiting foster care at age 28 and highly functioning disabled adults, channeling Erik and associates, such as The Shiny Show, are the rocks of respite along the shore of a tumultuous sea which is my life. I’m eternally grateful.

Last night, I dreamed I was having a conversation with you, Elisa. I had been meditating and heard a whispery, “Hi.” I replied, “Hello!” In my mind and asked a question I can’t recall now because the rest of the dream was….startling! Lol. In the dream, I was telling you about the experience and asked if you thought it could be Erik, when suddenly you grabbed me in such a tight bear hug over my arms that’my lower back shot pain that went down into my sciatica and I thought you were going to crush my ribs! How you got that much strength is beyond me, then you kissed me, practically swallowing half my face as I was wiggling trying to get away. And you laughed with delight. Ummmm I think Erik did a trans channel with you in my dream! And it FELT like he was saying yes it was me and you’re getting it! Yeah! You!”

I’ll keep trying to get through on Thursdays. Thank you Erik for always answering my questions before taking callers even though I didn’t get through! I’ll keep trying. He was beeping my smoke alarm to tell me it was time, but I didn’t realize it until later -I thought it was the battery needing replaced-and missed it last time.

Thank you, Elisa, Erik, Kim, Robert and all of the channeling Erik family. I love you so very much! I like to think Chris and Erik are having fun pranking people and helping those in need.


Donna, I don’t know how to get in touch with you, but I hope you try low dose naltrexone on your living son and daughter. It might help. 

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