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It makes me so happy when my sweet boy reaches out to others either by pulling a prank, giving a hug, physically manifesting for them, meeting them in a lucid dream or whatever. It’s my constant reminder that he’s not gone forever and that he’s more alive and happier than ever before, at least as happy as he was as a beautiful blond-headed boy with the face of a cherub. So, please do a mother’s heart a favor and keep these wonderful stories coming. It might take me a while to work through the list as I do so in chronological order, but I will get to yours. Also, please don’t use the “Share Your Story” or “Share Your Praise” buttons (on the righthand side of the blog’s homepage) for topic and interview suggestions. I’ll call out for those when my current lists gets low. And if you have a pressing need for help, please email me instead because it makes me sad when I see a cry for help over a year after it was written. 

By the way,  in the poll about which age group my novel (The Boy Who Would Not See) should be geared to, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the middle schoolers through adults category. So I might need to change some of the language!  I think Erik is downloading some of it peppered with his character and language. (LOL)

Also, I have an update on the documentary about Erik, my family and me. The filmmaker, Paola Marino, returned and did a lot of editing. She’s VERY excited about the footage she and her crew filmed and is coming to Houston again to gather even more! I’ll continue to update you!

Also, in case you missed it, here’s this week’s (very short) Two and a Half Dogs YouTube. Please subscribe and share!

One more thing, thanks so much for all of you who keep contributing donations. No amount is too small because it’s the thought that matters more, and when a donation comes in, I know that’s the person’s way of saying, “Thanks for how hard you work for us, Elisa. I’m getting something good out of what you and Erik do.” For me, that translates into the fact that Erik’s death was not a tragic waste. Love you all! 

Enjoy today’s wonderful story!

I asked Erik to show up in my life after I heard he would and could show up if we invited him to. I was curious and had seen and felt spirit on occasion and wanted to see if I could tune into this frequency and how. After learning some technique – getting out of the way, resting the gaze, being clear etc… As I was watching some vids and tuning in I asked him to be close and help to protect me while I was opening up to the frequency. I felt him close in a very loving way…it was very sweet actually, I was surprised and felt very protected 🙂 So then whilst watching some Channeling Erik vids that were inviting in certain energies, King Henry was the first I saw (and 2 of his wives one after the other) There was also info on DVT that came through which wasn’t talked about on the interview, I had to google to see if that info was correct and it was, (which was awesome and confirming). Then Nicole Simpson and Ron (? Cant remember his name now) came in During their interview. This was one after another at night in a dimly lit room, I could see them in colour and transparent and exactly as the medium described they could see them…before they described them. I ‘felt’ what was being said (not heard in their voices) and it translated into words, their mannerisms gave a lot of information, its all about energy :). Then I invited higher spirits from people whom I knew that were living, my sister, daughter, ex boyfriend (the ex boyfriend one was a bit disconcerting…I just wanted to move away and look away from him. He was just like ‘what do you want from me’, sitting soo seriously looking directly at me the whole time) and that was interesting to feel their energy (such an interesting and new experience for me). Erik was sitting in between them all looking at me experiencing this. Theres was also a random stranger that turned up and was seemingly desperate to be heard but gestured that he could not speak…I freaked out as there was also a shadow entity that showed up when King Henry came in that I cut off right away as I was scared. I saw Erik (I know now) but blew it off at the time as he didn’t look like he did in any of his pictures. He was very tall and had an afro of unkept hair (gosh I think they must try everything to see what works for you) he works hard so it seems, I feel like such a kindergartener 😉 Koko, came up the next day during the interview I was watching and that was pretty cool too. Oh and Michael Jackson…the same thing saw and felt it all. This must have been about 2 wks ago I think.

My Mum and brother visited last wend and I saw my brothers best friend who died and my brother found him. The spirit of ‘Shanahan’ was sitting next to my brother and put his arm around him, I told my brother this and he went into the kitchen for a shot of whiskey, he called cheers Shanahan. Shanahan (In the lounge room now standing) raised a shot and said cheers mate. My brother said he didn’t want to hear anything else about Shanahan after that.

After that in the last wk Ive smelt some smells that Im sure where him, flowers Jon-quills, that I have in my front yard (I was upstairs when I smelt them), bong-water (not as bad as what Ive smelt before, And thats not a request for the next level Erik), feet, a fart…and a cat poo on my doorstep…not sure if that was him but pretty sure. I went down the beach with a friend and we were laying down, I looked over and felt him laying in exactly the same potion and feeling relaxed. Ive also seen a ball of purple light on my bed next to me in the dark…the was cool. Its been so weird going through fears, doubts, and really wanting/trying to see him…and others. Oh and my Dad has been around and playing around in the kitchen with me. There was also a lady I cared for whom passed away and she came and said I wasn’t cooking ‘it’ the right way (it was something I always cooked for her) and then she left. 🙂

Ive also just realised that the images I was getting in my head (which had a certain flavour of fear in them) were of Loki the god of mischief, and the joker- played by Heath Ledger, both are rather frightening images (or at least were to me at the time). I also believe that it was Eriks way of telling me I have to strengthen my vulnerability to fear and bring back into balance my focus on inner strength, joy, beauty, simplicity, and peace. (Which is true, and has been done since then, thanks Erik ;))

Thank-you for introducing us to Channeling Erik and letting us be an intimate part of your lives Elisa. I really enjoy watching you and your journey of development and honing those skills of perception, you have a sweet warm heart. Its really lovely to see how sweet and playful Erik is with you. Ive loved being introduced to Emma too she is amazing, such a beautiful being and clear see-er <3

Oh what a ride hey! So wonderful to be including this dimension as a reality.

I am continuing on the journey of brushing up on these skills, and developing more focus and grouping. I would love to practice with people and was wondering if theres a way through any means you know of to give sessions via Skype for free so I can develop skills and receive confirmation. Just checking to see if you would like to send anyone my way? I have limited time so maybe 45min sessions, maybe 3 per wk. Ive asked family and friends but have not had much interest.

Much Love, Rieka.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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