OCD and Anxiety

Some of you have asked for the link to the Chaga face serum I've been using and RAVE about. I also use the face and body cream. Apparently, they're coming out with other great products, including a shampoo and conditioner line. I never advertise for people, but this improved my quality of life so … Continue reading

You Are Important!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!. I actually forgot until some of you reminded me. (Gee, thanks.) Oh, and I think my daughter, Kristina, fixed the email notification problem. See if you start getting the post feeds, and, if you don't, she added an email subscribe widget on the homepage. … Continue reading

Erik, the Pot Pusher

Hey Erik!  How goes it, man? Erik is smokin’ a doobie.  This is typical of Erik, picking up on a conversation I’ve had, and he’s been working pretty hard to get weed in front of my face, lately.  It started with Elisa emailing me information about CBD oil (the refined oil from marijuana … Continue reading

Are You a Bush or a Tree?

Hey Erik.  Erik refers me to the blog to catch up on the past few entries.  This morning, and over the past few weeks I’ve been having “background” conversations with Erik about suicide, and I was really on the fence with writing about it publically.  Erik points at the blog and is like, … Continue reading

The Secret of Life

Hello wonderful CE folks; Thank you to everyone who’s been sending thoughts and prayers to me and my family.  We’re hanging in there!  There are a couple of ways to look at this: to be angry / sad / upset / grieving all the time, or to be grateful for the time we have / have left.  Of … Continue reading