The End of Suffering, 2.0

I’m so excited to share this Part Two of Dr. Andy Hahn’s End of Suffering series. The transcript will come later. I also look forward to his event at my house in mid-March where he will teach us his techniques and heal some of us! As it says in the video, you can reach Dr. Hahn at I encourage you to go to the site where you’ll find his most recent video, “Free From Suffering by Healing Trauna: Remembering and Mastering.” It’s freaking amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful (and warmer) weekend. We’re having our usual every other Friday family cookout where I’m going to make my daughter, Michelle’s, famous slow cooked ribs. For the ones who don’t like ribs, I’m cooking chicken on the grill and I’m also grilling some veggies and corn-on-the-cob and making barbecued beans. I’m cheating on the potato salad. Nope, not gonna make that from scratch! I wish you all could come!

When I get the transcript, I’ll post that!

Last, but definitely not least, our own Shruti Kamble just lost her father to a long battle with cancer. Erik is with him. Please send love and prayers to her and her family.

Courtesy of Family Psychology Associates

Courtesy of Family Center Florida

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