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Getting ready to take my daughter to the airport in a few minutes so I have to keep this short. I usually get butterflies in my stomach when I have to say goodbye to someone I love, but I’m okay about her going back to her home in North Carolina because I know she’s moving back here in just 3-4 weeks. In fact, we’ll be on an RV trip with Arleen when they move into their new house. Anything to get out of helping someone move.

I plan on posting the Henry VIII interview in the blog tomorrow, but if you want to check it out now, it’s on all my Facebook pages and groups and on the Channeling Erik YouTube channel. Unfortunately, I get a lot of negative feedback because the phone rang twice (but I always pick it up and hang it hp immediately) or a dog will bark or a doorbell will ring. Sometimes, Easton will toddle into my office even when I ask Michelle to keep him out. People have even said that I’m showing disrespect for the medium, but people, I can’t afford a professional soundproof studio, and I live in a household of 8 people and 3 dogs, so there’s nothing I can freaking do. It’s called life. I also got trampled on for interrupting King Henry a few times, but to tell you the truth, I wanted to get through a ton of questions and if I let him yammer on and on, I probably would have only gotten through a tenth of them. It’s a compromise. More questions with slightly less detail vs. very few questions with more detail. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.  Meanwhile, enjoy this Erik prank.

I’ve been a fan of Elisa and Erik for quite a while now. I have always found the stories of people being pranked by Erik very amusing. So much so that I invited Erik to prank me. This was maybe six months ago, I’m guessing Erik has a “Who to Prank” list and it took this long for him to get to me 🙂 Well, get to me he did! My neck was hurting me, so I got in bed just to let it relax. I didn’t intend to fall asleep so I still had my glasses on. Mistake! I awoke about 4 hours later, and my glasses were gone. They weren’t on my face, in the bed, or on my nightstand where I usually put them when it’s bed time. I looked everywhere, including taking all of the sheets and comforter off the bed. I had to switch to my back-up glasses, which I don’t see as well with. I assume that I will find the missing pair eventually, and go on with my business. Three days go by. I walk into my bedroom, and sitting pretty on the bed are my glasses! Eriiiiiiiik!!! Anyhow, when I put my glasses on I get the sense that I should tell the story here for all of you. But I forget as usual. This morning I look out the kitchen window, which I do every morning, I see draped on the sill outside the window, one the shirts that was in the dryer. I had done laundry the night before, but went to bed before I removed the load from the dryer. Erik Strikes AGAIN!!!!

I so love what you and your son and friends are doing here Elisa. I have learned so much from all of you, and grown spiritually a great deal from what I have discovered in your stories, and especially from watching your YouTube videos. Please keep up the excellent work!
Love to all of you reading this! Have a groovy day Everyone 🙂

Waldo Nova

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