Free Energy, Part One

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Thanks, everyone, for sending healing energy to Raylene’s little boy. He’s doing wonderfully and is going home today on antibiotics, and a nurse is going to check o him every day. 

Enjoy today’s post!

Me: Sorry I cut you off, Erik! You were saying, “I love you.” Bad Mommy!

I slap my hand.

Erik: I love you!

Me: I love you, too. Okay, I’m going to let you choose between two topics, Erik: One is the fact that some scientists are saying that there’s a mini ice age coming that could last like 200 to 250 years. They say this heat conveyor belt in the Atlantic Ocean may be fizzling out or something like that. So, we might talk about that or we can talk about how to tap into free energy. Scarcity is an illusion. Everything exists in abundance. There’s endless energy out there. What is it called? Point Zero Energy? Something like that. I should have looked it up first! Which of those do you want to go into?

Actually, it’s Zero Point energy.

Kim: He’s connecting to the latter of the two and when you said, “I should have looked it up,” he said, “It’s okay. I got your back.”

Me: Aw, thank you!

Erik: First he wants to talk about the concept of scarcity vs. abundance.

She pronounces “scarcity” funny, like a wound kind of scar instead of “scare city.” Maybe it’s an Ohio thing.

Erik: There is no such thing as scarcity. How many people am I going to piss off by saying that? It’s a matter of perspective and reaction, how you react to something.

I couldn’t help myself.

Me: So is this how you pronounce it in Ohio? You say “scar city” instead of “scare city?”

Kim: Yeah.

Me: Oh, so maybe it’s a Texas thing to say, “scare city?” You see, we pronounce things in all sorts of weird ways.

Kim (chuckling): Yeah, so do I! He actually started to get into this during the NYC event, and it kind of blew my mind, but I didn’t have time to really open up to him and go there. He’s reminding me of that. I’ll just give a quick example. I went outside for a break in between the classes and workshops and stuff, then when I channel and then don’t channel for a while, my senses are hypersensitive.

Me: Hm.

Kim: My hearing is almost uncomfortable because everything seems so loud. No! My dog is trying to jump up here.

Me: Aw.

Kim: Then I was sitting there and it was hot outside and this car motor fan would turn on and then off and on and off. So, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, that’s so annoying.’ Then the birds were chirping and the water fountain was making sounds, and I was like, ‘Jeez, these sounds!’

Me: How weird.

Kim: And Erik was like, “But look at how you’re reacting. You’re reacting by being annoyed. Use this to your benefit instead.” So I was like, ‘Well, what do you mean?’ I had just got done doing a workshop about tapping into free energy source for your own abundance. Erik was like, “Kim, understand that the universe, no matter where you are or what you’re hearing or seeing, is always providing what you need to be at your best. So if you were to accept the frequencies of that waterfall or the frequencies of that annoying car or the guy next to you who was cracking his pop top, these are all the sounds you needed to be replenished.” That’s basically what he was saying. So it’s abundance. Abundance is always there.

Erik: Energy abundance, whether it’s in sight like, “Wow, the grass is nice and green today,” well, absorb that vibration. Absorb that energy.

Kim: He just started talking about this last night. He says somehow it’ll fit in the conversation.

Erik: Allowing yourself to be transparent is that zero point, and if you get neutral enough in your environment, you become in your environment instead of of it.

Me: Ah.

Erik: So when you exist in that plane, that state, you’re like a hole.

Kim laughs.

Erik: You’re like a hole where anything can come through you.

Kim: What he means is a channel.

Me: Okay.

Erik: So, really become transparent in a sense that you have no attachments. If you can open yourself up enough to detach from anything and everything, then you become omnipresent. You’re able to connect to anything and everything for your greatest good.

Me: So, disconnect from all your negative thoughts, even your positive thoughts, just disconnect from everything?

Kim: Come on. Benny is going to come up and join us.

A sweet little black dog jumps into her lap.

Kim: This is Benny.

She chuckles.

Me: Hey, Benny.

Erik: Not just your thought, but yep, that’s one place to disconnect and thoughts are a huge part of it, but disconnect even from your culture, your cultural beliefs, your religion, your lifestyle so you can really become transparent and exist within anything. We have ways of secluding ourselves or trapping ourselves by saying, “Well, I’m this kind of person, and this is what I like to do. This is where I spend my time.” But when we can let go of all of that—

Me: All the labels, thoughts, comparisons, just everything. Disconnect from everything, and then you’ll tap into Zero Point. Maybe we should back up and explain what Zero Point is, that energy field, that infinite source of energy.

Erik: It’s pure consciousness where you’ve superseded consciousness in the physical realm like the denser, lower basic self. It’s pure consciousness in the sense of not being attached to earthly things like the lower vibrational material existence. It’s knowing the existence of self outside and beyond and in between all of that. People frequently hit Zero Point, but they can’t handle it. They get overwhelmed. Okay, let’s back up. Zero Point is where pure consciousness is and that has access to everything. There are no limits.

Me: Ah!

Kim: He’s talking about not just in the physical realm but the nonphysical realms, too.

Erik: People pass through this point all the time, but it’s very hard to maintain because it takes focus.

Count me out.

Erik: It also takes self-discipline.

Count me out again.

Erik: And it’s very overwhelming. It’s where you can tap into conversations that are happening on the other side of the world.

Overachiever busybody.

Erik: That’s where you can project your consciousness to a place on the other side of the world. This is the place of infinite knowledge of self where you can experience all capabilities that exist there.

Kim: He keeps using the word, “divine,” too.

Erik: It’s a very divine place because there is no negativity here. There’s no disappointment, nothing like that. It’s very still; it’s very quiet.

Zero Point Energy Explained?

There will be a pop quiz on this later!

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