Kudos to Erik

Here are a couple of testimonials for our boy and his blog.

Testimonial #1

I wish I had the appropriate words to express how grateful I am that you shared your story. I was raised with a mother who suffered with bipolar, and I was diagnosed with it when I was 12. It’s been a rough road I must say, I’m 52 now and when I was 47, I was going to call it quits and that’s when a miracle happened. My Aunt passed, and I had a profound shift, and I was opened up to the world of the Other Side. I was guided to Erik’s channelling and I do believe it was either my Aunt or divine guidance.

I am in the process of writing my own story and am using it to heal myself. Not sure if I will be brave enough to share it with the world at this point. For the first time in my life I feel a sense of hope and peace. I came here for a purpose and it’s mine to discover. Since Erik has come into my life, my heart is opening more to receive the light and love that you are all sharing. I feel like I am a part of your loving family and I am free to be myself.

I divorced myself from my family so I could focus on healing myself so my losses are different but the pain I feel is universal. I may not have the loving relationship with my family on this side, but I am hopeful that when I cross over or they do that we can connect on a deeper, more loving level. Keep being the bright beacon you are for all of us who are still on this side. I look forward to meeting you on the Other Side so I can give you a huge grateful hug for saving my ass and helping me see myself with more love and gratitude. Love you all! Namaste!

Testimonial #2

John is back! Tell a friend…

Sup my people!!! (Or as Dr. Medhus would say, my peeps.)

So I’m just going to copy and paste exactly the email that I sent Mrs. Elisa, as she green lighted me to post it. There is also a new message to the public at the end. Enjoy.

Hello Mrs. Elisa!,

I do hope you don’t mind my leaving all formalities at the door, as I do not wish to get to know you in that way. I hope you can return my sentiment in time! My name is Sean, and I am a reader of your blog (some of the finest material available to the public, by the way). I have considered sending you a message with some air of thanks and perhaps a possible Erik related story, but like many, I did not feel compelled until recent personal events.

Just last night I was in my room watching a movie with a friend. Things were well until yet another friend entered the room, making three. The laughter of the two started to get out of hand once they were together, and I could not hear what was going on in the film. I left to go sit on a deck in the front of the house that is under construction. Lately on my property there has been a negative presence. We do not know what the nature of it is, only that it is becoming a serious issue to peace of mind.

Ordinarily I am not one to fear the dark, especially in nature at night. But sitting on the deck last night was unsettlingly unpleasant. So, I scooted over to make a seat for Erik. I felt quite a bit better and told him he could leave whenever I got up. Upon walking away I received my first prank as well. We have a motion triggered light above this deck. I normally consider it worthless, as nothing ever trips it (at least I can’t for some reason, and I’m 6’6). It came on as soon as I turned the corner around the house to go in. What a great light… or Erik! (I was even dancing around in front of this thing about 7 minutes prior when I walked up to the deck in the first place, just because it sucks that bad.) The two friends were on the back door porch when I walked up to it. I smiled at them, already laughing a bit about the light. Some time later that night I was talking to the friend that I had started the movie with earlier. She is gifted. I told her what all had happened, and something immediately occurred to her. She told me that when she saw me walking up to the porch, she was sensing a very non-usual entity on the property. She said he seemed young, about my age (I’m 21) and also very sarcastic, but VERY positive. I told her “YEP, that’s Erik”. I had just turned her onto the blog recently as well.

And now I would like to thank you personally, with everything in my being, for the resource you make available to us all. Here is why: I am aware of my past lives, though perhaps not in the usual way. I have not had dreams, regressions, or visions of any kind to know what I know. I am a diligent researcher and all information about myself has been delivered to me from external sources. However, everything that I find is of course open to misinterpretation. This I always have kept in the back of my mind, not wanting to explore and attach to a life that may not be mine, simply for an appeal found through “connecting” information. That all went out the window when you interviewed Judas. At that point in time (only very recently obviously) I had finally just recovered fully my self-confidence in this lifetime. After learning that it truly has always been my natural state to be in this way (as it should be for anyone though) and after receiving the shoutout, I was ecstatic. My thanks to you is in having the vessel (the blog) that helped deliver my personal validation. If it is not clear, this is John the Baptist emailing you. I’m a 21 year old young man from Florida now.

Right now I am doing quite a bit with my personal life and the people in it. All of my very close friends I suspect have always been along with me. Right now we are trying to figure out what we plan to do, and what our active parts in the movement will be. Aside from thanks and praise, I come to you with this email asking for a favor. I have had a difficult time getting a hold of a medium recently. Would you mind if from time to time I email you with questions for spirit in regard to me and my friend’s path? I would like if you could relay from your medium connections. Obviously you are in contact with Jamie and all the others on a regular basis. Ask Erik about anything you need to; he knows whats going on.



I am the Water Bearer my friends, a living symbol and the leader of the New Age. I and others have been back here many times by now, though we usually come in solo. But since that never seems to be enough, not only am I back, but so is the entire Pantheon (Me=John=Neptune and we are all close personal living friends right now). And not only are we here led by me, but thousands of you starseeds have come to help as well! So I tell you all this: SWARM MY CHILDREN, SWARM!!!

The Age of Aquarius has dawned.

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