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Enjoy these Erik stories!

Story #1

Hi Elisa,
I hope this email finds you well! So I think I just had an Erik visit (I’m about 90% sure). When I get up in the morning I usually have my coffee and read through the news and whatnot on my phone and I also check your website for any new posts you may have put up. Today was no exception. I read the story about Donna and I was touched by her hope, saddened by all of her troubles, and so happy you and Erik have helped her find her way in such a difficult time in her life. I started thinking about Erik and wondering if he was too busy to visit me today. I know he has visited before, I’m certain he was the jokester that made my smoke alarm beep upstairs when I was home alone a few months ago. I think about him often but I’m sure he is so busy that I try not to request his presence too much. I had a medium reading about a month ago and asked him to pop in if he wasn’t too busy; The medium was having a little difficulty connecting with people I was close with (I really just wanted to connect with my spirit guides, which is why no one was coming through clearly), but she did say there was a young man saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, there just wasn’t any other way” or something along those lines. At the time, I couldn’t think of anyone that could’ve been because well, I don’t know of any young men that have passed in my life that I’m close to. BUT in hindsight, I’m certain that was Erik popping in, per my request, and trying to identify himself by saying that to the medium since I probably wouldn’t have known him in any other distinctive ways. I wish I had realized that and had more of a dialog with him. Then about 3 weeks ago I had a dream in which I was talking to my spirit guide. It was a young man with a head full of curly brownish hair with some blonde in there as well. I liken it to Justin Timberlake hair a la early 2000’s. I can only remember a few parts of the dream: looking down at the spirit guide’s head with a visual of the top of his curly hair, I don’t recall seeing his face but I know he was male and younger; he was telling me something as I was leaving- the only thing I recall is him saying casually “don’t forget about…X” and as I’m waking up, I’m thinking to myself, don’t forget what your spirit guide told you… don’t forget what he said…what did he say?… I can’t remember what he said!… 3 weeks later I still can’t remember what “X” is but I’m wondering if it was Erik just from a physical recognition standpoint, even though I was referring to him as my spirit guide as I was waking from my dream state. Maybe he is willing to add being my spirit guide to his long list of things he does for people! Which would be awesome and I would totally welcome that.
So anyway, back to this morning. Fast forward to about an hour ago; I had my i-Pod hooked up to a speaker system in our kitchen, just playing some songs and dancing with my 11 month old daughter, trying to wear her out for a morning nap. We were listening to a kind of slower Eddie Vedder ukulele ballad when suddenly, mid-song,and out of no prompting of my own (we were across the room from the stereo and my baby and I are the only ones home), the song “Boys Don’t Cry” by Oleander came on full blast.. I immediately thought of Erik. The i-Pod was on shuffle so it’s possible it would’ve come on next but it shuffled mid-song, which is weird, and I thought that the lyrics to the song were kind of fitting for Erik. I had goosebumps.
It doesn’t end there. I danced with my daughter to the “Boys Don’t Cry” song,. After the song ended, I was both goose-bumpy AND burning hot, but with no sweat (I’m in “ok” shape and we weren’t dancing too vigorously). It was just kind of weird. A few moments later, I put my daughter down to respond to a work email, I bent down to pick her up about a minute later and I felt a distinctive electromagnetism (?) static (?) I don’t even know how to explain it, but a very distinct, almost brush-up/wave against my right lower arm near the bend where it meets the upper arm. Just one spot. My stomach did a flip-flop- out of surprise, more or less, as I wasn’t expecting that, and again I felt goose-bumpy all over as well as hot, but not sweating hot.
Bizarre right??? It has to be him. I hope it was him! I told him out loud that I was going to tell you I had an “Erik Encounter” 🙂
Hope you have a happy Monday and I look forward to your future posts!
With light and well wishes-

Story #2

This is a very powerful one”

I read Erik’s book, and I noted how he talks about the ways he tries to steer people away from suicide and toward Elisa’s blog. And it all seemed pretty darn familiar to me.

Now, I can’t be totally sure if this is Erik Medhus himself who made this happen, but I think it’s a bit of an odd ‘coincidence’. I’m a 17-year-old who just so happened to be exploring spirituality anyway. I hit a suicidal rut for the first time in a long time. Upon looking for answers on what I might expect after completing the task, I found Channeling Erik on YouTube. And.. it _just so happened_ that I would find my way to this channel that _just so happened_ to have a video on each of my spiritual questions answered by a spirit who died in no other way than exactly what I was looking into: suicide.

Over thinking everything I was learning and trying to process too much information at one time from too many different angles, as is common with anxiety and major depressive disorder, I had a meltdown. First one in a long time. I decided to go to the store and buy some drugs and a bag to carry out my suicide plan. It would (again) JUST SO HAPPEN that my friend and her mother were there at the store and crossed my path on the way to the medicine aisle. It might have been just enough to interrupt my thoughts, seeing someone I knew would immediately lose it if they found out I’d taken my life. I got to the medicine aisle then, and I remember gripping the pill boxes, picking them up, putting them down, picking them up again. My friends Mom saw me again and smiled, so I smiled in return. I started to tear up when she turned away again and I hid in the aisle. I wanted to do this so BADLY, but it felt as if all at once I was being given little feelings and reasons not to. I suspected it was my guides trying to tell me no, but I couldn’t be sure. I was angry about that. I didn’t wanna listen to them. I didn’t want to be guided, i wantd to do what I wanted to do. So, I bought the pills anyway. But I got home and watched another channeling Erik video while I popped them out of the packaging one by one and stashed them away. Turns out I didn’t use them.

Read more of the blog over the next week and bought his book after listening to the audio sample. I love how he sounds just like the youth I interact with every day. It was comforting, so I bought it, read it, and now I’m processing it, too.

It all seems to tie together, looking back at it. Is that Erik doing his work? If not he, another guide? I can’t lie when I say it mildly irritates me that I can’t tell whether my thoughts are mine or are being affected subconsciously by a guide at any given time, because I’m a person who likes to do what I want and know it’s mine (as I stated above). But it appears I’ll have to learn to accept that I’ve been helped and I don’t always need control over my life. Either way, this blog has given me what I need.

Erik, if that’s you, thanks.

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