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We’re headed back from our little camping trip. Yesterday, we climbed to the summit of the Enchanted Rock. It was a little rough on Arleen, so she was all tears on the way down. Next time, we’ll take the loop trail because it’s flat and you can go as long or short as you like. Hopefully, she’ll look back on her accomplishment with pride. This morning, it was all redeemed because of her first experience at The Cracker Barrel. I don’t know if they’re only in Texas, but it’s homestyle cooking and the restaurant is decorated with all sorts of cool antiques. Even better, in Arleen’s case, the room you pass through before you’re seated in the dining room is full of all sorts of toys as well as things from yesteryear like old fashioned candies and soda pops. We bought her a cheap little toy which brought her a lot more joy than you’d think, given the price. I think we might take her on the same (or similar) road trip that my daughter, Annika, is just now driving back from: Ruidoso (or Taos,) White Sands Monument, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and more. That’ll be toward the end of July. 

Enjoy today’s Erik story. Tomorrow, I plan to post the most recent Ask Erik column so stay tuned! 

December 2015 I asked for Erik to give some guidance and support to my son, Sam. My son was 15 at the time now 16 and hasn’t had a very easy time in life. Medical conditions from age 3 to the current day, bullying all through school resulted in depression & agoraphobia. My lad has only been out the house a handful of times to socialise but did attend school everyday. Long story short,I got really concerned that Sam was spending too much time on his own in his room curtains closed hardly any smiles no interaction with his family. He already had conquered depression a year prior to this which I am so proud of him but something just didn’t feel right this time, we even spoke to him that if he ever felt that he wanted to harm himself or not wanting to be here anymore that’s how strongly i felt(paranoid mum?maybe. Better safe than sorry mum?definitely) So,I asked Erik to keep an eye on him and to give Sam a helping hand.Sam has sleep apnea and required a camera in his room(I’m disabled through an operation and was sleeping downstairs at the time) so I could ensure he kept his mask on from the non invasive ventilator machine(cpap) this helped him to continue breathing through his sleep. The following night or so I noticed light orbs flying around Sam in his bedroom,I recorded these four 10 minutes every night for at least 3 months. I asked a couple of paranormal investigators to look at the videos to tell me what these lights were as well as a medium. They were all adamant these were intact orbs. I removed the camera from his room as he needed some privacy as a teenage boy does so I don’t know if the orbs are still happening. I firmly believe this was Erik validating that he was intact watching over Sam and guiding him to be a happier soul. Over the past 6 months Sam has new beginning’s to look forward to, smiles a lot more and interacts with us now. He starts college in September 2016 for computing & digital media. I couldn’t be more grateful to Erik and also to Elisa, Kim, Jamie & Robert. Without them I wouldn’t have more knowledge & understanding on various topics. Thank you Elisa for your amazing son but especially for you whom I have the utmost respect for. You have given me so much more than just a blog, you have all given me hope for my families future and new avenues still to be discovered in the continued support for Sam. I love you all for this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you xxx

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