Feel First; Think Second

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Now enjoy today’s post on thinking with the heart.

Me: Okay. Along the same lines, you say, “Feel first; think second.” I can’t remember when, but you said you have to think with your heart. How in the world do you do that?

Erik: Some people have to go through the thinking part—the part connected to the intellect, the mind—in order to get to the heart. That helps them evolve beyond their fears. For other people, they’ve gone through that process and can just connect right to their heart. When you’re thinking with your heart, what you’re basically doing is balancing your heart and mind together. So you feel first, and that is your thought, and then that transforms into something the mind can translate into a visual, an experience of some sort. That’s how thinking with the heart works.

Me: Can you give me an example? Walk me through an emotional thought.

Erik: Here’s a good one. Everyone talks about manifesting stuff. If you want to manifest something, and people come around and—

Robert: He’s mimicking someone whining.

Erik: —they say, “Well I’m trying to manifest this and that but it just won’t work.

Man, he does the whiny voice great!

Erik: That’s telling you something. It’s telling you that your intention for wanting to manifest it is coming from a place of “I don’t have it.” The heart already knows you have it. So if you want to manifest something like a romantic relationship, then you need to connect to the feeling that you know you’ll have from having that, and that will funnel to the brain that will turn it into something tangible. Then you let it go. You don’t “try” to make it happen. The only reason you would “try” to make it happen is because you believe it might not happen. You’re just doing this work that takes so much fucking effort for nothing.

Me: You’re putting yourself in a permanent state of trying instead of already having. Trying means you don’t have it yet.

Erik: And you don’t realize that you’re sabotaging yourself. (In a whiny voice) “It’ll never happen. I keep waiting, but it’s not happening. It’s been three weeks, and it still hasn’t happened!”

Me: It’s like people who keep wanting pranks from you and it doesn’t happen.

Erik: That’s because they push me away. They put up this energy that’s like a wall.

Me: Why? How?

Erik: Their expectation is an emotional energy that’s very dense. It’s equivalent to grief and sorrow. It’s a dense energy wall that I can’t get through.

Me: Can you give me another example of the whole “Feel first; think second” process?

Erik: It’s all about pulling that emotion up in yourself. You know what it feels like, and that’s where the mind sometimes has to come in because you may need to find a memory that makes it easier to connect to the feeling. Then, once you connect to the feeling, you can switch gears away from that memory to whatever it is you want to manifest.

Me: I want more specifics. Say Joe Blow is sitting at a park bench. He’s got this feeling. He’s trying to think with a feeling. What happens?

Erik: Well, here’s a common thing people do that chaps my ass sometimes. People talk about money. Everyone’s always wanting to manifest money. They need to understand that the only reason they want to manifest money is because they feel they don’t have enough of it.

Well, duh.

Erik: They’re coming from a place of scarcity. They’re afraid they won’t be able to pay their bills or put their kids through college.

Me: Sure. That’s realistic.

Erik: They’re afraid, afraid, afraid. But I’m telling you that all of that security you want will only come when you feel secure.

Me: Kind of ironic. What a freaking Catch-22.

Erik: Yeah, if you’re blind to the fact that it’s that simple. That’s why it’s important for humans to call up a memory sometimes. Actually, it doesn’t have to be a memory. It can be connecting with a good friend who can help you feel like there is enough and that you are safe.

Robert: He’s showing this visual of when he was a little boy, and you’d be hugging him in your arms.

Erik: It’s all about your intent, where you’re coming from. Whenever you want to manifest something, ask, “Why do I want to manifest it?” And be really honest with yourself.

Me: Yeah. That’s so hard.

Erik: Yeah, and I’m telling you, any time you want to manifest something material like money or even a relationship, for a lot of people—if it’s a relationship, it’s coming from loneliness, which means you’re “without.”

Me: Yeah.

I just love my witty retorts.

Erik: If it’s money, it’s because you feel like you can’t pay your bills or have the things you want. There’s scarcity. You can flip that, though. Like with the relationship, you can think, “I’m looking to manifest a relationship because it can allow me to learn from myself or to help me teach someone else.” Instead of thinking about how lonely you are, you can think about the possibility and benefits of having a cooperation between two souls that allows mutual evolution. That could work for some people. For the financial stuff, I haven’t seen anyone manifest money unless they flip it into being about doing, not having. So for instance, if Joe Blow wants to manifest money, but all he wants to do is sit on his ass, that money’s never going to come to him.

Me: Of course not.

Erik: He needs to work through his fear of why he wants the money in the first place. He can do that by “doing” acts that makes him feel empowered. Then money will come to him.

Robert: That’s a good one, Erik.

Me: Yeah, I like that.

I like this one:


Couldn’t resist this cartoon!


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