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Story #1

I listened to Erik’s Predictions for 2019 on January 28th. At the end of that video, he said that we should ask him to come visit because he is happily willing to help anybody who would like to work on their abilities. I thought to myself that would be really cool. I then got up to go into my kitchen and as I passed the home alarm control panel, the alarm beeped once. To say the least, I was startled. I could not believe that it beeped for no reason and I looked at the panel to see if there was a fault listed. It was completely normal. I asked if someone was there and heard yes. I asked if it was Erik and I felt chills. I asked him if he want to say anything to me and he said yes. He reminded me to work on self-love in 2019. I then heard practice, practice, practice and then he was gone.

As I write this, it is 1:15 am on January 31st. A few minutes ago, I felt chills and asked who was here. The response was Erik. He said tell my mom I said hi. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable doing it because I was new to this. He said tell my mom I said hi (stated a little more emphatically.) I asked if he wanted me to say anything else. He said fuck I don’t know, tell her about the other day. I said okay. He said, “you go girl.” I said, that doesn’t sound like something you would say. He said no, but it is something you can relate to and then he was gone.

Story #2 

I have been watching you on YouTube for a few months now. Thoroughly enjoy all of you! It’s so funny because I actually start talking and laughing right alongside you! I purchased and read Erik’s book in almost one sitting! When Jamie says at the end, don’t say I didn’t warn you about Erik’s pranks, I kinda laughed. But, I said, out loud, Oh Erik, I love pranks! Prank away!

Well…I went to the store here in Oregon on Tuesday and used my bank card. When I looked for it later it was NOWHERE to be found! Called the store in hopes it would turn up etc.. I kept checking my account to see if someone had used it. No one had. So Wednesday I went and reported it lost to be issued another one. No problem. (all the while though, I’m asking Erik if he hid my card) Anyway, I got up this morning, Thursday and what do know? There is the lost card sitting right on the kitchen table in plain sight! There is no other possible explanation because my elderly mom can’t leave her room. So, I think I’ve been pranked! Hey Erik, are there ATMs in Heaven? LOL 🙂

Story #3

Recently I started taking a crystal class. After the first day of the class I read through the Erik interview on the subject of crystals. I thought a lot of the information was quite interesting. On the second day of class I thought about the different things Erik said about crystals and I even considered sharing some of it with the teacher, but I didn’t. Then, in the middle of class when I wasn’t even thinking about Erik, one of the students said “Who knows someone named Erik?” I paused and waited for someone to respond. Everyone looked at each other and said no. She said “The name Erik keeps coming to me. No one knows an Erik?” I hesitantly said yes but I was a little freaked out. Guess he was hanging out in crystal class with me!

Story #4 (I don’t have this person’s email address. Please contact me at so I can help you.)

August 19, 2018 was the worse day of my life. My 35 year old son passed out in the bathroom. He hadn’t been feeling well for over a week and refused to let me take him to the doctor, hospital or call 911. His 11 year old son found him. Trying to keep Connor calm while I called the paramedics and….trying to get into the bathroom to see if my son had a pulse and was breathing was difficult to say the least. He’s 6 foot so his feet were blocking the door. Inside I am screaming and on the outside staying as calm as possible for Connor’s sake.

Paramedics said he was in cardiac arrest, did CPR and used the defib on him. They spent almost an hour on him before loading him into the ambulance. Once at the hospital they couldn’t stabilize him and thus put him on life support. For 12 hours I prayed and prayed. That Sunday morning at 9:30 he was pronounced as ‘passed on’.

My son and I were very close. He always commented how he was a mamma’s boy and proud of it. There isn’t anything that we didn’t enjoy doing together. He accepted me for who I am and vice versa. In all aspects we were a lot alike. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter just as much as my son, but I feel I have to be a different person around her to meet her expectations and sometimes, that is exhausting.

My ex-husbands 3rd wife gave me the book “My Life After Death” for Christmas. I have enjoyed reading it. I do have a friend that is an empath and she did relay some messages to me; but not sure my son feels comfortable with her as I do. We used to watch a lot of ghost series and talked about after life and communicating. I know the few times Melanie gave me a message helped me heal but with everything going on (retired from my job, moved out of my house into my daughter’s temporarily, looking for better paying job and place where I can keep 3 dogs) is exhausting and hearing from Ian twice a week would help me so much. You see, I still love him even though he had issues with alcohol. He has a golden soul and would do anything for anyone. He smile and crazy antics brings joy to all those he meets and his love for his son and children in general is precious.

I don’t get to see Connor as much as when we lived together. His mother blames me for my son’s death and putting Connor in a traumatic situation. Yet no one asks me how I feel. I have been going to counseling and fighting the guilt in not taking my son to the doctor sooner. I just want to hear from him more, know that he is with me and no matter where I move; he will stay with me. You see, I never thought this would ever happen to me anymore than anyone of us on this blog thought. Losing a child is devastating and even though it has been 4 months; I remember it all like it was an hour ago.


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