Erik the Hippie Peace Freak

Erik the Hippie Peace Freak

(ha haa, I just picked that title to get a good eye-roll from our guy.)HhHHH

Good Morning Dude-eronomy.  So we started a conversation a couple of days ago about telepathic communication. 

Background for the peeps:  I’ve been asserting for a couple of years now that telepathic communication is one of the keys to world peace.  It is an ability everyone is born with, and it’s a skill that anyone can develop.  If everyone knew how to do it, (or even 10% of the population) it seems to me that if you could relate to people in another part of the world, if you truly understood each other in your hearts, that most people would be pretty reluctant to pick up a weapon, get on a plane and risk their lives to kill other people.

Oh damn, that’ll get you in trouble down here.  (Erik the soldier, full dress.  He turns into a faceless soldier, and shows me a mother watching her son getting on a boat to go kill other people’s little kids.  The mother is just remembering her son’s childhood, all the love and energy she put into him, is he going to throw it away?  Is he going to take down someone else’s son?  Or will he accidentally hurt a “civilian”?  Aren’t we all civilians?  And at the same time she feels incredibly guilty because she knows she’s supposed to feel *proud* of him for joining the army, and all she feels is sadness, waste, anger.)

That’s the shit you’re not supposed to talk about, and still support our troops, you know?  That mom has done nothing but support her little trooper.  She’s just highly educated, she has a good sense of herself, confidence.  She’s independent, a different breed of mother than in the past hundred years, and she’s capable of doing the math.  Her family’s come up short, and she has been raised to expect better, so she’s angry and she’s calling bullshit on the whole thing.

I don’t think you’re going to get much argument on this, Erik.

(Laughs!)  Oh just you wait!  For a lot of people, the whole “support the troops” thing is really fear-driven.  A lot of people believe that if we didn’t have an army to go kill them first, that they’d come and kill us.  (flashes a bunch of examples at me that have recently been in the papers, in particular a world map showing if Korea had nuclear weapons of various kinds, exactly who they could bomb with what weapon.)

You know in Canada, there’s more of a “peacekeeper” sales pitch for our military.  Of course, our military spends a LOT of time backing up war efforts, but when I hear about my friend’s boyfriend who has specialized in disaster management, and has done his round of tours in Haiti and the Congo, that’s when I feel like “Yeah, that’s what the miliarty is for.  These guys are heroes.” 

That’s why I personally believe we need a military, because I think we really *should* train people to help and ease the suffering of people who are no different from us, other than being born in a different part of the world.  We *need* highly trained, brave people who aren’t afraid to risk their lives to help other people. 

I think you hit the nail on the head there, lady.  “No different from us.”  That’s what gets me so fuckin’ psyched about your telepathy thing, because THAT is going to help people really understand that there IS NO DIFFERENCE, on a fundamental level, between you and any other human being.  It’s something you gotta feel, and experience.  I can’t (shows me trying to force butter through a fine sieve as a metaphor for explaining this concept of understanding in written words for a blog entry.)  Breaking it down in WORDS is gonna change what it looks like.  You gotta understand it by doing it.

Okay, so let me explain the telepathy thing Erik’s talking about:  this week, on impulse, I decided to create a facebook group called The Joyful Telepathy Foundation.  The whole purpose of the group being to create a place for education, connection and understanding of telepathic communication as a means to understand each other, other species and even beings on other planets.  (“Other planets” thing is a whole other entry.)

I’m not saying that we should replace verbal or written speech, not at all.  Just expand our means of connection a bit more.

I chose the words “Joyful” and “Foundation” to add those energetic elements to this group.  Telepathy is not necessarily a joyful activity unless you intentionally bring that energy to it.  “Foundation” is the word I chose to ground this practice of joyful telepathy into our reality. 

(Erik nodding)  Yeah, exactly, it’s the *creation* element to it all.  And that’s what you (readers) gotta keep in mind as you think about learning this shit.  Check yourself:  are you scared?  Are you worried?  If you start learning to be “psychic” (he literally did the “bunny ears” quotes gesture) and you’re half-worried or scared about it, that’s gonna create your experience.  If you hang out with a lot of people who are telling you how it can be dangerous, how other people can mess you up, that’s going to create your future experience of actually practicing these techniques.

Before you begin you gotta imagine what you’re going to look like talking to the spirit world, and not just me fillin’ your house with (rotting garbage smells).  I’m just one guy, and I can come to you.  But if you’re gonna learn how to come to us, your *experience* of doing that is going to start with how you even approach learning this shit. 

Jamie is awesome.  She will never bullshit you.  Neither will Kate (thanks dude.)  Neither will Jason.  (Shows me five, there are two other people in the CE family who are teaching who are “not bull-shitters” – he’s nodding, I got that right.  I want to qualify that “five” but he’s not giving me further details.)

You gotta look at people’s intentions and how they are describing their own interactions (with spirit) before you really engage with them – at least, that’s a good idea, you can do what you want.  Realize that other people (potential teachers) are going to project THEIR experience and expectations on to you, but you get to CHOOSE how much of that shit you want to incorporate into your own, personal experience.  Just because one person got headaches while learning, doesn’t mean that has to happen to you.

Erik, I want to say that it’s a good idea to have in your mind how you would utilize this skill, too.

You totally just repeated what I said.  (knocks on my head with his knuckles).  Babe, I think this entry is done!

Alrighty, thank you Erik. 

Kate Sitka is a spirit medium and animal communicator in Tofino, BC.  To learn more about her and her work, please check out: her professional website, her personal blog and the above mentioned facebook group, The Joyful Telepathy Foundation

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