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It looks like 61% of you want an online spiritual course (with Erik as the professor–don’t worry, he curves) and 34% want two courses, one for adults and one for kids. Here’s a possible subjects (in my opinion.) Thanks, Heather Quinto, for your contributions to the list. Your opinion counts, too, so let me know if there’s something missing!

Peaceful conflict resolution.non-violent communication

Elements of loving relationships

Personhood and self creation

Body, mind and spirit: How they function

Engaging creativity

Celebrating self, valuing others

Joyous sexual expression



Diversities and similarities

Ethical economics

Creative consciousness and mind power

Awareness and wakefulness/mindfulness

Honesty and responsibility

Visibility and transparency

Science and spirituality

Understanding power

Vulnerability and its importance

Emotional honesty

The four bodies (the roommates)

More details about the energetic body including chakras

Basic energy healing and cleaning

Grounding and centering techniques


Using art as spiritual expression

Basic channeling

How to be heart centered (intuition vs. logic: feel first, think second)

Why the human experience?

The value in pain

Dealing with grief

I love it when Erik becomes a mischievous member of the family! Check this out!

Most of our children and I love Erik’s pranks. He has started to play with our kitchen recessed lighting, switching from one can to another, blinking them! Sometimes he gets quite wild and it is a bit of a disco going on. My husband was like what the heck is going on, and our kids now laugh, and say it is Erik. Yup! He likes to blink light in our bathroom as we walk by or with in our daughter’s bedroom as they make slime. My fourteen year old daughter is extremely psychic, and can see Erik, as well as talk with him. He told her how great it was that the kids do things like make slime! The other day, I noticed my husband’s electric toothbrush on our high bureau, next to much of my gold jewelry, in our bedroom. I thought it was odd- Two days later, he asked me where in the world I put his toothbrush because he has not been able to find it. I laughed and told him where it was- he thinks one of the kids moved it. Of course they did not as it is stored in one of our very high bathroom cabinets, way in the back. There is much more orb activity in our home since my daughter and I started watching Erik’s channeled sessions on You Tube and the website. I love listening to you all on You Tube and reading the blog. Thank you!

I’ll be coming back from the Hill Country tomorrow and will post something on the way! Have a lovely Saturday!

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