Erik Touches More Lives

Before we go into these wonderful Erik stories, I’d like to share my interview on Mind Matters Radio with host, Borys Ajayan. Click HERE to listen!

Story #1

I just started reading Erik’s book yesterday because I love the topic of life after death and I am a bit sensitive to the spirit world. I am also having a hard time with my son’s father who has a drug problem and just lost a close relative. He since has been spiraling into a dark, dark place. I came across My Life After Death and thought reading him this book would help ease the pain, seeing as he can relate well to Erik’s struggles and show him there is life after death. I do believe I just had a visit from Erik in a dream! His presence was so happy and full of loving energy. He was making me laugh quite a bit and appeared to me wearing a suit! He took my hand and asked me on a date! (We would have been around the same age, ha) I woke up rather confused because I was not sure who I had just dreamt about, but after reading this stuff I’m pretty certain he just paid me a visit! Also there have been strange electrical occurrences happening in my apartment since I started reading this book, which is actually what woke me from the dream. After seeing pictures of him on this site I am positive it was him, it was no one I had met before. He is a beautiful soul, I’m so glad he is around to help us through this dark time. Also I must say I haven’t gotten too far in the book due to well life and being busy, but once I start reading it I can’t put it down! So beautifully written.

Story #2

Hi everyone!

I have been reading the blog for a few weeks now and I bought the ebook last weekend. It took me just 2 days to finish it and when I just had a few chapters left to read I thought I could bake me a cake. But I always find recipes online. So when I stopped kindle to look for the recipe, I realized that Internet was down. I thought, ‘Ok, I’ll reboot the box and in a few minutes I will be connected again.’ So I’d use the rebooting time to keep reading, and Internet kept being down! So I kept reading… And so on and so on. Finally I finished Erik’s amazing book and that’s only then that Internet was working again!!!
I don’t remember being pranked by Erik before, but I am sure that he wanted me to finish the book!

Thanks for this amazing book that gives so many information and details about everything I could have ever wondered about the afterlife ! He even describes how is sex in the afterlife!!

Best regards,


Story #3

I am just recently becoming a blog member.

Next following night after becoming member, during at night in my bed, I got this song called, “Don’t cry no more” playing in my head. I immediately knew it was from Erik.

I am having a biggest challenge in my life right this moment and this song was just right fit. I got confirmed from Kim, a talented medium who also connects to Erik, that it was a message from Erik that I don’t need to worry about it any more.

I really love Elisa’s deep love toward to Erik. I grow up with abusive family and we have not spoken each other for a quite sometimes…but lately I got this strong feeling of “missing my Mom” which is very odd because I have NEVER felt this way ever before!

I decided to call my mother to say Hi and to express how much I miss her and love her!
Thank you so much!


Story #4

I have been curious if Erik has messed with me at all as I have been reading the blog, archives, and watching the YouTube videos. There have been a few other instances when I feel like Erik has tried to get me: bad farty smells, feelings, thoughts, sensations. I have discredited each of these events as my own imagination, my own thoughts, etc. However, yesterday at the gym (I go every day on my lunch hour), my music kept skipping. Now, I use an ipad for my music while I work out and I have been going to the gym doing the same things for 2 years now and never once have I had my music skip and switch songs after about 20 to 30 seconds of each song playing. The songs switched about 4 times and each song segment was very specific to my thoughts and emotions. Once I acknowledged it was Erik, my songs stopped switching over.

Ha ha Erik. Didn’t think you could get through my stubbornness. Touché.

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